Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock Net Worth 2024 – Oregon`s Rapper and a Musician

Aesop Rock is an Oregon-based rapper, musician, and music producer. Over the years, he became one of the most popular emcees in the United States. Some fans are considering him a symbol of the new wave of the alternative and underground hip-hop. He was a member of various hip-hop groups and bands, and in most of them, he was a leading member. Let us give you an insight into Aesop Rock`s short bio and his net worth, as of 2024.

Aesop Rock

Personal Life

He was born as an Ian Matthias Bavitz on the fifth of June 1976. He was born in New York`s district Northport. His parents are Paul and Jameija. Ian has two siblings, two brothers, Graham and Christopher, which are named in his songs frequently. All three of them were raised as Catholics, but Aesop Rock claims that today, he is an agnostic.

He attended the High School in Northport, New York from 1990, and he graduated in the year 1994. Since he was a child, he had a passion for music and playing games. Along with his two brothers, he played using robotic toys, which later inspired him for his tattoos.

Ian was married to Allyson Baker, who as a member of the popular rock band called “Dirty Ghosts”. They married in the year 2005. Before their divorce, they lived in San Francisco. He is a huge tattoo lover and has done several of them on his body. Several times, he stated that he found inspiration for his tattoos in antics from his childhood.


Aesop Rock started his early works in the year 1990. He witnessed many legendary groups from NY forming and breaking up. Their music had much influence on his future work and shaped his career as of the whole. His music idols were Public Enemy, BDP, KMD, and Run DMC. In the beginning, he played instruments such as piano and bass guitar, but later, he acquired a sampler.

Aesop Rock

His first studio album was “Music for Earthworms” released in 1997. From 2001 to 2004, he released three albums “Float” in 2000, “Labor Days” in 2001, and “Bazooka Tooth” in 2003. These three albums increased his reputation among the audiences and other rappers in all of the United States. He became immensely popular. His other albums are “None Shall Pass”, released in 2007, “Skelethon” from 2012, and the newest one is “Impossible Kid” that was released in 2016 Metacritic.

In the year 2007, he created a song that lasts for the forty-five minutes for the running system of Nike+iPod. His fan base grew enormously since he appeared in the late nineties. He had a contract with El-P`s record label called Definite Jux. But, when the label faced a financial hiatus, he changed it. He was a part of many record labels over the years.

Net Worth

Him being a popular artist in the United States surely brought his much wealth over the years. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated at $3 million. Besides music, he made some film appearances, but mostly on the documentaries, where he appeared as himself.

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