Papoose Net Worth 2024 – The Story Of A Stylish Rapper

Papoose is one of the best known and most popular rappers among the younger generations in the USA. However, he is also famous for writing songs and appearances on several TV shows. Apart from making numerous mixtapes, he has also made two studio albums, and all of this brought him a significant pile of money.

Personal life

Of course, Papoose is not his real name, his real name is Shamele Mackie and he was born on the 5th March in 1978. He was born in New York City, the USA. His mother is called Irene Mackie and it should be also added that he spent most of his childhood growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

Love life

There have been many rumors about his love life and his relationships, but let’s concentrate on what is known. First of all, we should mention that Papoose got married in 2008 to a woman called Remy Ma. She is also a rapper and involved in the world of music.

There is one curiosity about her. She has been in prison when she got married to Papoose. The couple did not want to wait for her to get out of prison to get married and they decided that they would get married during her stay in prison. So, the wedding ceremony was held in the courtroom.

We should mention that Papoose had another woman prior to marrying Remy Ma. Furthermore, he has a daughter, called Dejanae Mackie, whom he got from an earlier relationship.


From his earliest age, Papoose was interested in music and he always wanted to become a part of this world. So, he embarked into this world when he was only 20 years old. His first appearance was in 1998 when he participated in Kool G Rap’s album titled Roots of Evil.

Papoose seized this opportunity and made his debut single song titled Thug Connection in 1999. This song was featuring Kool G Rap and AZ. Five years passed until he decided to release his first mixtape in 2004 under the title Arts & War. This was an incentive to him since the mixtape was well received and he released another one in 2004 under the title Street Knowledge.

Since this one was a success, too, he decided to make two more in 2004: The Beast from the East, and Election Day.


Papoose realized that his mixtapes were good and that the audience likes the. So, he decided to be even more productive in 2005. This is the reason why he made a lot of tapes this year.

Namely, he made the following: ‘A Moment of Silence’, ‘The Underground King,’ ‘Sharades,’ ‘Mixtape Murder,’ ‘The Bootlegger’s Nightmare,’ ‘Bedstuy Do or Die,’ and ‘Unfinished Business.’ A year later, it was followed by ‘Menace II Society Part 2’, ‘A Threat and a Promise,’ ‘The Boyz in the Hood,’ ‘The 1.5 Million Dollar Man’, ‘Second Place is the First Loser,’ ‘The Fourth Quarter Assassin’, ‘Internationally Known’, ‘Already a Legend’, ‘Build or Destroy’, ’21 Gun Salute’, ‘Military Grind’, ‘The 2nd Coming’, ‘King of New York’, ‘Most Hated Alive’, ‘Hoodie Season’, and ‘Cigar Society’.


All these mixtapes were well-received and they caught the attention of label companies. Finally, Jive Records decided to sign him in 2006. But, something went wrong, and this contract was terminated.


This did not slow him down. On the contrary, he made an appearance in Touch It, a remix prepared by Busta Rhyme. After this, he continued with releasing mixtapes and released two in 2006. This was the time when he decided to make his own solo album, which he did in 2013 under the title The Nacirema Dream. This one was a success and he made the second on in 2015, titled You Can’t Stop Destiny.

Net worth

All this work, appearances and mixtapes paid off eventually and he was able to get to the net worth of 300K in 2024. The data that he made two studio albums, twenty-nine mixtapes and eleven singles, speaks for itself and justifies this money. We should also add that he got $1.5 million from Jive Records, but that money has not been given back to Jive Records even the deal did not succeed.

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