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What Do You Need For Hiking: Hiking Tips

Hiking is one way to have a taste of the great outdoors. It could be with your friends or family. The adventure is a wonderful experience. It helps to forget your worries for a while. Besides, you get to explore sceneries that normal roads cannot take you. However, it might be a thrilling idea to people. One question that should be in your mind is what do you need for hiking?

You need to have the right equipment for the activity. You will have a comfortable, safe, and pleasant experience. Below are tips to guide you through planning for your adventure.

What do you need for hiking?

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There are essential gears you need to bring for your exploration. Below is what you need based on the function.

  • Illumination

Have a headlamp even if you don’t expect darkness to catch on you. Things happen, and you find the trek consuming more time.

However, a phone is okay for a single day exploration. Its built-in flashlight feature is an excellent backup source for lighting. For the headlamp, ensure to test the batteries before going for the excursion.

  • Sun protection

It is important to consider sun protection. That is, even when the weather seems to be cloudy. Have a lip balm, hat, and sunglasses. You will be safe from sunburns and cracking of lips.

  • Insulation

On a trip to the jungle, the weather may change all over sudden. An extra insulation layer of clothing that dries fast is ideal. The layer helps in your safety and warmth when there is a drop in temperatures. Avoid products made of cotton since they take longer to dry. Besides, they draw heat from your body.

  • Shelter
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The shelter is very critical for a multiple day’s explorations. It includes the sleeping pad, blankets, sleeping bag, and camping tent amongst other things. It is not essential for a single day trip that you are sure you will not spend a night.

  • First aid kit

A first aid kit is important for minor ailments. A compressive kit is the best since you don’t know what you will need. If you have more experience in the activity, you know what needs more priority. Therefore, you can add or subtract from the kit. Ensure it is lightweight and replace anything used once you get back home.

  • Fire

If you are to trek for days, then lighting a fire is important. You will need it for cooking or to keep yourself warm. The conditions in the site may be harsh. Therefore, have a good plan for lighting fire. Some explorers go for cheap solutions such as household fire starters. Ensure to the lighter is waterproof.


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You need tools to guide you on the trip. There is a high likely hood that it’s your first time to go to that destination. A map and a compass are key navigation components to have. They will help you from getting lost. Ensure to choose those who are lightweight and reliable. Besides, you need to be sure that they will not run out for power during your trip. If you wish to have a GPS device, have a power bank with you. But generally, even with it, the compass and map remain very crucial.


You should be well hydrated for your critical systems to function properly. Water hydrates the body. It will be cool when it is hot and keep you warm during the cold. Besides, your muscles and joints tend to work better.
You may either carry adequate water for the whole of your adventure. You may as well come with a purifier though you will need to know the location of the water sources. It will be preferable to avoid bulkiness that comes with carrying water.


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You will be walking on foot for most of the excursion. Therefore, you need to choose comfortable and lightweight footwear. Trail runners are ideal as they dry quickly and have excellent traction.

Repair kit

The kit is essential for basic repairs during your adventure. It should contain a simple knife, tapes, among other tools. A tenacious tape is excellent in fixing punctures on a sleeping pad, tears on tent fabric, and holes on the puffy coat. Duct tape can be used for several purposes such as repairs on sunglasses. Always, carrying multi-tools like a Swiss Army knife will be ideal.


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You have to check on the nutrition. An excursion requires energy, meaning you should pack enough calories for sustenance. You may consider snacks like nuts, bars, and dried fruits. For lunch, bagels and sandwiches will be ideal for the activity.

Factors to consider when choosing the excursion gears

Below are factors to guide you in selecting your trekking gears

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Trail mileage

Ensure to reduce your load with a longer trail mileage. You enjoy your excursion more when you have fewer burdens. You may need to have trekking poles too. They are significant in increasing stability. Besides, they reduce the impact on your knees.

Purpose and comfort

Function and fit go hand in hand. Consider whether the excursion gear suits your purpose. For instance, if you will spend a night, ensure the sleeping gear can cope with the temperatures. While it has met the function, you need to consider whether it gives you comfort.


Check on the durability of the material. You don’t want to buy new gear every time you go for an adventure. However, you should not link the durability of the bulk of the gear.

Weight cost relationship

You will find that lightweight gear costs more. Probably, it could be due to technology involved in reducing the weight. When purchasing your excursion gears, go for the lightest in weight. However, factor in your budget too. Therefore, buy the lightest gear your budget allows.

Feel good factor

You need to choose an exploration gear that you feel good wearing. Go for clothing that you are comfortable to wear while working.


Some of the gears, such as footwear will be dependent on the terrain. Light trekking boots are suitable for mild terrain. If your exploration involves snow or mountainous terrain, you need more rugged boots.


Your hiking gear is critical for any of your exploration experiences. It’s important to ensure that you choose right. For more details and information about hiking and camping gear, check out the website like Hiking Gear Lab. You now have plenty of tips on all that you need for a trek. Make your exploration experience the most enjoyable.

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