How Scrum Methodology Increases the Effectiveness of Your Project

 The immense popularity of Agile software and Scrum Project Methodology has increased since Scrum methodology began building their strategies. The most popular method they use is the Agile Scrum Methodology, which comes from a mindset built toward creating the most innovative and collaborative work environment possible. 

With a focus on creating a positive, uplifting, and joyous work environment that is sustainability-minded, the effectiveness of their strategies is unquestionable.  Scrum Project Methodology has a unique working process that is built around targeted segments. These segments are referred to as sprints. 

There is an allotted amount of time per sprint, allowing teammates to have a concentrated focus on the aspect of a product. Each sprint should result in a finished, high quality, shippable product. 

Sprints are built around three main aspects, which include Roles, Artifacts, and meetings. This laser focus allows the team to have the same vision for the result and work cohesively to achieve the desired end goal.   The Sprints have assigned roles and tasks to allow for a streamlined vision and collaboration. 

Some Stats to Highlight 


1. According to the Forbes survey, 500 senior executives were interviewed from around the world in the year 2017, 92% believed organizational agility is critical to business success.

2. According to PMI 1 in 4 of the highest performing companies who were surveyed completed projects with agile or a hybrid approach.

3. 101, 592 international software developers were surveyed where 85.9% said they use agile in there work.

(Developer Survey Results, Stack Overflow, 2018)

4. 37% of marketers were surveyed who report using some type of agile in managing their projects. 

(State of Agile Marketing 2018, Agile Sherpas 2018)

The Product Owner 

The Product Owner is the leading go-to for the client. They help the customer understand how their vision will be brought to life and are the point of contact for the client. After communication with the client, they will communicate the needs of the client with the Scrum Master to further the client’s objective

The Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is the go-between for the Product Owner and the Development team. They are the critical point of communication and direction in the process of creating the product. Because they can communicate both with the Product Owner and the team, they have the best understanding of where the project is headed and the ability to ensure the best Return on Investment based on the combined visions. 

The Scrum development team:


The development team implements the instructions and desires communicated to them by the Scrum Master to create the best possible product for the customer. They create a Product backlog to keep track of the progress and direction of the implementation of the customer’s vision.

 Because the implementation of the customer’s vision has these sprints, it allows for the collaboration from each team as, according to Scrum’s website is a “cross-functional, self-organizing group.” The units are dedicated to each unique aspect of the process allowing for specialization and laser focus. 

Scrum Project Methodology offers courses and resources in various regions and countries around the world including 

  •  Egypt
  •  France
  •  Argentina
  •  The United States
  •  And several more. 

 Learning through Scrum helps business organizations and their teams learn more about how to decipher fundamental and essential information, and stay agile in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. The growing need for flexibility in an organization and their methodology is and adventure that can reward the business with a more significant edge in their specific industry and marketplace. 

 Keeping up with innovation is an essential asset that is ever-evolving. Trends change rapidly, and insightful customer and consumer data is the lifeblood of an organization when they are marketing to their customers. Keeping on top of current market trends keeps an organization on top of its customer needs. 

 Scrum helps businesses and organizations achieve all of these essential goals and stay afloat through systems that are driven through the expertise and experience that have been built into the Scrum’s working process. 

 User Stories 


 Scrum methodology breaks the mold by focusing on the needs of the stakeholders involved. They take the features that make an organization unique and build upon those features to create truly unique custom products. Using ever-evolving and continuously changing backlogs full of data built around previous products that the organization offered its customer base, Scrum creates new and innovative ideas to meet the needs of its customer’s audience. 

 They create graphs and “Burn Down Charts” that chart the course to the growth of the organization they are serving and implement chosen and pending releases. 

 These graphs can chart informational data on plans based on projected success avoiding defects in the marketing strategy. It allows an organization to serve better their audience based on projected needs and wants. 

 Burndown charts

 Prove and track the progress of a customer project, ensuring the course is kept, and steps are correctly implemented and according to plan. 

 With the way the team is set up and the steps set in place to ensure the timely and effective project development for their customers, is it any wonder that Scrum Alliance methodology has a reputation for excellence that it does. The testing and careful attention to detail that Scrum provides when putting together the perfect team to work on your project will get your organization the best possible results in the most efficient manner. 

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