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How to Choose an Entertainment Center for your Living Room – 2024 Guide

Choosing a modern entertainment center for the TV can be quite a simple task if you will consider all the aspects we are writing about in this article.

First of all, you need to know the size of your TV. So, you should decide about the model in advance and familiarize yourself with all parameters of this piece. Width, height, and thickness of the TV are quite important.

The entertainment center has an undeniable advantage- with its construction that gives the ability to include TV and making it a part of the interior design. And TV set placed in this niche is way more protected from some external damage. And also it gives the possibility to keep the audio system, speakers, and DVD player.

For small rooms, special narrow mini-cupboards for TV or inexpensive cabinets have been developed, which consist of several sections, most often not more than two or three. Basically, these furniture elements are made in light colors of neutral shades that look way better in a small room, visually expanding the space.

This kind of entertainment center is best chosen in a minimalist style. The TV section, surrounded by small shelves can be used for placing your personal things or maybe some decor elements.

Entertaiment center styles

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You should choose a style for your entertainment center according to the style of the living room. There is a wide choice of models that can harmoniously fit with any style of the room. Next, we will talk more about the styles that are used in making entertainment centers.

Minimalism. Models made in this style are featured by a laconic design and are perfect for the interior of a small apartment. The feature of this style is the use of a small number of furniture and decorative elements. Glass and metal materials are the priority. The primary colors are black, silver, and white. The shape of the wall is distinguished by clear geometric lines.

  • High tech. This one is close to the minimalistic style. Usually, it is modular products that are made in black or white. The entertainment center design is complemented by interior elements that have and functionality. Large plasma TV is a very essential element for this style.
  • Modern rustic. This style involves the use of calm tones, and these pieces are decored with floral motifs. Colors that are more specific for this style: lavender, blue, as well as neutral light colors.
  • Classic. This style uses mostly only natural materials and also it prefers to use decorative ornamental carvings. Simple and traditional geometric shapes are preferred. Classic style likes smooth and soft colors like white, creamy beige, and hues of the wood color.

You can find some interesting models that combine different styles and approaches in this online store.

How to choose the color of the entertainment center

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When it comes to the color of the entertainment center you should choose the color that will be in the same color scheme as the living room. Also, consider what kind of effect you want from this piece after it will become a design element. If you want an airy and light feel for the room pay attention to the pastel colors. Beige, light gold, sandy colors, and marble hues. If you are searching for something more sophisticated and elegant style, you should choose dark but natural colors like rosewood, cedar, and walnut.

Other popular color options:

White color is very useful because it can be combined with almost any hues. But there is one flaw- white furniture requires more attention and care to keep it in good condition.

Natural wood colors that can come from the light to the dark shades. These kinds of colors will look good in any interior and style.

A more extraordinary variant will be to choose pice that combines different colors that contrast one with others. Unusual combinations will make a room brighter and will add stylish vibes.

If you are still making a repair in the room and you are in the process of choosing the best color for it that will influence the color of the entertainment center, you can read more about some successful colors.

Materials used for entertaiment center

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The elite and chic material that also is the most expensive is solid wood. More often wood is used for classic or rustic style designs. Depending on the wood type furniture piece gets the price. Oak is the most expensive and durable material. The Entertainment center that is made from cherry, walnut, and breech will cost less. And pine is one of the most affordable wood types. Also, there are combinations of particleboard and natural wood that is the cheapest option.

Particleboard – raw materials used for the production of budget models. Particleboard walls are distinguished by their attractive appearance but are not so durable and less safe compared to products made of natural wood and MDF.

MDF is considered the material closest to natural, characterized by good performance properties. Varnishing and laminating surfaces increase the service life of MDF walls.

Metal, plastic, and glass. They are used to create designer furniture. Typically, models made of such materials are used to emphasize the ultra-modern interior, made in the style of hi-tech, modern, or minimalism.

Particleboard is a material that is used creating a budget entertainment center. Particleboard differs with a pleasant image but is less safe and not so durable as natural wood and MDF.

Metal, plastic, and glass are used for creating more unique models. Ultra-modern look with the high-tech and minimalist vibes is achieved with the help of these materials.

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