Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in India

Business analytics is the study of a company’s overall performance utilizing quantitative and statistical approaches and a variety of internal data sources. Business analytics experts will assist firms in making decisions that improve performance or result in better outcomes by analyzing this data. You can enroll in business analytics courses in India to learn more about the subject and how it is carried out. The two most common languages for it are R programming and Python programming.

For your reference, I have additionally remembered the Top 10 Business Analytics Courses for India. I’m trusting this rundown will help you to pursue the course you need

1. Henry Harvin Data Science and Analytics academy


Henry Harvin is an organization in India that provides a variety of courses for skill development. They have numerous locations in both the US and India. They are renowned for their distinctive teaching methods, as well as for their well-planned course structures and curriculum. It consistently employs the industry’s best-seasoned trainers. In India, they provide Business Analytics Course.

Python and R programming are both supported for taking the course. You can select any of the courses based on your needs. Additionally, the courses include the advantages of competent instructors, flexible schedules, online and offline sessions, and recorded sessions on the LMS in case you miss a session. If you miss any sessions, you may still attend others. The free one-year gold membership includes boot camp sessions and job opportunities for the following year after the training is over.

2. Upgrad

Upgrad is an online education platform that provides business analytics courses in India. Study ideas from the top management, technology, and industry-renowned faculty. They provide on-campus basecamps, hackathons, and graduation certifications. It is one of the leading edtech institutes acknowledged across industries. You will receive instruction from devoted mentors and find solutions to all of your questions through interactive forums and live sessions.

3. Skill Logic


tSkill Logic offers Business analytics courses in India, which also covers the many industries this program may be used to, including insurance, manufacturing, logistics, and many others. Case studies and problem-based learning techniques are used in the design of training to enhance the learning process and promote the usage of newly learned abilities right away. Blended learning is the superior way between in-person training and online education. For your convenience, courses are created using a blended learning methodology.

4. AnalytixLabs

In India, AnalytixLabs offers business analytics training. This course will assist you in developing comprehensive business analytics skills in data visualization, descriptive analytics, and predictive analytics for guiding smart business decisions. The course is intended for applicants who need to work in the field of business analytics.

Aspirants who have no prior experience with business intelligence or data analytics tools might also benefit from the course. They provide training in business analytics in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida, as well as the flexibility to participate in live online training and e-learning as well.



Business analytics training is available in India through the NMIMS School of Business Management. You will have the chance to learn from the staff of India’s top-ranked private university during this three-day course. With this cutting-edge curriculum, students will acquire theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of business analytics. You will get a universally perceived declaration from this regarded business college after the program.

6. Jigsaw Academy

The Indian Institute of Management, Indore, is in charge of running the Integrated Program in Business Analytics. The course is comprehensive. The program’s methodology makes it possible for aspiring managers and business leaders to understand the fundamental ideas behind business analytics. In addition, the curriculum exposes students to cutting-edge subjects and tools including Big Data, statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and others to assist them in effectively addressing difficult business challenges.

7. Great Learning


If you’re looking for free online classes, you can join up for a great online learning environment. On this website, you may access a large range of free courses in data science, artificial intelligence, software, cloud computing, and business-related subjects including marketing, finance, and human resources. They additionally show individuals business analytics in India.

On this website, more than 50 lakh students from 140 different nations have registered. Despite the course’s light content, the business analytics course, as well as others, are highly advised for beginners because it will aid in your understanding of the fundamentals of your chosen subject and motivate you to learn more.

8. Sevenmentor


In India, SevenMentor provides business analytics training. It also uses an improved methodology that draws from our traditional programs. You can choose between live sessions and self-paced instruction, so do what is most comfortable for you. conversation gatherings and confidential studios are utilized by the educators to check the comprehension understudy might interpret the subject. They also provide online learning materials. For the online program, applicants can choose between weekday and weekend courses.

9. Edx


Edx is a free online platform. Numerous universities in India and abroad are offering these business analytics courses. Students who complete the course will be better equipped to comprehend business analytics and to take on leadership roles in these fields within businesses. The scientific method of turning data into insights for improved business decisions is taught in this course. It addresses the approaches, problems, and difficulties involved in interpreting corporate data.

10. Udemy

The most well-known online learning platform in the entire world is Udemy. In India, they offer business analytics training. There are numerous business analytics courses accessible. The majority of the courses’ attention is given to how business analysis is carried out in practice. You have access to recorded films for life, as well as case studies, articles, and downloadable materials. Udemy is renowned for offering courses at extremely low prices.


A business analyst is skilled at conducting business analysis to provide the firm with the best possible conclusion. Business analytics need to comprehend big data, algorithms, and visual analytics. A trained business analyst can carry out tasks rapidly and offer logical decision support to the complete company process for improved outcomes. Organizations need the knowledge to make sense of data acquired from numerous sources.


What is the demand in India for business analytics experts?

As firms began relying on data to make choices, there is a tremendous demand for business analytics professionals.

2. Which companies are hiring freshmen in business analytics?

Ans. Businesses like Cite, Granter, Amazon, Flipkart and many others need business analytics experts.

3. What does a business analytics practitioner typically make?

Ans. 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 rupees annually

4. Which discipline, business analytics or data analytics, is in higher demand?

Ans. Business analytics and data analytics are both highly sought-after. However, the organizations and roles affect the pay. However, there is a moderately strong demand for business analytics specialists.

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