BANGALORE: the Most Enticing City in India For Real Estate Investment

The best city for investment in real estate for the millennial generation

Today’s world is very different from even a decade ago because of the sole reason that being rich or making a name for yourself in the list of millionaires or billionaires in the world is no more an old man’s game. The new revolutionary millennial generation has been earning money since such an early age which was not even imaginable a few decades ago. The rise of technological advancement has also helped the Millennials to find better and faster ways of earning money than ever before.

The part of earning money has been well sorted by our generation of Millennials but there is a long way to go in case of saving and nurturing that money so that it can grow further and provide long term returns. In short, investment is still one of the hardest nuts to crack in this decade of advancement.


Bangalore, India has been a top destination for real estate development in recent times and me being an enthusiast in investment options have learned that real estate is one of the best ways of investing money which can give the best returns which cannot be compared with any other object or material on earth.

I can back my reason for investing in real estate in a city like Bangalore with hard evidence and facts which has made Bangalore, India one of the top destinations for real estate investment. Some of them are given below:

  • One of the top reasons for Bangalore, India being one of the top destinations for real estate investment is the cosmopolitan lifestyle that the city provides. Most of the people living and residing in Bangalore, India are immigrants who have moved there from other states of India as well as the world and therefore it makes people feel more comfortable to stay there among people from castes, creed, and religion.
  • The second best reason is the availability of luxury housing options in the city. Bangalore, India has one of the top per capita income among all other cities in India and therefore this super-rich lifestyle is also reflected in the housing options that are available in the city which suits the lifestyle of NRIs and HNI’s like that of us.
  • Bangalore, India is one of the foremost IT hubs in India and that is one of the sole reasons for the development of the city. The development of IT has helped to bring in the business as well as the jobs and people along with it and has played a key role in the development of the city and its real estate market.
  • There has been a report published by JLL that Bangalore, India is the most dynamic city in Asia and is also one of the fastest evolving cities in the world which makes it one of the foremost destinations of real estate investment.
  • Most of the people living in Bangalore, India are Millennials and ultra-modern that search mostly for small apartments like a house for sale in Hosur or 2 BHK flat for rent in Bangalore. Therefore investing in smaller apartments like that of 2 BHK is a much better option.

A word about Bangalore, India as one of the best markets for real estate has been spreading fast not only in India but also in the rest of the world. I have invested in 2 BHK flat for sale in Bangalore a few years ago and also I have been investing in more 2 BHK flats for rent in Bangalore while I reside in Canada for the last 10 years.

This feat has been made possible by none other than a website about 2 years ago, when I came to know about real estate investment in Bangalore, India. I became very excited at the opportunity of buying for myself a house for sale in Hosur just as a starter pack so that I can understand the real estate market. But that too seemed impossible for me while I was in Canada and didn’t have the time to look for a house for sale in Hosur personally while I leave my work behind in Canada.

This is when a friend of mine suggested to me where not only I could find flats for sale but also could rent out my flat as pg in Bangalore The website had a host of features that allowed me to choose flats where pg in Bangalore could collect you more than enough money so that one can earn the money they invested as the full valuation of the flat in rent within 3-4 years.

I had started by searching for my first house for sale in Hosur and I was astonished at the host of options they provided in their search. Some of them were:

  • The area in Bangalore with the best commute and nightlife or transportation.
  • The numbers of BHK’s as well as the number of bathrooms for the flats were provided.
  • The flats could be bought from direct builders, owners or brokers whichever you would like could be selected through the website.
  • There are options like RERA compliance also provided for properties like that of the house for sale in Hosur, India which by the way would be very important as it would protect buyers like us from frauds and scams.
  • The properties could also be chosen according to the direction it faces like north, south, east or west.

This site has provided with all the latest information about the types of real estate’s which are most rented in Bangalore, India, and areas that are offered the best resale values among the thousands of properties available in Bangalore, India. has been one of the safest and most reliable investment assistants for me while managing my pg in Bangalore also.

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