Terra Jole
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Terra Jole Net Worth 2024 – TV That Brings Money

She may be best known for being a TV personality and appearing in the show called Little Women: LA. Apart from this, she has also made several other appearances on TV in numerous shows and serials. She is dwarfism being 4’2” high.

Personal life

Terra Jole
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She was born in 1980 in Comal County, TX, the USA. At this moment, she lives in Los Angeles, CA, the USA. We should mention that starring in Little Women: LA was fruitful to her for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is her marriage to a co-star from the show called Joe Gnoffo. They have a long-lasting relationship and this relationship resulted in a daughter they got, they named their baby girl Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo and they got it in 2015. They also got a baby son in 2018 and they named him Grayson Vincent D’Artagnan Gnoffo.

Love for animals

She is also involved in charity work and works for non-profit organizations. One of these organizations is called For the Animal Rescue. She decided to get involved in helping this rescue due to her immense love for animals. Her love towards animals is witnessed by the fact that he even decided to provide housing for some of them and to even adopt a lot of them.


She is also a very successful businesswoman since he began to work on her career by being an executive producer for some shows that were prepared by Lifetime Television, the most popular of which is Little Women: LA. She also produced and was the main star of the reality show called Terra’s Little Family. Both of these shows saw their premiere in 2014 and they were very watched and successful.

Little Women

She has recognized the potential of the show called Little Women so she decided to get involved as a producer in spinoffs that came after the original one. Namely, she was the producer of Little Women: Dallas, Little Women: NY and Little Women: ATM. She was recognized as a producer by other producers and people in the industry and she thus became the associate of the Producers Guild of the USA.


Apart from doing work as a producer, she decided to try herself in the world of music and she recorded and released two songs titled Boooty Bee and Ima Let You Kno

Terra Jole
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. She also made quite a success as a singer as well since she appeared during the performances of some famous female singers such as Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus.


It should be also noted that she has appeared in several movies thus also having an acting career. Some of the movies in which she had minor roles include Jackass 3D and The Hungover Games.


She wanted to devote one of her projects to her daughter which she did by preparing an album that contained songs for children which she named Penny’s Playlist.


She also wanted to help all those people who have dwarfism and she decided that the best way to do this is to make a website that would have useful materials for people with dwarfism, such as where to find appropriate clothes, equipment, furniture etc. The website is called MiniMama.com

Dancing with the Stars


In 2018 the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars was made and one of the people who participated was Tarra. Her partner in dancing was Sasha Farber. We should also mention that they were very good and that they reached position number five in the end. They kept dancing for ten weeks until they were removed from the competition.


She has not won any official nominations for awards, not any known awards, whatsoever. However, her will and determination to show that people with dwarfism can also succeed and make prominent careers on TV encouraged many people like her.

Net worth

Terra Jole
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During these years and appearances on TV, she has earned a lot of money on it. She is estimated to be half a million USD worth. Most of this money comes from her participation in various reality shows, but some of it also comes from her producing various shows as well.


Her appearances in numerous shows and series have also brought some significant piles of money. Let’s just remind ourselves that she had parts in CSI, Jackass 3, Tales from Beyond and many other.

Terra Jole
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She is also known to be Mini Brittney and Mini Gaga due to the impressions that she did and which were spectacular.

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