Are Tall Boots off-limits to Wear to the Office

We all have to go to work. Well, maybe currently not because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, there are still many of us who have to think about what to wear to work. Now, every workplace is different, various rules and diverse people exist there, and because of that, it is sometimes hard to deduce what we are allowed to have and what not according to those rules. One of these questions is, are tall boots allowed in the workplace? These types of boots are popular for a while now, over half a century since they became a staple for so many people. It’s a traditional look that is a favorite style for a lot of people. They are very easy to pair up with what you planned to use from clothes, which gives them an advantage. An additional benefit is how natural it is to walk in them, which makes them very pleasant. So if you already know what you want to wear to your office, read more here about a vast collection of shoes and boots, but if you would like to learn a bit more about when it is appropriate and how to wear tall boots to the office, simply continue reading.

We already mentioned that this question is mostly dependent on the office itself, so what kind of workplace doesn’t approve of this style? Well, it is usually more of a conventional and traditional workplace. So if the fashion at work is extremely formal, there might be better choices for us to choose from than a tall boot that goes to the knee. These types of conservative offices usually want more classic chic styles. So contemplate wearing something like a white blouse, a sheath dress, a collarless blazer, coordinating skirt and pants, and maybe wearing some pumps. Any fashion style that is stimulated by menswear tends to do great as well. It is vital to get a good read about what everyone else is wearing since that can help us determine what to wear and how to pull it off.

Classic tall boots


We established that picking the perfect thing to wear to our office is a bit in the grey area. There is nothing written in stone where it is allowed and where it is forbidden to wear tall boots that go up to the knee or go even higher. Now, let us consider what you can do to turn the scales to your side, determine how to choose the perfect tall boots, and how to wear them in the best possible way. First thing first, pick a classic one. A fresh, sophisticated boot that is plain enough is usually better received by the conservative fashion police. So avoid too many features like laces. That is something that might not look professional to everyone. Speaking of classical standards, it is a similar rule for colors. Keep the most beloved ones, like black or brown, since they look most professional. There could be some other color that looks amazing on you, but that simply isn’t appropriate for every workplace. Black ones are the easiest to match with the outfit anyway, so that isn’t a problem. As you can see, tall boots are already establishing our presence, so we need to stop getting attention to them with something too flashy. Bright leather footwear is also something that might not be perceived perfectly by everyone. Reptile boots would be another example. While they are all great boots on their own and might be fine in some workplaces, there could still be some more traditional offices where we shouldn’t wear them.

Conservative or not?


It probably goes without saying that the more formal our office is, the more crucial it becomes that our footwear is of special quality. So that is why it is vital to have something like Suede ones. They show status and style, and in a way, that is always welcomed to the workplace. The next thing to consider is the heel. Again, we are considering a conservative office here, so avoiding heels that are too high is necessary. That, of course, doesn’t mean that they are off-limits to every office. Generally speaking, the more of a traditional place you work in, the less high and skinny the heel should be. There is no scientific algorithm for that equation, but you know your office the best, so use common sense to decide. Something like leggings is also out of fashion lately, but they can still work out and don’t forget that hosiery is also a vital part of how you look with tall boots. Going with an opaque one might perfectly support our style.

Knee-high boots


Lastly, let us think about how tall our boots can be. Knee-high ones are generally perfect for most offices, but if you go higher than that, thigh-high boots might be going too high. Even though they can look great, they are usually not considered the most suitable choice. Furthermore, contemplate the rest of your outfit carefully. While knee-high boots are simple to match with the rest of our clothes, some things might not be ideal for the office. For example, don’t wear a low dress with them. Also, keep in mind that tall boots are powerful, so it can happen that they take away too much attention from the rest of our outfits. That is not something we want to happen, so be aware of that issue, and don’t forget to polish the boots regularly. If you are brave enough to try out this look, make sure they look their very best. The last thing we want is to have a little negligence keeping us down.

The bottom line


As we have seen, there is no strict answer to whether the tall boots are off-limits to wear to the office. For most offices, wearing them will be perfectly fine, but for some more conservative workplaces, you may need to adjust your outfit accordingly. Some tips can help everyone out to find a good way of wearing tall boots to the office, and if you follow our advice, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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