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6 Classic Outfits That Never Get Old – 2024 Tips

Nowadays, styles seem to come and go every week, but many people forget that there are some old school outfits out there that can still make you pop out when you’re walking down the street. Outerwear like wool sweaters and trench coats may be articles you’d expect to find in your grandma’s closet, but in fact they are the cornerstones of many great looking fashion ensembles. If you’re looking for some simpler two piece look, try putting together a striped shirt and white pants or a pencil skirt and t-shirt.

If you’re more into glamourous looks try out wearing a sheath dress or a blazer and jeans. This article will go over six classic outfits that truly never get old.

Wool Sweater and Pencil Skirt

This is the classic 1980’s celeb look, but like great 80’s music, fondue and old school rap music, the best things are always cool. Especially if the weather outside is a little on the brisk side, then you know it’s perfect weather to be sporting your favorite sweater! Try pairing your favorite sweater with a pencil skirt to give you a professional look that will still be comfortable to wear in an office setting. Make sure to wear a one tone sweater without any designs so you can show off some of your favorite accessories, gold or copper necklaces will really make the outfit pop! As this is a really great look for Fall, go with colors that reflect the browns, reds and oranges of the leaves.

Sheath Dress and Pumps

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If you need to attend a snazzy event or simply want to for a more refined look, try sporting a sheath to impress the crowds. This is a classic look and suits well as a showcase for some of your classiest accessories like a fine pearl necklace. If you need some more ideas, you can click here to help you find the best accessories to go with this look. As a general rule, the plainer the dress, the fancier your accessories should be, and vice versa. Pearl necklaces and earrings are timelessly elegant and can instantly lift this classic look. To complete the look, match some simple pumps or heels with your dress’s color scheme and you’ll look like you’re ready to hit the runway!

Trench Coat and Skinny Jeans

When most people think about trench coats, they will probably conjure up a mental image of an intrepid private eye, but trench coats can add a lot of diversity to your wardrobe. If you’re looking to put together an elegant look for the cooler weather in the spring or Autumn try sporting a trench coat and some skinny jeans to keep you feeling warm while looking hot! You can really start to build this combo up with a white or pastel shirt to really emphasize the style of your trench coat. In terms of shoes, it depends how slick you are feeling, but some classic brogues can add a touch of gentlemanly class, while some simple flats will complete a timeless “downtown” look!

White Pants and a Striped Shirt

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If you’re feeling like a more dangerous look take a note from classic inmate attire and sport some stripes! This is a classic European look that is stylish and perfect for looking elegant in the summer. Anyone who has seen the movie The Talented Mr Ripley will know exactly what this look is all about. Think 1960’s Venice, Vespas, Bellinis and just one extra button left open. To maximize the look, pick out a shirt with nice dark stripes and pair it with some fresh white pants to really make the shirt pop out! You don’t want to go too heavy with the accessories on this look, but wearing a simple silver bracelet will work perfectly. For your feet, the best option is a pair of boat shoes with pant hems rolled slightly up your ankles. Go for boat shoes which match your shirt and this will really tie the look together.

Pencil Skirt and T-shirt

If you live in a warm climate and are looking for an outfit a bit more on the breezy side try pairing a pencil skirt with your favorite shirt. This classic ensemble is one of our favorites because it is just so versatile. It is perfect for everyday life and can even be adapted to more formal occasions. If you need a more formal look, you can match a plain shirt with a dark skirt and some black pumps or heels. On the other hand, if you want to make this outfit more casual, try a graphic t-shirt and pop on some trendy shoes like Converse. This is a classic College look, but it is perfect for more laid back offices and casual dates or coffee meet-ups.

Blazer and Jeans

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If you want a more glamorous look wearing your favorite blazer with a pair of fashionable jeans. Wear a neutral shirt underneath to emphasize the style of your blazer and accessorize with a flashy necklace. This look is very versatile and will equally serve you well in the office and even just hanging out with friends. Pair this outfit with some loafers and you’ll be looking straight out of a fashion magazine in no time! Remember, shoes like loafers and flats can be worn without socks, but as this Protalus article explains there are some rules to that fashion trend.

Trends come and go, but classic looks are always here to stay! Old-school articles of clothing like trench coats and wool sweaters can go great lengths in giving you a sophisticated look while keeping you cozy at the same time. Two-piece look like striped shirts and white pants or a pencil skirt and t-shirt have been in style for ages and still are easy outfits that look amazing! Finally, if you want to go for a classier looking classic outfit, grab a  sheath dress and throw on some of your fanciest accessories or go for the blazer and jeans look to be stylish in pretty much any setting. It isn’t easy staying up to day with modern fashion trends so take a note out of the history book and wear some classic outfits that never get old!

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