10 Modern Embassy & Consulate Buildings

When it comes to buildings, a beautifully designed structure can always catch your eye. There are so many buildings across the world with marvellous architectural designs. But, when you consider embassies and consulate buildings, beauty is the last thing we expect. However, despite the expectation for them to look dull and boring, some embassies are designed to be masterpieces of architecture. Here are some of the most picturesque modern embassies and consulate buildings across the world.

1. Embassy of Germany in Oman


This beautiful white building which is built according to the traditional Omani style is located in the Diplomatic area of Muscat. The first thing you come across when you arrive here is the lush date palm trees which line the road. And, right in the middle, there is a gorgeous water fountain.

As for the building itself, it is designed with vertical stripes of windows with mashrabiya, which is a traditional shading screen in Oman. And, the building doesn’t let down in its interior design as well. The common area which is open to the public is based on traditional Omani majlis or places where people gathered. The unique interior is dominated by very laid-back carpets and beautiful lighting through the ceiling. Inside the embassy, there is the chancellery building as well as the ambassador’s residence.

2. Embassy of Egypt in Portugal


The Egypt embassy is located in a residential area in Restelo. This embassy is an interesting modern representation of Egyptian culture and history both inside and outside. The building is in the middle of the tight land, and inside, there is a clear separation of public areas and areas that are closed to the public.

Looking at the building from outside, you’d first notice the uniquely patterned walls. These patterns are a direct painting of ancient Egyptian geometric motifs. These walls are interrupted at intervals by windows and balconies.

The entire interior is made of timber panels and concrete. The use of these vertical timber looks striking against the white concrete and adds warmth as well. The embassy also gets ample light through the intricately patterned ceiling. As the ceiling is patterned, when the sun is up, you can see kaleidoscopic shadows all over the floor.

3. Embassy of Canada in the Netherlands


The Canadian embassy in the Netherlands is situated in The Hague. This place is known for its 19th-century historical buildings. While the Canadian embassy has been expanded and renovated, it still carries this vibe, although more inclined towards American architectural styles. This combination of American and Palladian architecture makes it all more interesting.

There are two buildings of this Canadian embassy. The new and the old building are both made in a consistent style and are connected by a corridor. This corridor is enclosed with glass walls to make it as transparent as possible.

4. Embassy of North Korea in the UK


This embassy is located in the suburban district in West London. This detached house has 7 bedrooms and is one of the few embassies to be located away from other central diplomatic areas in the city. This house, which was reportedly bought for 1.3 million euros, is a charming house located at the corner of a junction. Its dark roof and red walls add a homely appearance making this one of the most beautiful embassies ever.

5. Embassy of Croatia in Australia


The Croatian embassy in Australia is in an urban house located in the Canberra region. This house is located on a hill overlooking the valley and is almost like a castle. It features a cylindrical structure with a cone-like roof. There are high windows at intervals, and the building looks impressively attractive from a distance. The lawn area is beautifully maintained, as well. The most prominent structure in the garden is the statue of Vila Velebita who watches over the valley.

6. Embassy of France in Haiti


This embassy naturally stands out among other embassies because of its unique circular architectural style. This building has natural ventilation and is built with materials like light steel and wood, which will last against climate effects and other degradation, providing the longevity and security needed for the embassy.

In the middle of the ring-like structure, there is a garden. This garden too is the picture-perfect scenery that brings up the modern beauty of the building. The French embassy in Croatia has been inspired by tropical architecture and perfectly blends in the natural beauty of Haiti into its design.

7. Embassy of the Netherlands in Ethiopia


This building is a combination of both Dutch and Ethiopian architecture. It brings out a lot of connotations and references to Ethiopian culture in its design. For example, the walls and ceilings are all painted in red-ochre to resemble the Ethiopian earth. And, more importantly, in the building process of this masterpiece, no rare resources like wood were used extensively. The entire structure is made of concrete. So, there is no need for air conditioning for heat retention or cooling. It is situated in a garden on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. And, the colours used for the exterior of the building makes it appear a natural part of the surroundings.

This embassy does not disappoint with its interior designing as well. The cavern-like interior has been designed according to the traditional Ethiopian rock-hewn style. Inside, the staircases and corridors are small and narrow. The light mainly comes from the shafts in the roof and lamps. A significant feature of the building is the rooftop garden designed to mirror the water landscape of the Netherlands.

8. Embassy of Australia in Indonesia


The Australian embassy located in Jakarta is a very expressive building complex. This is also the largest Australian diplomatic post. So, the Australian government wanted this complex to be a proper representation of the diverse Australian culture. The buildings include a chancery building, the ambassador’s residence, 32 staff accommodation units, medical and recreational facilities.

Each building of the complex uses different elements such as zinc, copper, aluminium, brass, and more from Australia to represent the abundance of natural resources in the country. Moreover, the walls are comprised of irregularly placed windows. These offer ample lighting to the interior and give a unique artistic vibe to the exterior.

The interior design is complex and combines a wide range of colours and textures complementing the exterior design. The central common area is topped by a transparent roof. This allows the flow of natural light at day time. The use of Australian wood gives a warmth to the place. Overall, this is an intricately designed and undeniably gorgeous building complex among all embassies and consulate buildings of the world.

9. Embassy of France in Japan


This embassy of France in Japan has two buildings: one building facing the road, and the other at the back of the site. The two buildings use various methods to conserve energy, including automatic ventilation control systems, flight control systems, and more.

But, the French embassy in Tokyo is known best for its lush green wall. Inspired by natural cliffs, this wall features native Japanese plants. At the top of the wall, there is a rainwater tank. And, when the water is flowing from there, the sound is very pleasant and creates a lovely atmosphere.

10. Embassy of Belgium in Greece


The Belgium Embassy in Athens is an elegant building that used to be a 1960 apartment building. This building has been renovated to improve security and durability. On the outside, the building has a foldable protective screen. What catches a visitors’ eye the most is the light strip illuminated in the colours of Belgium. These colours are reflected on the passageway before the embassy at night time. Inside, the finish is elegant and spacious. This embassy can flexibly host a variety of events and is also protected using bullet-proof glazing, stainless steel, and so on.

Final Words

These 10 buildings are few of the most attractive modern embassies and consulate buildings ever. They combine unique architecture, along with protection and elegance. For all contact details, addresses of various embassies, consulates you could check out’s Embassies Information section.

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