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Ian Hecox Net Worth 2024 – Famous American YouTube Star

Ian Hecox is one of the most famous American YouTube stars. He has his own channel named ‘Smosh’, which he founded together with his good friend, Anthony Padilla. His channel really has impressive statistics with a huge 22 million subscribers making it the current fourth channel on the list by the number of subscribers. Everyone who follows his work knows that Ian is a very nice guy whose YouTube channel features very interesting and funny video content.

You’re probably wondering how much is the net worth of this popular internet person. You will find out this in the following text that we prepared for you, as well as details about his personal life and his so far career in which he managed to build a great name in the world of YouTube. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life


The full name of this YouTube star is Ian Andrew Hecox and he was born on November 30, 1987. He grew up with his parents in California, USA. His father is Stephan Andrew, and his mother is Sharon Hecox. Otherwise, everyone who subscribed to Ian’s channel had the opportunity to see his parents in several clips. He has a sister whose name is Melissa Hecox.


Ian attended Del Campo High School, and there he met his future collaborator and co-founder of their common Smosh channel. The two of them together put video content on today’s very popular channel. After high school, Ian attended the American River College, but in a short period, as he quickly decided that he wanted to grow a YouTube career. After that, related Smosh Games and Smosh 2nd Channel channels were created.


As far as his love life is concerned, Ian was dating Melanie Moat from 2007 to 2014, who also used to be YouTuber and had her channel called Mostly Melanie. They broke up in 2014, and from the following 2015, Ian has been in a relationship with Pamela Horton.


Although you may think that Ian started his career on YouTube, because, logically, he is an Internet personality, he actually uploaded the first content to Smosh.com. His friends from the school were following these videos, so he along with Anthony Padilla decided to upload clips to the popular platform-YouTube.

That’s how the popular Smosh channel has been created, which has a very impressive statistics from its creation until today. The channel has more than 22 million subscribers, as well as a bunch of video hours.

As we said, this successful duo was later launched several related YouTube channels such as Smosh France, Smosh pit, Smosh games and Elsmosh. In addition to standard videos, Ian has been involved in projects such as Smosh: The Movie and Ghostmates, and The Angry Birds movie where his voice is used.

To make their subscribers more access to their content, Anthony and Ian created the iShut Up App which provided easy access to their channels and videos. Unfortunately, the very successful collaboration of two great friends ended in 2017 when Anthony decided to form his own YouTube channel and separate from Smosh.

Achievements and Awards

During their co-operation, Ian and Anthony were nominated for a lot of awards, but they are also winners of numerous prizes.

They were nominated for Streamy Awards, Annual shorty awards, Teen choice awards as well as Webby Awards. They won these awards several times. For example, the first prize was the YouTube award in 2006, followed by the Social Star Award 2013, the Streamy Award and Shorty Award 2014 as well as the Webby Award in 2016. Also, Ian recently added another Streamy award to his rich collection, but now for Live and Gaming.

Net Worth of Ian Hecox


Considering the fact that Ian Hecox’s career lasts for over 10 years, it’s impossible not to think about the net worth of this famous YouTube personality. Well, his net worth was estimated at $10.5 million and he got all this wealth through his hard work. Given his great talent, Ian’s channel will continue to grow in the coming years certainly more and more and will attract even more subscribers.

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