How to Optimize for Your Own Branded Search?

Many influencer marketing agencies in Thailand are helping brands to optimize the search and climb the top position in the website rankings. This can be achieved through the best digital agency and effective digital marketing agency service. Let us look at how now we can optimize the branded search. Before that, spare a few moments to understand what branded search is.

What is branded search?


A branded search is also called a brand-driven search. In this, the search query contains the brand name or products of a particular brand. This type of search includes the queries related to brand-driven words and personal information related to that brand (for example, the name of a brand’s CEO). The best social media agency focuses on increasing this type of search.
What is the importance of branded search?

They are vital because of several reasons:

  • Brand searches have more intent from the searchers. They usually research before entering into the search box, and also the chances of entering directly into your website are more.
  • It is an important tool to measure and know the online sentiment of customers related to your brand.
  • Brand-driven search shows the problems your current customers may be facing with your site or products.
  • The branded search engine result pages highly influence the buying decision.

How to optimize brand search by yourself?

You can get assistance from a reputable e-commerce agency in Thailand and make your branded search grow. But if you want to try out some basic things by yourself, here are the proven ways to optimize brand-driven searches.

Know where you stand


The first thing you need to consider is your website’s current ranking in branded search. If you know your current position, you can decide what actions you need to take to improve your rankings. You can use the search engine ranking tools to determine your current position and, based on that, can take further actions.

Group branded search queries group by intent and actions

Grouping the branded keywords based on semantic meaning and the common modifier are essential. This assists you in performing the work smoothly since you are not required to deal with more than 20 keywords in every group. You can group based on search intent and actions (based on your website’s current rank). You can increase the search of branded keyword groups by creating a new page, publishing articles, adding the FAQ section, optimizing existing pages, etc.

Interlink and monitor


Obviously, to increase the branded search, you have to follow the interlinking tactics used highly in Thailand’s online marketing. It is vital to get the top place on the Search Engine Result Pages. Interlinking your assents wisely and effectively helps to achieve your goals. Various digital marketing agency service in Thailand uses this mantra. You can take the below steps to increase your chances in branded searches.

  • Use your website to link your other third-party assets. You can easily do this, especially on the About Us page and through your blogs. Linking other channels and columns helps to rank them higher.
  • In every video description, provide your website address.
  • Link all the channels together and list all your accounts and columns wherever possible.
  • And do not forget to monitor the performance of all your efforts using Link Checker and other such platforms.

Go extra mile

The simple thing is the more control you establish in SERP, the odds of winning the brand awareness search increases. Hence to optimize your brand visibility, you can perform the below actions.

  • Create videos and optimize them. Also, you need to host them on various platforms other than YouTube.
  • Using content repackaging, create and publicize diverse assets.
  • Create attractive images, optimize them, and host them on several channels like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Focus on more content bases and long-form channels, including LinkedIn and Medium, etc.
  • Create mini-sites to target the most popular branded queries, including reviews, coupons, etc.

Begin with immediate Google suggestions


You should pay attention to the Google suggestion that comes if you enter your brand name. You must give more attention to this factor due to 2 reasons. It will let you know what people search for when it comes to your brand. The suggestion relies on the search frequency; the more searches with a particular phrase or word, the suggestion chances are more. The Google suggestions highly influence the decisions of the buyers.

For example, if you type a brand name, it will suggest your brand’s alternative. Unfortunately, you need to deal with this problem. However, you can make your other product go viral, and it will gain the top position if users search your brand name.

Utilize keyword research tools

The most important keyword for you is your brand name. You should make all efforts to induce people to search more about your brands; it will help measure the success of your promotion and marketing efforts. And you must ensure branded search results make searchers go own into your sales funnels.

There are many good keyword research tools, and they can show the varieties of queries related to your brand. They show the volume of search for each search query containing the brand name. And they offer some cool features to make your marketing efforts easier. For example, you can filter and group by pronunciation similarity.

Research on branded questions


Questions from the users are the important thing to consider. They play a huge role in organic search since they usually cause featured snippets. Also, Google has a dedicated section called People Also Ask within the search results of a particular question. Hence, the best way to make your content show up there is by publishing the contents with questions.

If you use questions in the subheadings of your content, it draws the attention of many users. Hence, look at the question people ask about your and other competitors’ brand and create content related to that. If you need further help in brand search optimization, you can visit the top digital agency

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