Tamil Music is Lifting Your Spirit – The Most Popular Tunes

According to many people, music is God’s gift to humanity. Music can describe a vast array of feelings, and we turn it to when we feel happy or sad, scared or confused. It can improve our mood but it also has the power to soothe us and to help us deal with whatever we are facing. 

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that music can affect the way we feel? That is the reason why it is so present in our lives. Have you ever listened to Tamil songs? If your answer is no, then keep reading this text because we are going to introduce you to some of the most popular tunes that will make you feel all the feels.

Most of these songs are included in soundtracks of popular Indian movies and were written by established Indian composers. However, if you want to further investigate this type of music, you can find additional songs on masstamilan website. 


You have probably heard of A.R. Rahman. He is the man who introduced Tamil music to the entire world by combining it with other genres. He has written many songs for Indian films and the first one we are going to mention is “Ellappugazhum”. This song is from 2007 action film called “Azhagiya Tamil Magan” (Handsome Tamil Son). The lyrics were written by Valli and Rahman’s unique voice takes the entire tune to another level. Because of the heavy instruments and mix with electronic music, this song conveys a positive vibe and it will most definitely lift your spirit.

Another popular soundtrack tune that you should listen if you haven’t already is “Ini Achcham Achcham Illai”. This song is featured in the movie “Indira” that premiered in 1995. This song stays true to the plot of the movie so you will feel everything from confidence to happiness. Unlike the abovementioned songs, heavy instruments aren’t featured in this one, which means that you will be able to focus on Rahman’s voice and the melody.

Yet, another well-known song composed and performed by A.R. Rahman is “Nenjae Ezhu” from the 2013 romantic film “Maryan” (The Immortal). This entire album was named “Tamil Album of Year” on iTunes, back in 2013. Acoustic drums make the tune universally appealing and upon hearing its first notes, you will be drawn into another world. 


“Chinna Payale Chinna Payale” is still remembered as one of the best Tamil songs even though it was released in 1961. The music was composed by G. Ramanathan and Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram wrote the lyrics that he described as inspirational and motivating. And he was right. Nowadays, almost 60 years later, this song still has the same impact on the listeners as it did when it was published.

Finally, the last song we are going to include in our list is a song from Tamil romance film called “Autograph” that premiered in 2004. “Ovvoru Pookalume” is National Award-winning Tamil song that was composed by Bharadwaj and sung by K. S. Chithra. The lyrics consist of many inspirational quotes and upon hearing it in this movie, you will feel like there isn’t anything you cannot do and achieve.

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