How To Get Freelance Work As A HTML CSS Developer

Welcome to the IT world! Many people think that freelancing is a huge opportunity and incredible income. But to achieve such results, it takes time and a clear plan of action. Let’s say you’ve already learned how to develop using HTML / CSS program languages, created your portfolio, and chosen freelance work instead of working in an office. And now you may have a question where to look for a job and in general where to start the chosen path of a freelancer. So I wrote this article which is called ‘How To Get Freelance Work As A HTML CSS Developer’ in order to discuss these issues. Read on and discover something new and interesting!

Experienced freelancers hardly ever look for orders because they have already developed a client base. Newbies don’t have that luxury, so they either have to look for work in forums, with friends or on social networks, or go to the freelance (labour) exchange. The first three options are more difficult and less secure, because no one guarantees that the customer will not hide with your code without paying. The freelance platform takes this responsibility upon itself. Freelance exchanges are special platforms where customers and performers gather. The former lay out tasks and promise money for their completion, while the latter offer their services. For example, a client needs a plugin for a website and leaves his order on the platform, and freelancers who are ready to fulfill it respond to the order. The customer looks at the applications, goes to the profiles, evaluates the portfolio and chooses the one he likes best. If you are chosen, the client will write to discuss the details of the work and the way of cooperation. In total, there are 3 main options:

  • Work through the freelance platform. This is the safest way, because the money is frozen in the customer’s account, and then transferred to the contractor if the task is completed successfully. In addition, there is a rating that rises after each project. The higher it is, the more willing new clients will be to trust. The customer can also leave a positive review – this will increase the chances of finding interesting offers faster. If something goes wrong, you can apply to arbitration – then the administration of the exchange will consider your application and protect your interests. Unless, of course, you are trying to deceive anyone. The main disadvantage of this method is that you have to give part of the money as a commission for the freelance exchange services.
  • Direct work with the client. You exchange contacts with the client and discuss all issues directly. This way you can negotiate faster, and you don’t have to share money. However, there will be no protection either. Of course, you can take an advance payment or conclude a contract, but this does not always save you from fraud (more on that below).
  • Open an individual entrepreneur or get a job in the state. You can register as an individual entrepreneur and cooperate with customers as a legal entity. Or you can get a job with a customer as a full-time remote employee and work until you finish the project.

When you have decided on the working conditions and other formalities, you can proceed to the assignment. Follow test items to avoid confusion. And if difficulties arise, ask the customer’s opinion, he will help with the questions that have arisen. Try to take a responsible approach to work and deliver projects on time – not only your salary depends on this, but also your business reputation.

An important step in freelancing is creating a profile on the platform. Let’s say you have already selected a freelance exchange. Now you need to fill out the profile correctly – here will be general tips that are suitable for most sites. First of all, look at how experienced developers with a high rating do it: find out what unites them, what are the differences, what they write about themselves, what photo they put in their profile. Level up with the best freelance developers.

  • Profile photo. Choose a good quality profile photo. It is good that you were on it, but not at a party with friends, but in some more businesslike form. Don’t add too formal a photo, but don’t try to stand out too much – it’s better to strike a balance here.
  • Key skills. If there is such a field, do not hesitate to fill it out completely. Choose your most important skills – in our case, it is HTML CSS development and so on. Don’t waste this space on describing skills like creating variables.
  • Profile description. Describe your positives, but don’t get carried away – no one wants to read your odes. Try to write concisely and accurately so that the client can quickly find out what you can do. No need to use florid constructions or add lyrical digressions like “Hi! My name is Alex. A year ago I decided to switch from Windows to Mac and fell in love, so now I am writing interface code thinking about my favorite Mac …”. Think about the comfort of your potential customers. They read dozens, if not hundreds, of profile descriptions a day. With this volume, non-informative texts are simply closed.
  • Pick up high-quality screenshots of your work and write a short but useful description – what the program does, what technologies you used, and so on. If possible, upload multiple files. Be sure to add a link to your GitHub repository.

How to search for orders on the platform? Tasks can be searched both in the general feed and by keywords. For example, by keywords you will find orders for HTML / CSS development. Most freelance exchanges allow you to specify your services and prices for them so that customers can find you. After choosing a project, read the description and the test assignment, if any. Read all attachments carefully, and then leave a response. Try not to use templates – it’s better to write the most personalized messages. This will show that you are really familiar with the task and can handle it – it will add you a few points compared to other performers. If you don’t have experience yet, you can write about it – some customers will agree to take a newbie who will drop the price a little. But do not get carried away, because you are unlikely to enjoy working for a pittance. And the longer you do this, the harder it is psychologically to ask for a higher salary later.

How to work effectively on freelance? At first, you can take cheap orders – the main thing is that you are interested in fulfilling them and that you can improve your skills in HTML / CSS development. Always try to write the best code, even if you feel like you have to pay more for it, so you gain experience and get a reputation as a good specialist. Armed with this knowledge, you will most likely still successfully hit a few deadlines, but this happens in all areas. After completing the assignment, you can ask for feedback or permission to add the project to the portfolio.


How can a freelancer protect himself from fraudsters? Sometimes you can come across fraudsters, so you need to be able to distinguish them from normal customers. You need to know how to get the job done and get paid for it, or at least prevent the customer from using your project for free. First of all, remember that you can work without prepayment only under a contract or with an old client with whom you have known for a long time. Many freelancers divide work into 3-4 parts. For example, they get a third of the amount and do a third of the project and then do the rest. This way you can minimize the risk of fraud: even if you are deceived, you will only lose part of the money.

One of the most popular freelance platforms is Upwork. Many people think of this site when they say “freelance for programmers”. The acclaimed English-speaking Upwork attracts performers as a fashion boutique for women. Everything on this platform is pretty standard, but the competition is very high, and you need to sensibly compare your capabilities with the price you set. It is difficult to keep a balance, and it is the overpriced (or even understated) price that can scare off the customer. As a beginner, try to take orders with fixed prices: there are more chances, because hourly pay is suitable for more advanced users with decent portfolios.


Freelancing can really be a joy if you get the right approach to promotion and self-organization. Try to comply with the terms of reference and deadlines, otherwise you will feel disgusting. And do not forget that you cannot establish yourself on freelance once and then be the best among thousands of developers all your life. You will have to invest all the time in promotion and self-development to be in demand. You will also find that self-organization, budgeting and time management are just as important as your professional skills in HTML / CSS development. If you have not yet received the necessary set of skills and have not created a portfolio, take online courses, watch tutorials, read IT blogs. This way you will learn everything a developer needs to know about HTML / CSS. Get one of the most demanded professional at Thanks for reading an article ‘How To Get Freelance Work As A HTML CSS Developer’!

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