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Know It All – When in Thailand

Thailand is a destination, which will never let you get bored. From exotic beaches, a marvelous temple, architectural beauty, to the nightlife makes Thailand a favourite tourist location in Southeast Asia.

Thailand remains a hotspot friendly destination for every tourist and is often referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’.

Visiting Thailand is rejuvenating but what becomes a task is narrowing down of what and what not to do in Thailand as this destination has something for almost everybody.

Know Before You Go

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Before you visit Thailand, do not miss on some important yet interesting information in the below grid:

  • Capital – Bangkok
  • Currency – Thai Bisht
  • Language Spoken – Thai, Lao, Akhan, Karen, Yawi and Teochew
  • Country Code – +66

Ideal Time for Visiting Thailand

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Thailand is a destination, which can be visited all year round. The climate though varies throughout the country.

If planning a trip to Thailand, consider visiting the destination during the cool or dry season whatever suits you.

The rainy season in Thailand is somewhere from June-October. In case, if you are visiting Thailand during the monsoon and have plans of island hopping then please note that all ferry routes might not be in operation during this specific season.

Consider travelling to Thailand somewhere between November and early April. Besides, the climate is different between eastern and western coasts. The east coast mostly has pleasant weather throughout the year; on the other hand, visit the west coast of Thailand preferably during the winters.

Entry Requisite for Thailand

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To enter Thailand, you would require a Thailand visa, which is an official, document permitting you to enter the country.

If your nationality is an Indian, you may avail the facility of ‘visa on arrival’. A Thailand visa can be obtained either from the Thailand Embassy or from any of the international airports on arrival.

For any short-term visitors, a tourist visa (TR) would be required who will be allowed to stay in the country for 60 days per trip or less.

There are other types of visas, which can be obtained depending upon the purpose and nature of your travel.

When in Thailand

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There are countless spots to visit and do activities when you are in Thailand. This makes planning the itinerary somewhat difficult.

Do not miss on the following when visiting this vibrant South-east nation:

Go Island Hopping: There are more than 300 islands in Thailand. Exploring islands is one of the best and should be up there on your Thailand travel itinerary. Remember, the harder the island is to get to the less will be the crowd and more picturesque. You can visit Ko Phi Phi, Koh Lipe, and so on.

Getting Inked Sak Yant Tatoo: One of the most unique things to do in Thailand is getting inked Sak Yant Tatoo. The monks freehandedly with the help of a metal rod do these tattoos. It is said that these tattoos are magical and are blessed and gives you protection in the areas you prefer. Get yourselves at Bangkok, Chiang Main, and so on.

Watch Muay Thai Fight: If you do not know, Muay Thai or Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand also famously known as the art of eight limbs as the fighters use their elbows, knees, fists, and shins to win a fight. If interested, you may join a Muay Thai training camp.

The Grand Palace: When in Bangkok, do not miss visiting this beautiful palace, which is over 200 years old. The architectural detailing and grandeur are palpable. While visiting this palace, regardless of what your gender is, it is mandatory to cover your shoulders and knees completely.

Exotic Beaches: If you are a beach lover, Thailand is full of them. Thailand has some of the most beautiful and stunning beaches. Let the sun kiss you amidst the blue waters. For more information to discover the beaches of Thailand.

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A Thai Massage: Thai massages are not at all about relaxing massages with oils. A Thai massage involves good hitting and smacking. Once you get over with the Thai massage, you feel much better. You can easily get a Thai massage in Thailand at a pocket-friendly price.

Explore the Underwater: When in Thailand, explore the underwater. Thailand offers some of the best diving experiences. Every island in Thailand mostly has a dive shop. Koh Tao is one of the most famous places for diving.

Treat Your Taste Buds: When in Thailand give a treat to your taste buds with the local Thai cuisines. Try Thai curry available in different flavours amongst, which famous is the Thai green curry. You can also try the famous street food of Thailand, which is Pad Thai. Go for Papaya salad, Pad See Eew, etc.

Joining the Local Celebrations: If you wish to witness and enjoy the local culture and traditions of Thailand, join in the local celebrations. If you are visiting in November, you can see events like Loi Krathong and the famous Songkran/Thai New Year water festival, which is held in April, etc.

Explore Night Markets: Night markets are a must-visit when in Thailand. Try visiting a night market over the weekend after 06:00 p.m. and enjoy the night with good food, music, shopping and much more.

Floating Markets: Visiting the floating market is necessary. Arrive early to avoid the crowd and carry your camera because this market is vibrant. If you are good at bargaining, this market is meant for you. The floating markets do give a vibe of the canals in Venice.

