Concrete Lifting and Leveling – When Concrete Needs Repair, Hire a Pro!

Proud homeowners far and wide take great comfort in knowing they can accomplish different maintenance tasks and fixing whatever needs fixing in their home and on their property. Being the most knowledgeable person in the household when it comes to basic plumbing and carpentry, wall painting, usual power issues, and all of the remaining things that need doing at least a few times a year is a good feeling. For this reason, many such amateur handymen are reluctant to call in the help when they need it when a bigger job needs doing.

Complex Housework

There are countless things that are simply too complex or difficult, require special tools or a lot of experience that you cannot do alone. Hiring a professional to deal with it is always the best course of action for multiple reasons. First of all, you will prevent injuries and damage to other property. Secondly, the task will be done in a timely manner and without additional costs.

For example, one of the issues you have no business doing on your own is concrete. If your property has concrete anywhere, a driveway or a sidewalk of sorts, or even the floor in your garage or basement, know that you can hardly do anything on your own.

Concrete can be tricky to work with and make into beautiful structures if it isn’t done correctly. Two of the worst problems to deal with regarding concrete are leveling and lifting. You need to know at least a few different techniques in order to properly perform the jobs of concrete leveling and lifting. Issues that arise when professionals are not involved include too much concrete being spilled, too little of it used, or even the wrong kind of concrete being chosen to complete the chore. Any mistakes when concrete leveling and lifting can lead to an expensive disaster you are far better off without. If you really wish to try this on your own, you have to learn a thing or two. Therefore, here are some tips for doing concrete leveling and lifting properly to avoid disasters.

Repairing Methods


When concrete lifting is needed, two concrete repair methods are available to you. According to sources, the first one involves scooping up and throwing away excess concrete that has built up. This is an environmentally responsible way to handle excess concrete. The other technique requires the use of hydraulic concrete leveling machines to level out the concrete before the next batch of slabs is laid over it. Both concrete repair methods should be used when concrete needs to be leveled off a slope or off a mound just to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to efficiently finish the job.

Foam Cutter


Experts can also use a foam cutter to cut circles into the ground to help them level areas where concrete has sunk. Foam cuts can be used either on holes in the ground or on the soil. They are not limited to only cutting concrete slabs as the foam cutter can also be used to level hills, various depressions in the ground, or even potholes. Using a foam cutter comes with other benefits that are often overlooked. For example, it will save the workers’ money on concrete pumping costs and improve the safety of working on a slope. Hiring experts to do concrete leveling and lifting in Atlanta will allow construction companies to pour the concrete and set the concrete slabs down without worrying about whether or not the foam cutters will be used.

Construction Projects


As mentioned previously, concrete leveling and lifting should only be done when the project calls for it. Construction projects that include concrete pouring, concrete leveling, and lifting should not be started until all the necessary permits are in place and the ground is prepared for it. Construction projects should only call for concrete lifting and leveling when necessary. If a project begins and nothing occurs, then the workers should not make the mistake of pouring concrete because they have to wait for the concrete slabs to be leveled off before they can start putting them in place. Remember that there is always a very good reason why permits and rules exist. Preventing damage and injuries as well as ensuring everything goes smoothly is always important.

Pressure Leveling and Vacuum Pressure


Some contractors choose to employ concrete repair methods like pressure leveling and vacuum pressure leveling as well as concrete leveling and lifting. The concrete repair methods are less expensive because no material is wasted during the process. If a contractor uses concrete repair methods, he or she can then reuse some of the poured concrete materials to build up areas that need additional fillers or to repair areas that are so cracked or worn down that concrete is no longer adequate. Vacuum sealing and concrete leveling can be done right away to prepare the land for planting.

Working smarter is usually the way to go, and there is hardly anything smarter in construction work than saving up material and using it somewhere else. This leads to less money being needed for the whole concrete repair project, meaning the person in need of it can use it somewhere else.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Putting off important home renovation or maintenance projects is never a good idea, let alone when it is concrete that needs your attention. Concrete leveling repair needs to be done as soon as possible. If concrete lifting and leveling repair are not completed right away, or at least within a timely manner, the concrete will settle in the wrong way and the surface will become uneven. As you know, dry and set concrete is much harder to deal with and shape and it refuses to cooperate as it is made to stay firm after all.  If no action is taken, uneven and poorly set concrete can and will cause damage to cars, furniture, skinning, and plumbing fixtures, as well as other property. For this reason, concrete leveling repair must be completed right away, and a schedule should be put into motion to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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