4 Hidden Instagram Story Tips and Tricks you Need to Know About

Social networks have an immeasurable impact on our life and society in general, and with new ones coming out and with all those we already use, it seems like their popularity will not end soon. Although their core meaning is about connecting people from all over the world, today, it’s way more than just that. For years now, one social network that has been taking primate over the others is undoubtedly Instagram, as an ideal way to share photos, opinions, learn something new, and show the world who and what you are. As such, this platform is ideal for so many things, and since one can actually also make money with it, it is pretty clear why Instagram is so popular.

Nonetheless, like most things in life, this platform also evolved and faced many changes, and today, there aren’t that many things one cannot do with it. It all started as a simple small app where one can share photos using various filters, and when we take a look at how things work now, that seems funny, but with more than 1 billion users, Instagram is now proudly the fastest growing social network, new users-wide. Photos and stories are what Instagram is mostly about, but as people working on improving this app make changes on a daily basis, there might be some tricks and tips about your Instagram stories that you didn’t know about, and if that’s the case, let’s take a look at some hidden Instagram story tips and tricks.

1. Adding multiple photos to the story


Although adding multiple photos wasn’t possible before, everything you need to make that happen today is just one click, and it is just one example of how things and features changed with this app. But, how to do that? Well, to start, you will need to fin the icon that looks like a circle surrounded by several dashes in the Instagram stories menu. Once you find it, all you need to do is to click on that circle, as it is the multi-capture icon that will allow you to capture more different photos and add them to the Instagram story. The best thing is that each of those photos can be adjusted separately, so it is possible to add a filter, sticker, text, or GIF to each of them. After editing, posting is the same as it is for just one photo, so it is necessary to click the next button, and that’s all you need to do because all the images selected will appear on the story.

2. Hiding stories from some people and arranging close friends


Sometimes we would like to share something that is not for everyone’s eyes, and there are many personal reasons why we want that. Maybe we want to hide something from older family members because we do not want to read their comments or/and critics all the time or to hide something from an annoying friend, and sometimes even a partner. No matter the reason, a great thing about Instagram is that it has the option to hide the story from certain people, and the process to accomplish that is far from complicated. The only thing to do is to go to privacy settings, click on the hide story menu, and mark those from whom we want to hide it. In case we want to hide it from almost any follower except a few of them, a much better option is to mark “close friends,” and once we post a story and click on that icon, they would be the only ones that can see it. For arranging the “close friends” list, we need to go on our profile settings, click on the “close friends” icon, and choose those we want to be on that list. Of course, there are many apps and bots that can do this for your, and one of the most reputable is for sure the Bigbangram, so if you need this addition, be sure to check it out.

3. Adding the favorite song


What better way to do that than to add some music. Although adding music to the Instagram stories is one of the newest innovations, it is for sure one of the users’ favorites since we can all make perfect little stories and imagine ourselves as a famous movie director at least for a few seconds. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that in some country this feature is not available yet, but there is no need to worry, as pretty soon everyone will be able to add music to their stories. It is an excellent feature for those who love music (and who doesn’t?), and it is quite simple to use since everything one needs is to click the note-shaped icon while creating the story and find the favorite song. In many situations, we don’t have enough words to describe the photo we want to post, but we have a perfect song for that on our mind, and this feature is ideal for those situations. It is possible to add music up to 15s, so you need to choose the favorite part of the song.

4. Polls, quizzes and, questions


Instagram has different features for those who love to interact with their followers, and adding them to the story is simple. It is necessary to go to the create mode, choose the background and add a poll, quiz, or questions. If someone doesn’t have the inspiration, Instagram offers templates, but if you want to ask the followers something, you can simply add the questions. The poll is the simplest, and it offers two possible answers, so there is no right or wrong answer. In the quiz, there are more possible answers, you are choosing the number of them, and in the end, only one of them is true. And speaking about the questions, it is a box where followers can ask you what they want, and if you want to share their question and the answer, it will be anonymous until you decide to tag them.

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