Shop Around: From fancy malls to street shopping. Thailand is a dream destination for every shopaholic. So while packing your luggage leave ample space as you will return with good Thai merchandise.

Hopping Within Thailand

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Take Domestic Flights: If you need to fly between the cities in Thailand, the best way to do so is take a domestic flight, which is easy and affordable.

Book an Uber Cab: The easiest way to hop around Bangkok is to book an Uber cab. The tedious task is finding one Uber cab in the flowing traffic of Bangkok. Uber cab in Thailand is extremely pocket-friendly for every traveller.

Pro Tip: While booking an Uber cab, set the pickup location on side streets and avoid setting the pickup location at the main points.

Tut-Tuks: When in Thailand, tuk-tuks are a common sight and most used mode of transportation to commute. There are some cities in Thailand, which do not have the facility of taxis. Tuk-tuks are most common on islands. Do negotiate before you take the ride on tuk-tuks. Be careful, while riding on the tuk-tuks as they are negatively famous for swindles wherein they will assure you to give a free ride in Bangkok and will take you to different shops in the hope that you will buy something and in return, they will receive a kickback from the shop-owners.

Ferries: If you are enthusiast about visiting islands in Thailand then you need to take a few ferry rides, which vary in sizes depending upon the destinations. The ferries do not operate during monsoon season. In case, if you do not wish to miss the ferry rides, you can book the tickets for ferry rides online and secure your seat as per your travel plan.

Taxis: Avoid taking taxis during rush hours specifically if you are in Bangkok. Before taking the taxi, negotiate regarding the taxi-fare. Preferably, sit in the taxi and pay the fare basis the meter display.

Train: If you need to save on accommodation in Thailand, travel within Thailand taking trains. Inquire about the timings and classes before purchasing the train ticket.

Bus: Travelling on the bus is a budget-friendly idea. However, be careful while travelling on the bus. Besides, avoid taking buses in the night, as it is more prone to accident. Moreover, the incident of theft or robbery is common under the bus during the night. It is better to buy travel insurance for Thailand to protect you against such perilous situations.

Polite with the Locals

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When in Thailand, be polite with the locals and know the basic local language so that you may end up getting better deals while in the market or a taxi.

  • To address Men: Khap
  • To address Women: Ka
  • Hello: Sa-we-dee
  • Number 100: Neung Roy
  • Number 10: Sip
  • Thank You: Khop Koon
  • Sorry: Khor tort
  • Check Please: Check Bin
  • How Much: Nee Tao Rai

Not to Forget When in Thailand

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Clothes: Mostly, Thailand has a hot climate, so pack your luggage keeping the same in your mind. Besides, keep a jacket and pair of jeans if you have plans to see Northern Thailand specifically if visiting around November to January. You may witness cold nights. The simple rule of wearing clothes is ‘go modest than not’. Avoid wearing too skimpy clothes specifically in towns. Carry comfortable footwear like flip-flops, sandals, sneakers.

Wi-Fi and SIM Cards: You can easily access the Wi-Fi anywhere in Thailand. In case, if you need a local data pack you may avail the same as the price for the same is pocket-friendly. Get yourself a SIM card from AIS, which is the main provider of Thailand. You can also try other providers such as True Move H, DTAC, etc.

Religion: A major population of Thailand follows Buddhism followed by Islam. The other religions, such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Jews constitute a minor part. When you visit any of the temples in Thailand, your shoulders and knees need to be covered completely. Besides, Muslim Thai women cover their heads at the time of Azaan (mosque callings).

Travel Insurance for Thailand

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Thailand is one destination with so many options to explore. While planning your itinerary buying Thailand travel insurance is necessary and should not be skipped at any cost.

While you enjoy the exotic destination, it is important to buy travel insurance for Thailand as uncertainties can happen anywhere, anytime. A travel insurance policy will protect you from unforeseen events and provide you cover against any travel-related perils such as missed flights, loss of checked-in baggage, any medical emergency, loss of passport, and so on.

Before you board your flight for Thailand, buy a travel insurance policy.

For more information, visit here.

To Conclude

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Whether you are looking forward to a relaxing vacation or want to witness the cross-cultural experience, you will find every bit of it in Thailand.

Thailand is a destination for travellers of all kinds. From sandy beaches, tropical islands, ancient temples, to full moon parties, Thailand is truly enriched with colour and culture.

Visit the country and celebrate the culture.

Happy Vacay!

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