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Leafyishere Net Worth 2024 – Famous YouTube Comedian

Leafyshere is a famous YouTube comedian, known throughout the Internet community. His YouTube channel is called “Leafy is here”, which mainly focuses on video games, and reactions and covers of popular Internet news and drama. Read on to learn more about his life, work, and net worth.

Early Life and Biography


Calvin Lee Vail was born on August 18, 1993, in Utah, USA. He had a tough upbringing because of his parents, who had addiction problems. His father even killed himself, which left a mark on him. Different challenges and problems plagued his childhood, but he managed to get out of it all.


The YouTuber has tried to hide his personal life as much as possible from the eyes of fans, media cameras, and various social media. His personal information is limited, as nobody knows where he went to high school or college. He started his channel in 2012, and gained popularity in both Europe and USA.



Throughout the abuse he endured, he looked find refuge in videos and games. These helped him make it through the day and escape his hard life. His first video was the gameplay of Minecraft, one of the most popular games today. Vail also managed his own ParaPVP server.


At the moment, he has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, as his videos are entertaining in their own unique way. He has been uploading regularly since the start of his channel. He gained the most fame and recognition in 2016, thanks to the video “The Saddest Man on YouTube”.

It features reactions to the videos of another YouTuber called Mr. Black Darkness 666, who deals with cyberbullying, harassment, and depression. Leafy also became famous thanks to other YouTubers reacting to his videos, including the guy from the said channel, which means more views and a wider reach.

Net Worth


Currently, his estimated net worth is around $1 million, generated exclusively through his channel. Like other YouTubers, he gains money from YouTube as the company, as well as from ads on his videos. He is an individual who turned his hard life around in an interesting way, and deserves praise for that.

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