This Is The Only Attic Cleaning Guide You Need In Your Life

When you designed your home, you decided to have an attic for a reason. And it certainly wasn’t to house junk, was it?

The truth is – unless you are actively utilizing the space, then it’s hard not to let the clutter take over.

Your attic could be housing anything from Christmas decorations to electronics to gardening tools or even those forgotten toys from childhood. Whatever the case may be, it is vital to keep this space clean and organized.

But that’s where the problem lies.

Attic clean-outs are necessary in most homes, but the mess can be overwhelming at times. Space is precious in a home, and no space is more precious than that which harbors old belongings that no longer serve any purpose.

With so much to keep tidy and organized, choosing where to begin can be a difficult task.

That’s where we step in. We have shared seven attic cleaning and organizing tips that you can’t afford to miss.

Take a look.

Start With a Deep Clean


We get it. This is a first step and a monumental one.

The first thing you’d want to do is remove everything from the attic (everything!) That includes furniture, clothing, toys, holiday decorations, and anything else that may have made it up there.

Once your attic is completely cleared out, assess the quality of the indoor air. Having a clean attic can help prevent dust mites and other allergens from reentering your home.

Also, as you clean your attic, you’ll realize most of the items are of no use. Instead of throwing them away casually, we’d suggest storing them in a place. We’ll talk about what to do with this junk later in this article.

Dust Them Off!

The next step is to dust the things as you take them out of your attic.

Take the boxes apart and clean out all contents. This will ensure that any items returned upstairs will be in a neat area. Also, dust the tops of boxes and bring them down.

Check bags for moths and other infestations. Don’t keep items that have been damaged. You can vacuum or wipe loose items, depending on their material.

Clean The Attic


After the contents and junk are removed from your attic, now it’s the attic’s turn.

Use dusting cloths to wipe down raised surfaces and vacuum areas that need cleaning. Also, consider scrubbing areas with a cleaning solution if you spot mildew or similar build-ups on the floors.

Tip: Before you start cleaning the attic, the most important thing is to protect your back, hips, and knees, as attic cleaning can be physically challenging.

Inspect The Attic

While the attic is an excellent source of usable space, it has to be prepared for usage. This is why you should inspect it thoroughly before using it.

Watch out for any mold development due to the things stored in the attic or insufficient insulation.

Moist or wet items will breed mold quicker and easier than something like old cups and plates.

You should also inspect the attic’s insulation. Insulation problems can lead to a host of issues in a house. Inconsistencies and holes are all areas to be examined.

This will result in improper air conditioning and ventilation and could damage the stored items. Mold could then develop, making the attic weak, cracking up, and falling off things through it.

Place The Items Back


It is now time to move in after cleaning the attic and checking it for any issues.

Before you do that, consider whether all items in your attic should be moved back. This is the best time to organize things. It shouldn’t be a problem because you’ve cleaned all your attic items. Some things work better if they are kept somewhere else.

It’s a call you have to take.

Also, remember we suggested not to throw away the junk casually? It’s because junk needs to be hauled the right way. This is where junk-hauling professionals step in.

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Trust us, hiring an expert is a cost-effective way to save money and hassles in the long term.

Decide What Goes Back

Let’s face it – the attic is not the best place for many things you’re storing.

Wooden furniture, large boxes of papers, and stacks of photographs should be left in the rooms where they belong. This is, after all, where you set up your greatest memories and treasures – and attic storage boxes will not do them justice.

Moreover, avoid storing heavy items in your attic. Not only is it an arduous task to put them up initially, but you also can’t access them like taking a cup from the kitchen.

So, what’s the way out?

Consider storing them in an outside storage shed or a closet. That way, you can access them easily, which won’t overwhelm you with their weight or size.

Nothing sucks than realizing that you need to move a bulky item from your attic.

Makes sense?

Important Considerations


Moving things out of the attic permanently can mean that other items will have to replace them. The truth is, most homes do not have enough space for everything in places other than the attic.

Attics wouldn’t be required if they had enough space. Think about what you would use frequently.

For better attic storage, you can even mix things up. You could, for example, take down the big unused sofa, re-work it and make it available for parties. Instead, place the breadmaker in the attic if you don’t use it often.

The idea is to play around with items and the available storage unless you’re convinced that you’ve done justice to the things and the attic’s storage space.

Final Word

There is nothing cozy or homey about a dirty attic. In fact, it can become downright creepy if you’ve got old clothing and blankets up there from who knows when.

Letting things just pile up in your attic for months can have devastating effects on structural integrity. It may end up causing the roof to cave in or the walls to bow outwards.

Make sure you follow the step-by-step attic cleaning approach we discussed in this article.

Happy cleaning!

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