Best YouTube Channels for Classical Music

Online technology has changed our lives in many ways. Of course, the biggest changes of all are visible in the way how we communicate. You can now chat with people from all over the world from the comfort of your room. Despite that, the way how people make money has changed as well. People have the option to make earnings in different ways and even start an online business. Freelancing and online entrepreneurship are becoming more and more popular option. They are a great alternative to 9-5 jobs.

Because of these changes, some platforms are gaining massive popularity in all parts of the world. That especially counts when we talk about YouTube. It is a platform where you can find content associated with a wide range of topics. Despite that, it is also a great way to earn money and improve your financial stability. The number of people that are starting their YouTube channel is growing as well.

In this article, we will focus more on people that are big supporters of classical music. More precisely, we will highlight the best YouTube channels for classical music.

Classical music is not something you can hear on every corner. However, we can all agree it is relaxing music that reminds us of our history. The list we prepared for you is great for those people that want to actively enjoy that music genre. On the other hand, these channels can serve as a great inspiration for people that love to play classical music.

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After we explained everything, let’s get to the point. Let’s find out together all the classical music YouTube channels that can serve as an inspiration. If you don’t plan to become a Youtuber, you will also find the right places where you can enjoy classical music.

Classical Music11


We will start with one Youtube channel that comes from the United Kingdom. All the content you can find there is dedicated to classical music and its fans. The purpose of the channel is not only to satisfy the requirements of older people. Despite that, you should know that the creator of the channel also wants to educate the younger generations, and show them how classical music can be fantastic.

There are different types of content you will probably like. For instance, there are a lot of “best of” videos as well as symphonies, compilations, and concertos. There is probably a good reason why the channel manages to remain successful for almost seven years.

Indian Music Art


Classical music may be more characteristical for the European part of the world. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find its traces in other parts of the world. Indian Music Art is a true example of that. Different music teachers are playing classical music there. The content can be great for those that plan to improve their skills.

The channel exists since August 2016, and, since then, the visitors can find a new video each day. We are sure the same routine is going to continue this year.

Brilliant Classics


Brilliant Classics is one of the oldest Youtube channels on our list. With almost nine years of good reputation, it deserves to be on our list. You will manage to see many historic recordings of classical music there. However, for those that want to follow the trends, you will also get the chance to hear some of the brand new classical sounds.

This YouTube channel confirms something that many people do not know. Classical music is still popular among some groups of people. They are publishing that type of songs even today. We are sure the songs you hear there will make you even happier.

Classical Music Online


The United States of America can offer a wide range of music genres. However, it is not a secret there are no many places where you can hear classical music. One of the channels that deserve your attention is Classical Music Online. The channel attracts thousands of people each day for almost eight years.

If you are looking to find short-form videos, keep in mind you won’t find them there. All the videos you can find on the Classical Music Online channel are long-play, and they share the music of almost all classical music legends. For instance, you will hear Mozart’s, Beethoven’s, Chopin’s, and Vivaldi’s songs the most. The purpose of the channel is to relax young adults while studying their lessons. Despite that, it can also serve as good assistance for those that have a problem with lack of concentration.

Classical Music/Reference Recording


Another YouTube channel from Europe that deserves your attention comes from France. When we talk about this channel, it started sharing videos in December 2014. It is not one of those YouTube channels that share content every day. However, you will manage to enjoy 10 or 11 videos each month. In other words, the creator of the channel shares classical music once in three days.

Best Classical Music


If you are looking for classical orchestral, piano, and violin music, visiting Best Classical Music would be the right choice. It is a perfect place to visit when you need something that will boost your concentration. Because of that, most of the visitors are younger people that want to improve their memorization while studying. They can do that by listening to some of the greatest composers of all time like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.

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