8 Proven Customer Loyalty Programs That Work

Not that long ago, many of us had only a few cards in our wallets, personal ID card, driver’s license, and eventually credit card, but nowadays, there are dozens of them and there is not enough space in the wallet to keep them in order. Those new cards are various kinds of gift cards or loyalty cards of certain supermarkets, cosmetic shops and salons, bookstores, etc. But why do people collect all these cards? Is it only for no particular reason, because they were offered by the salesman or it really can bring some benefits? It can be both, but most probably, the correct answer is the second one, benefits. Collect points during every purchase, get a discount on certain products, a realization of every fifth service free of charge, buy two articles and the third one is for free and so on. The line is too long to name every possible benefit of the loyalty card.

What is a loyalty card?


According to our research, many companies, no matter what branch, developed the loyalty program by offering to customers loyalty cards. The focus is on customer retention, but also to attract new ones. This program also increases revenue by at least 5-10%. An interesting fact is that loyalty program members buy more frequently.

We made a list of Top 8 proven customer loyalty programs that work:

  • Supermarkets – every bigger supermarket already has a loyalty club. There are various options on how to get some benefit from it. In some of them, customers are collecting a certain number of points during every purchase and when they collect a specific number, they become converted into the money. In another, they have a discount on the overall purchase or a specific product. The discount is usually 5-10%.
  • Another activity that also offers the convenience of using a loyalty card is a beauty and spa center. Women enjoy spending time in such places. They want to look nourished for themselves and their partners. Skincare, nails, massages, depilation, eyebrow plucking are only some of the services they offer. So, what is more, attractive than getting every 5th treatment for free when you need it anyway? Also, there is no better present for every woman than a gift card in a cosmetic store. Mascara, perfume, hand cream, face cream, eyeliner, lipstick, no woman in the world who would say she doesn’t need any of it. A discount of 30% on mascara of a particular manufacturer sounds very good plus some extra points you got for your next purchase because you bought shampoo and micellar water while standing in the line.
  • Hairdressing salon – this is even more useful and practical for men, having in mind that an average man visits a hairdresser at least once per month. Despite that, women are the ones who use these benefits. One of the ways hairdressers operate with loyalty cards is by putting a stamp for every hairstyle they make. Every 5th haircutting can be for free if you show your card filled with stamps.
  • The same idea can be applied to the car wash. People want to keep their four-wheel-pet shiny and clean. To accomplish that, it demands washing at least once in 10 days. every 5th or even 10th car wash with no charge is more than welcome.
  • Food delivery is very popular in every place. Restaurants offer good and fast service, in only 20 minutes they deliver the ordered food. Some of them like to reward their regular customers by offering an extra portion-if you order two pancakes, third is for free, or if you order a hamburger and salad, you will get an extra soda.
  • Vehicle registration is expensive, but inevitable to do. Get your loyalty card and for every next registration use a bigger discount.
  • By offering a discount on the books of a specific publisher can also be a good idea. Booklovers will be thrilled. Some bookstores got to an idea not to charge delivery costs if a buyer orders via the internet.
  • Last, but not least are games. Yes, you heard me well. If you like playing games, why shouldn’t you combine pleasure and benefit! If you are a great fan of games, this is a good option for you. Get yourself a loyalty card of your favorite game provider and start your journey into the world of games and luxury. Various games of chance can be found on the internet. That could be a good way to have some fun, but also to earn. Many game sites offer a discount or even better – a bonus for the game. If you are willing to invest a higher amount, your deposit can be doubled thanks to bonuses. Also, there are two opportunities to play online and offline. But, of course, there are some terms and conditions: minimum deposit is defined, every new member has the right to use a welcome bonus, which will probably expire within 30 days if not used. The bonus also depends on the chosen game. In some games, bonus serves as the way to make progress through the stages, while in others it can be a good chance to make a profit. Slot and table games and casinos can bring you a little empire.

Betting on most games will contribute to fulfilling certain requirements, although some games contribute more than others. There is also a limit on how much money you can invest per spin.

In some games, a bonus will not make you money but will take to the bonus stage which will make game playing more exciting.

Using bonus means to win two times more than the bonus is in table games and video poker before you go back to slot machines to complete betting requirements can bring you to blocking and even closing your account.

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