How Tourist Tours To Kilimanjaro Work – 2024 Travel Guide

If you want to visit Kilimanjaro, chances are that your best option is to go with an organized tour, and here’s why. Visiting Africa and this mountain by yourself is not a very smart decision, especially if you are not familiar with the environment, terrain and everything else that needs to be known when attempting something like this. 

According to a statistic, about eighty-seven percent of all tourists that visit Kilimanjaro are going with an organized tour. Nowadays, many companies and agencies offer such tours, and almost all of them are all-inclusive, meaning that you get a tourist leader, support for the baggage while climbing, and professional crews that are there to help you in case anything goes wrong.

Plus, you will be able to learn a lot about the history of the mountain, which is something that has to be done if you are ever visiting Africa. But that’s not all, let’s take a look at some of the other things that are included in Kilimanjaro tours. 

Accommodation in Moshi


We all need a good rest both before and after the hike, so if you are going with an organized tour, this will be included in your offer. 

Transportation both to and from the gate of Kilimanjaro

Going to such a hiking adventure is something that requires you to bring a lot of clothes and equipment, meaning that your luggage will probably be hard to carry, especially by hand. Luckily, if you’re going with an organized tour, they will provide you a free ride both to the mountain and from the mountain when the hike is over. 

Meals while on the mountain

Without proper nutrition and quality calories, you will not be able to perform as you should while hiking. If you go by yourself, you’ll have to think about all of this on your own, but bringing food for multiple days on the mountain, especially high-quality goods is quite impossible. Luckily, with these tours, you get three hot meals per day while on Kilimanjaro. 

Professional Mountain Guides


One such example of high-quality tours is this website. Their tours include everything that you need to have the best possible experience on Kilimanjaro, so it is worthy to check them out. A professional mountain guide is there to help you get educated on everything you should know about the mountain, while also showing you interesting locations and shortcuts for the hike. The experience is just very different compared to when going alone, so you should take a look further into some of the tours. 

Hot water for showers and washing

Nobody likes to feel all messy and stained while climbing a mountain, but unfortunately that’s something that’s going to happen anyway. Luckily, an organized tour can provide you hot water for washing, so there is nothing to worry about in the hygiene aspect. During the night, campfires are not allowed on Kilimanjaro due to the possible hazards that might happen, but the crew can bring portable stoves or water heaters so that the problem should be fixed. 

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