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The Best Songs That Didn’t Win Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest has produced more than its fair share of controversial moments, particularly where the winning song is concerned. While choosing the ‘best song’ is undoubtedly subjective, the history of Eurovision is littered with examples of songs that should have won. Here are some of the best that …

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Terra Jole Net Worth 2024 – TV That Brings Money

Terra Jole

She may be best known for being a TV personality and appearing in the show called Little Women: LA. Apart from this, she has also made several other appearances on TV in numerous shows and serials. She is dwarfism being 4’2” high. Personal life She was born in 1980 in …

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Creative Tools All Singers Should Be using

Music is food for the ears and we do not know what we would do and how we would function without it. It is the best medicine for everything that goes through the ears and heals us from the condition we are in. It calms us when we are nervous, …

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5 Most Appreciated Tamil Artists Today

Have you ever listened to Tamil music? No? Then, for starters, you should include a few songs on your favorite playlist. Believe us, this will be enough for you to fall in love with this type of music. You will understand why more and more people are turning to these …

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Tamil Music is Lifting Your Spirit – The Most Popular Tunes

According to many people, music is God’s gift to humanity. Music can describe a vast array of feelings, and we turn it to when we feel happy or sad, scared or confused. It can improve our mood but it also has the power to soothe us and to help us …

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