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Is Digital Marketing a Professional Course – 2024 Tips

With the internet being cheaper than before and smart devices being the affordable ones, digitalization has made its place throughout the world. It has made life easier by getting the work done faster. So, the importance of digital marketing has grown. Digital marketing has become popular because it saves up a lot of costs as compared to traditional marketing. Within less time, it can reach a large population. Most importantly, it has proven helpful for those new businesses who want to build their customer base with fewer costs and a lesser time frame. Research shows that companies saved up to 40% of their expenses when they marketed digitally.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all those marketing strategies that make use of the internet and electronic devices. Digital media channels include search engines, email, social media, and other websites that help businesses connect with their customers globally. With the internet being affordable, the significant population has made its place in social media and other websites.

So, businesses advertise themselves in these platforms through blogs, social media posts, email marketing, paid and non-paid ads, etc. All these techniques target a different segment of the population. The advantage of digital marketing is that companies can use analytics to see how much their marketing efforts have impacted the target markets. They can also get ROI and other analysis ratios. Hence, these figures help businesses in the formulation of plans and strategies.

Digital Marketing Certifications

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Listed below are some of the key players offering digital marketing certifications.

1. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers. Some of Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing certifications are:

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Program

This program covers all the aspects of SEO, such as keyword research, link building, technical SEO, analytics, consists of 30+ hours of self-paced videos, and some industry-based projects. It helps an individual to gain expertise in this field.

  • Advanced Social Media Certification Program

This program helps to meet the industry requirements by building skills such as strategy, reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing, analytics. It helps you to expertise in the field of social media marketers.

  • Advanced Email Marketing certification training

Email marketing has become a popular way to reach readers and engage them. This program helps you to learn all the aspects of email marketing, such as advertising to promote products and services, increase brand awareness, etc.

2. Google

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The popular certifications in the stream of digital marketing by Google is Google ads and Google analytics.

Google ads is a platform which helps you to advertise your business whenever the users search for similar products and services as that of yours. This advertisement can then turn your viewers into customers.

Google Analytics is a platform where you can use the data of your business to get meaningful insights and make business decisions. It uses machine learning.

Google certifies those individuals who demonstrate their skills in online advertising. The certificates are available for the following Google Ads product areas: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, and Shopping ads.

Google analytics certifies candidates by “Google analytics individual qualification(IQ)”. Before taking the assessment, Google recommends you to take two courses: “Google Analytics for beginners” and “Advanced Google Analytics”. Take these courses at your own pace and then give the assessment.

The candidate can take study material from the skill shop and then give in the evaluation. The criteria for getting certified is scoring 80% or higher. The assessment will last for 75 minutes. If you fail in the assessment, Google allows taking another attempt a day after. The Certificate is valid for one year. These assessments are free of cost.

3. Facebook

As we are aware, Facebook is the most used online social media platform. It now owns Whatsapp and Instagram also.

The certification that Facebook offers is the “Facebook blueprint certification”. The exams in the field of Facebook blueprint certification are:

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  • Facebook certified digital marketing associate
  • Facebook certified marketing science professional
  • Facebook certified media planning professional
  • Facebook certified buying professional
  • Facebook certified ads product developer 1
  • Facebook certified ads product developer 2
  • Facebook certified ads product developer 3

The minimum passing mark is 700 for getting the Certificate. Facebook charges up to the equivalent of USD 150. It varies on the basis of your country. If you fail, you may retake the exam, provided you should wait for five days after your previous attempt.

4. Youtube

Youtube is the most used video streaming platform.

Youtube certified program consists of four courses:

  • Content ownership course
  • Business operations
  • Asset monetization
  • Music course

Youtube asks you to complete these self-paced courses firstly. After that, you may take the exam. The passing mark is 75% or higher. The Certificate is valid for 18 is also free of cost.

These courses are helpful for professionals in digital marketing who want to upskill themselves or for the entrepreneurs trying to grow towards their career. With their content as a unique asset, it helps them to a position in the viewer’s mind.

5. Hubspot Academy

Hubspot academy offers free training and courses in digital marketing. The Hubspot provides tools and strategies used popularly for digital marketing. Some of the in-demand certifications that Hubspot offers are:

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  • Content marketing
  • Hubspot marketing software
  • Hubspot sales software
  • Inbound sales
  • Inbound marketing
  • Social media
  • Frictionless sales

Each course takes a few hours to complete. The Certificate is valid for either 13 months or 25 months. The candidate needs to pass the assessment to earn the Certificate. If you failed the exam, you might retake it after 12 hours.


So, yes, digital marketing is a professional course. Marketing professionals and students can take them to grow towards their career paths. These certifications help you to understand the practical life scenarios and the skills that are required to solve these situations. Thus it helps you to expertise in your respective field, which, in turn, provides excellence to the organization. The chances of getting hired for certified candidates are more because the organizations can trust that the individuals can provide value in challenging work environments. Depending upon your interest area in digital marketing, start taking up certifications soon.

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