Golf Wear In Winter – Stay Warm On The Golf Course

Should winter end your weekend fun at the golf course? Not at all. Unless it’s raining or snowing hard, it’s possible to enjoy your favorite game in any season.

The key to staying comfortable on the golf course is the right attire. No matter how cold it is outside, if you dress properly, you can have a great game.

Many people mistakenly consider golf to be a game of the summer. Meanwhile, professional golfers train on the course all year round. Why can’t you? Of course, you would have to change your strategy to adjust to wet and frosty ground. Also, winter golf rules slightly differ from what you are used to in the summer. But there is no reason to stop honing your skills when it’s cold out.

These tips can help you dress properly during winter and enjoy your favorite game all season long.

1. Hats with Visors and Ear Protection


Even if you don’t wear a hat during the winter, you may need it on the golf course. Remember, you’ll be staying out in the cold for hours. It’s different from walking from your car to the office.

Hats can keep your head warm. However, to ensure perfect protection from frostbite, you need to invest in headwear that covers your ears.

Don’t forget that the sun can shine brightly in the winter as well. If you don’t want it to interfere with your swing, make sure your hat comes with a visor. Or you can buy a visor separately and wear it over your favorite hat.

Remember, while looking stylish on the golf course may be important, it’s much more vital to stay warm. So if you have to forget about style for a few hours, it’s not too big of a sacrifice when your health is at stake.

2. Waterproof and Windproof Jackets


When you are choosing a jacket, it must be warm, waterproof, and light. Heavy jackets are out of the question because they can make you feel tired after a couple of hours of moving around the golf course.

Waterproof jackets usually do an excellent job not just keeping water away but resisting wind as well.

According to experts from the, it’s always better to look for golf apparel made of specific synthetic materials that keep you warm while wicking sweat away from your body. If the jacket is windproof, it’s likely to keep your body heat from escaping.

3. Special Pants


Even though municipal golf courses don’t stress the dress code, private clubs are unlikely to allow jeans or sports pants. That’s why you have to pay special attention to the pants you choose for the winter.

It’s a good idea to consider trousers with a fleece lining to keep your legs warm without allowing them to sweat too much.

Just as with jackets, pants should be waterproof and windproof. Today, many stores offer trousers made of special performance fabric that keeps you warm without packing additional weight. Make sure the fabric comes with a water-resistant finish.

4. Umbrella


When it’s windy and/or rainy on the golf course during winter, you can improve your golfing experience tremendously by buying an umbrella. It can keep you dry and prevent wind from interfering with your swing.

Golf umbrellas are specifically made to resist strong winds and wick water drops away. You can use these helpers in everyday life as well. They can be of irreplaceable assistance during the summer. Umbrellas protect the golfer from sun and heat.

5. Comfortable Shoes


The most important part of any golfer’s attire is the right shoes. Your winter golf shoes should keep you warm but not allow your feet to swear. Their platform should be specifically designed to prevent slipping on frosty and wet ground.

When choosing comfortable golf shoes for winter, it’s important to look for such properties as waterproofness, slip surface resistance, and a lightweight. Without the right shoes, your entire game could go awry no matter how well you choose the rest of the golf apparel.

Consider ankle-height shoes without any protruding laces that could make you trip during the game.

6. Sunglasses


Sun in the winter is lower than in the summer. That’s why you need high-quality sunglasses. Make sure to buy a pair that comes with 100% UV protection. Sunglasses should be a tight fit so they stay put while you are moving around the golf course.

Other Important Tips to Consider When Dressing for a Winter Game

  • Layering – try to dress in layers so you can take garments off and put them back on to regulate the level of comfort on the golf course.
  • Warm beverages – bring warm tea, coffee or other warm beverages with you to the golf course. They can help you stay warm throughout the game.
  • Spare garmentsalways bring spare shirts, pants, and shoes to the golf course with you so you can change at any time.

3 Best Fabrics to Consider for Winter Golf Attire

When you are choosing golf attire, consider paying attention to these fabrics. They can keep you warm on the course while providing a high level of comfort.

1. Thermal Underwear Mixed Fabrics

Thermal underwear can be exactly what you need on the golf course. It’s light, warm, and suitable for layering.

This type of clothing is usually made of natural fabrics mixed with man-made materials. Consider cotton, silk, and bamboo combined with spandex, acrylic, and nylon. The lightness and warmth of natural materials are mixed with elasticity and excellent body-fitting properties of synthetics.

2. Wool Fabric

Wool has two important properties, which are highly needed at the golf course.

  • Head conductivity – wool fibers don’t conduct heat. That’s why when wearing wool, you can maintain your normal body temperature. It’s like having a sweater with built-in climate control. Wool is an insulator. It keeps the body warm in the cold and allows your skin to breathe when it’s warm. So you can wear it both outdoors on the course and inside the club.
  • Absorbency – wool has excellent wicking properties. It has a tendency to be water-repellent. The water drops stay on the surface without penetrating the materials for some time and can be brushed away. But even if some (about 30% of the fabric’s weight) moisture seeps inside, wool maintains its lightness and dryness.

3. Fleece Fabrics

Fleece is a man-made fabric with a variety of useful properties. The most important for the winter golf games are the following:

  • Keeping warm – fleece is created of special layers of cut fibers that allow it to have air pockets. These air pockets can keep warmth inside them, making fleece a great choice for cold days on the golf course. You may want to consider windbreakers or pants with fleece lining.
  • Moisture resistance – the polyester that the fleece is made of is warm, durable, and moisture resistant. It can wick sweat away without losing any of its warming properties.
  • Lightness – fleece is extremely light, which is a useful property for layered attire. At the golf course, when flexibility is important, a garment’s weight may play a key role.

Today, man-made materials are becoming more and more popular. You can even find clothing specifically manufactured to suit the needs of a golfer during the winter. Remember that your goal is comfort rather than style. Some of the most useful garments for the winter golf course are simple fleece-lined pants or a thin wool sweater.

Final Thoughts


Playing golf in winter can be fun and exciting as long as you dress right. Pay special attention to your headwear, jacket, and shoes. Consider dressing in layers to regulate the level of comfort on the golf course. Make sure to buy waterproof and windproof garments.

Unless it’s snowing or raining heavily, millions of golfers around the world play in cold weather. Why should you be an exception?

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