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Stevie J Net Worth 2024 – The Songs That Never Age

Steve is one of the well-recognized and known musicians in the USA and he has been very present and dominant in the USA musical stage in the last decade of the 20th century. He has been known to be a singer, then he got into producing and TV and he also writes songs. He collaborated with some of the biggest names on the USA musical scene.

Personal life

Stevie J

He was born on the 2nd November in 1973 as Steven Aaron Jordan in Buffalo, NY. We should mention that he was left by his mother so he and his father lived alone. So, his father brought him to NY.

Early career

Since he has been always interested in music and trying to get into this business, he started to give his best to do so. For example, he was a live-bass guitar player. Apart from this, he was even the lead singer during some performances. Some of his appearances in albums happened even in 1995.


He was interested in music from the earliest age and he always tried to get into this business. He succeeded in this and he started to work for Bad Boys Records. He started his professional career in music in 1990. He was mainly the producer and he also used to write songs.

However, he started to collaborate with Sean combs, who was the owner. Sean got involved in Stevie’s work and helped him in the production in various projects related to bad Boys Records. Stevie decided to try himself in a musical world and he decided to record an album which he did and he named it Only You, and it was made for R&B quartet 112.

Collaboration with others

As we have already mentioned, Stevie is not only involved in records business in his company. He is also very active in collaboration and working with other musicians, some of whom are very famous. Let’s just mention that he worked with Mariah Carey. We should also add that he was intensely and closely involved in the preparation of Mariah Carey’s album which got the nomination for the Grammy Award.

He was involved in the production of several songs from this album, including Honey, Babydoll, and I Still Believe. He also continued to work on his solo career and he made a song in 2001 called Let Me Blow Ya Mind, which was actually a hit. He also collaborated with Hernandez, considered to be the best duo in the hip-hop business. Apart from this, he also worked with Lie Wayne, Young Jeezy, Missy Elliott, B.I.G., Diddy, etc.

TV career

As we have said, he is also a TV personality, he started this in 2012 on VH1 in the reality called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The reality series is based on him, his relationship with his girlfriend and his friends. We should also mention that he was the producer and main host of The Wedding that was aired in 2015.


There have been many recognitions of his work and his collaborative work with others, some of which have been mentioned earlier. For example, the work on Mariah Carey’s album that got Grammy Award nomination. He also was involved in the BET Hip Hop Award in 2014. Apart from these, there are numerous TV realities and appearances that he produced and was involved in, such as Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood, this was a reality in away.

Net worth

As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be bigger than 5 million USD. This money mostly comes from his work as a producer, songwriter, but also from his songs and appearances in TV serials and reality shows. But the vast majority of this money comes from working in Bad Boys Records. We should also mention that the collaboration with other artists did not get him only recognition, this also helped him to earn a lot of money, and he still profits from this.

Stevie J

Stevie is a very creative and resourceful person so he always finds different ways to make some new projects that make him even more famous and that bring him more money.

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