How To Choose A Necklace For Your Style in 2024 – Bikers Guide

Bikers have one of the best styles in terms of clothing, and a lot of people are intrigued by the aesthetics of it. There’s just something about the leather pants and jacket combo, along with the signature “Cut” that all bikers wear. However, that’s not all about the style of a biker, and if you want to achieve the complete look, you should also take a look at the accessories that all bikers use. The rings, gloves, tattoos and last but not least, the necklace. 

Today we’re focusing more on the accessory part of the entire look, and we’re mainly going to talk about how to choose the right biker necklace, so feel free to read until the end if you want to learn more. 

Why wear a necklace?


If you are a biker yourself, or you’re just trying to achieve that look because you find it aesthetically pleasing, you should be looking into necklaces since every biker wears at least one of them. A necklace is one of the most popular choices of an accessory, and it almost always gets chosen out before rings, earrings, piercings and other types of accessories.

Now that we know how popular necklaces are in the biker culture, let’s take a look at some ways of choosing the right one for your style. 

How to choose a necklace for your style

Some bikers wear necklaces that have a meaning to them, and what’s interesting about their culture and style is the fact that almost everything they wear is because it means something, not purely for aesthetic purposes. So, if you see a biker with a necklace, chances are that it will be either with letters of a certain phrase, name of their MC or someone that means a lot in their life, or it will be designed in a shape that’s either the logo of their MC or something similar to that. 

Although what we just said is true most of the time, there are also a few cases where bikers want to wear a certain necklace just because of aesthetic purposes, so many times you might see them rocking skull-shaped necklaces or other cool variants. If you are interested in such biker necklaces, feel free to visit and see what they have. 

There aren’t any rules about how much and what kind of accessories you can wear for your biker style, so if you happen to find two or more necklaces that you like, you can wear them all at the same time. It’s totally up to you.

An important thing to know


What’s important to remember is that you should never wear a necklace that represents a certain motorcycle club if you’re not part of it, because you can end up getting in trouble. The same goes for wearing a patch with their logo, or an entire Cut that represents their club.

Motorcycle Clubs have strict rules and they don’t allow anyone who’s not a member of them to represent anything they say or do, so have this in mind when going for a certain biker style. 

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