How do You Predict Consumer Demands by Dynamics 365 Certification?

Microsoft certified dynamics 365- customer service consultant associate certifications

With the advancing world there has been a drastic variation in the field of technology and for every part of it a certification is required, dynamic 365 provides seven certifications which are at a level of associates. We have tried our best to give you a complete overview of the certifications and their details and to prepare for the exams which are required to pass to get success. Certs House has given a complete supervised guide on it.

Provided certifications


There is a fundamental certification which is very essential and its exam is also very important to pass. Then there are seven more optional associate certifications which are depending on the applicant and how they want to attempt it.

  1. Sales and functional consultant
  2. Marketing functional guide
  3. Customer service functional consultant
  4. Field service functional consultant
  5. Financial functional guide
  6. Manufacturing functional consultant
  7. Supply chain management functional guide

Customer service


Dynamics 365 CRM has many latest implementations in diverse industry areas. Almost all kinds of organizations have it. It helps everyone posted and supports you in customer support and marketing. It also includes clever robotic representatives and perspectives on customer support to boost shortcomings. The programs that are client are far less expensive. Just about every organization wants CRM globally to operate and its various plans for each market operation provide a holistic approach to operate in a safe environment. Consumer Support offers an analysis of the history of user experiences, user habits and related details, which helps agents to communicate on a daily basis with clients. Customer Care Directs trends 365 which provides the agents with important knowledge across their client contact. It also offers third-party program details or properties. Dynamics 365’s branded customized experience has helped you to view your account records and find solutions to your consumer queries on your own. By providing information such as coding, authorization and suggestions, the agents will provide a high-class service. Processes that allow your staff or agents to instantly contact or answer to consumers via SMS or built-in intelligence services via cellular text messaging. If you pass the exam you will get outstanding skills which are.

  • Track client complaints in situations and document all case-related experiences.
  • In the skill set, you can split data and build queues to the right networks.
  • You will use this qualification to build and document service level agreements (SLAs).
  • You can monitor profitability and effectiveness through reporting and dashboards as a Dynamics 365 for Customer Support Consultancy.

The certification will help you gain skills in the best way possible and they will also be very effective in so many ways. Users can learn about each function for client service when receiving the credential. The credential enables one to incorporate Omni channel technologies based on performance, pricing, convergent validity.

Requirements of the test


No basic requirements are required for you. You only have to pass the MB-200 test and MB-230, but the Dynamics 365 fundamentals definition has been approved for improved training. Your training will also assist with awareness of manufacturing terms, goals, collaborative projects, guidelines, methodologies and best practices. You need to be aware of the role of Customer Service in the Dynamics 365 suite. Since completing both MB-200 and MB-230, you will be accredited as a customer support advisor. Two qualification examinations are required and each of them must be passed. You will gain this credential at Dynamics 365’s standard.

Both MB-200 and MB-230 examinations range in costs in multiple regions and are accessible on Microsoft’s official websites. Price levels are dependent on the location. Until scheduling, you should therefore look at the price. Users will then prepare the tests at the authorized Microsoft examination website after checking the cost.

Reappearing in the exam in case of failure


The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) policy says that you can re appear in the examination five times annually. You have to wait for at least 24 hours before resuming the two tests if you do not pass in the initial attempt. The third, fourth and fifth attempts shall be imposed on 14 days of pending. Regrettably, you have to wait annually for the test to take again if you miss the fifth time.

How to prepare the both tests for certification


We are providing the best material for the preparation of the exams. You must consult original and updated versions of exam dumps which have all the exam questions which might come in the real exam, our material is updated frequently and the results from using our practice material are perfect and the reviews of customers are perfect.


It is the most credible form of test preparation. Microsoft has given a detailed website on planning. You can learn skills that are assessed in tests. The official pages would offer users a rundown of all abilities. You will also explain your definition of this position.

Further working


In addition to the training, your participation in the discussion groups will help you solve your questions about both tests. Those who took the test will take part in these forums. As an assessment applicant, you may ask the questions about your training from these qualified professionals. We also have practice exam software which will further improve your stance on preparing the test in excellent ways. You will be able to keep a track of your preparation as well and improve mistakes. Microsoft learning delivers independent, instructional and training-led training. This will work with you to create because it has the instructor-led exercise feature. It encourages you to ask the teacher directly about your questions. Furthermore, in person or online, you will attend the live lessons.


Everyone wants to make their position stronger in their career and open further parts for promotions and developments. All enterprises require some experts who are strong in some technical service providing fields and passing these certifications will make you one of those experts but you should do your best and prepare the best for the test so that you clear the test and get success in the first attempt of the test and be a source of betterment and improvement for you organizational.

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