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How to Make Curls with a Hooded Hair Dryer 2024 Guide

Hair drying is an art, and sometimes it’s a necessity. Portable hair dryers are now all the rage. You can hold them and dry your hair the way you want. But before the handheld dryers became all famous, the hooded dryers were popular. The hooded hair dryers are still used in many salons, and by many people.

Hooded hair dryers have a lot of hair-styling benefits, and before we learn about the benefits of hooded blow dryers, let’s learn about different types of hair dryers.

The Hooded Dryers

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The hooded dryers are larger in size and full coverage hair dryers. You don’t have to hold it in your hand. It works more like a steam machine that dries your hair when you sit underneath it.

The Handheld Dryers

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Handheld dryers come with a handle and are portable. They are topical and dry the part of the hair where you blow the air. Handheld dryers are very popular among the masses now. It is because handheld dryers are easy to use, to carry, and to style. You can check for hair dryers and many more beauty products.

While handheld dryers are easy to use, hooded dryers still have their benefits. There are different types of hooded dryers you can choose to style your hair. Here are the types of hooded dryers.

Standing hooded dryers

Standing hooded dryers are the old school hooded dryers that were used in the 1800s. You can put them in a specific place, and sit underneath it and dry your hair under the hood. Standing hooded chairs have the height feature. You can change the height of the dryer according to your convenience.

Wheeled hooded dryers

Wheeled hooded dryers are more like standing dryers with wheels. It is easy to move around because of the wheels at the base of the dryer. The mobility makes it a better version than standing hooded dryers.

Portable hooded dryers

The portable hooded dryers are smaller in size. If you want to carry a Hooded dryer while traveling, you can’t carry a standing hooded dryer. But portable hooded dryers can be carried easily.

How to choose a good hooded hairdryer

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A good one is hard to choose. You need to look for a set of specific features before you buy one. Here are the features you must pay close attention to

  • Heat settings- The dryer must have adjustable heat settings. Check the range of heat in which it works. Do not buy a dryer with a higher heat setting as it might damage your hair
  • Airflow settings – Buy a dryer with proper airflow settings. A dryer with proper airflow will ensure your hair dries faster and better.
  • Cool shot- This feature ensures that your dried or styled hair receives a setting spray at the end of the drying process.
  • Timer – you can keep a check on the amount of time you expose your hair to the dryer.
  • Wattage- Always buy a Hooded dryer with high wattage. It works better.

People buy a hooded hair dryer for many reasons. Most of them acquire it to style their hair. Hooded hair dryers are the best way to set your curls. Salons use it to curl your hair, but there are also best-hooded hair dryers for home. Here are a few ways to use them to make curls. You can check this site for more detailed information.

Condition it

Did you know that increasing the heat of the hair to body temperature (34-36 degrees Celsius) increases the chances of absorption of the conditioner? The more heat it gets, the more it will absorb the nourishment. Whenever you want to set your naturally curly hair, you can condition it and dry it under the overhead dryer.

Get Voluminous hair

Not all are blessed with curls, nor are they blessed with volume. To get voluminous hair, you can use the volume clips available in the market. Set your dryer a tad bit high, and lower the heat a bit. Arrange the clips in places where you desire volume. Then let the hooded dryer work its magic. If you want it to dry faster, you can use a Hooded dryer with higher wattage.

Use it with rollers


Heat is the right setting agent. You can use the regular rod curlers to curl your hair. But that amount of heat can seriously damage your hair. So, instead of using it, you can use hooded hair dryers to set your curls. Use twists, clips, and rollers and add them to your hair, then turn in the dryer and sit under it. Once you are done, get rid of the clips and let the curls flow. It is a safe way to set your hair and more effective than braids.

Go with Laid curls

Laid curls are when you stretch your curls out, and just twist the ends of it. It gives your hair a bounce, and it frames your face perfectly. To get laid curls, you just have to use clips to stretch it on top of your head. Bring the hooded hair dryer close, and dry your hair up. You can also use a setting serum to get the much-wanted framework.

Add the shine

Salons mostly do not use handheld dryers. They use hooded dryers because they provide indirect heat. It does not negatively impact the texture of the hair, but gives the nourishment and makes it shinier. You can achieve a salon-like finish if you use a Hooded hairdryer. If your hooded dryer has a cool setting, then the style will stay locked for more days.

Hooded hair dryers come in many types, but all of them have an overhead hood that gives indirect heat. There are many benefits of using hooded hair dryers; getting salon styled hair is one of them. You will get a shiny and flawless salon styled finish if you style your curls using a Hooded hairdryer. Handheld hairdryers are suitable for home use, but if you crave that salon styled finish, then hooded hair dryers are the option to go with.

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