10 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube videos are full of useful content for any viewer. If you like science, you can learn a lot by watching science-related video content and listening to experts from your favorite field of study to speak. If you like fashion and makeup, there’s no better educational resource than this platform.

After all that watching, you might be wondering how to create a YouTube channel yourself. As long as you have interesting stuff to share with the audience, people will watch your content.

Research is the first step to success. You’ll have to watch your favorite videos and analyze them. Visit this tutorial to see how you can download those videos, so the analytical process will be easier. When you’re ready to learn how to start a YouTube channel, you can follow our tips to success.

Tips: How to Start a YouTube Channel


Do you know how many videos are on YouTube? We don’t even have that info. On average, 500 hours of content are uploaded per minute. New videos get published all the time, and people watch them. This says a lot about the popularity of the video blogging culture nowadays. Everyone is thinking: “I know a lot about this topic, so I can start my YouTube channel to educate others!”

But a huge number of videos means a lot of competition. That’s why you’ll need to go through a preparation process, so you’ll learn how to create a YouTube channel and make it popular. We have a few important tips to share:

1. Don’t Waste Time


Having YouTube channel ideas at the back of your mind is one thing. Taking specific steps to accomplish is another. If you want to learn how to start a YouTube channel, make the first steps today!  There are many useful resources online (like this one), there are even YouTube videos and channels that are dedicated to helping you start your own channel.

2. Figure Out How the Platform Works

Knowing how many videos are on YouTube is not the essential info you need. You should focus on more important knowledge: how do people get popular on the platform? To get the answer to this question, you will have to research the best performing YouTube channels and see how you can apply what they do to your work.

Another important thing to know is how the platform’s algorithm works. You won’t get definite answers, since no one knows them. But popular YouTubers have great tips to share and there are other resources that can help your videos reach the right people.

3. Find Your Focus


You can’t start publishing random video content. Finding your focus is essential. Find something you’re good at, and get better! If you are good at baking, share baking tutorials and recipes, if you’re a mechanic, share explainer videos about your projects.

Don’t become satisfied with the knowledge that you already have, though, learn as much as possible, so you’ll always have something new to share with others. You want your audience to see you as an expert at what you do.

4. Invest in Equipment

The channels that start with videos filmed with smartphones don’t have many chances to get popular. Even if you’re a beginner, you need solid equipment to produce high-quality content. Invest in a good microphone, camera, and light settings. You do not need to get the most expensive gadgets. Getting good quality second-hand items is the best way to save money.  Depending on your skill level and the type of content you want to make, you can invest in either a compact video camera, a DSLR camera, or an action/sports camera.

5. Choose Editing Software


You don’t have to go fully professional here. Advanced software is hard to use. Start with something simpler, but make sure you get enough features to produce great content. Some of the best video editing programs on the market include Wondershare Filmora9, Adobe Premiere Rush, and VideoProc. Then, take your time to experiment with the program. You’ll get better with practice.

6. Make a Script

When you start talking without a plan, you’re likely to make awkward pauses. These pauses will not make you sound confident. Not sounding sufficiently confident will make you come across as untrustworthy and nervous, something that you don’t need, especially if you run a knowledge-sharing channel.

You can still be natural if you have a script. Write bullet points of things that you want to cover. Knowing how to maintain the logical flow within a video is essential to starting a YouTube channel.

7. Focus on a Target Audience


Determine the demographic, gender, and other characteristics of your target audience. This will help you research their needs and likes. For example, you can choose to target American men who are sports fans by creating content that is based mostly around the NFL, NBA, and NHL. You’ll be able to choose relevant topics and adjust your style according to their needs.

8. Plan Your Posting Schedule

You need a strategy that fits into your daily activities. If you’re not able to sustain a daily posting schedule, don’t start a daily vlog. Make a publishing plan that fits your schedule. If you have a full-time job, you can try working on your content in the evenings and then post it on the weekend. Then, do your best to stick to it. If your viewers know when to check your channel for new videos, it will become a routine to them.

9. Have a Marketing Strategy


Knowing how to create a YouTube channel is not enough. You need a strategy so your audience will find those videos. SEO will become part of your work, so learn as much as possible about it. You should also plan how you’ll promote your channel via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you already have followers on another platform, they are highly likely to subscribe to your channel if you market it correctly.

10. Learn All about Analytics

Do you hate analytics? You should learn how to love them. They will help you make your channel popular. YouTube gives you detailed analytics on the performance of your channel that contains information like how much time people spend watching your videos and who watches them. You should check the current click-through rates and compare them for different videos. If certain types of videos do better, you will have to make more videos around that topic or those shot in a certain way.

Starting a YouTube channel is easy. Making it popular is a matter of consistency, skill, and persistence. Are you willing to give what it takes?

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