How Did Kidhanma Help People Achieve Their Dreams?

The meaning of life is one of the most ambiguous aspects that continue to be an enigma for many of us. While many examples of spiritual consciousness and self-actualization give the hope of achieving the true potential of life, there is a distinct lack of clarity on the route to achieving the same. Kidhanma, a renowned Amazon bestseller author, has brought a unique solution for readers to find out the best ways to discover their true destiny by thwarting the distractions surrounding them.

More often than not, individuals can achieve the true potential of their lives by focusing on what they do best. However, there are many disruptions in an individual’s life, with some of them being necessary for nature. Kidhanma’s book, “How to Be a Unicorn,” explores the essentials of embracing one’s identity and accepting pride in it.

Achievements of Kidhanma


Kidhanma, the pen name of a German-based author of Iranian descent, Armin Mokhtarinejad, is an inspiration for millions of people worldwide. His book guided readers on discovering their passion in life and pursuing it while excluding their lives’ negativity. Kidhanma has currently removed his bestseller book from Amazon to work on the addition of some new concepts.

He will be launching the book again next month with new perspectives. Also, Kidhanma plans to launch his own YouTube channel and a podcast, with the first podcast episode broadcast planned for December 2024. Kidhanma’s podcast would feature guests who searched for uniquely unconventional approaches for living their lives and achieved success.

The efforts of Kidhanma in his book and his drastically unique viewpoint on life have earned him more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Most importantly, the journey of Kidhanma in becoming the author of an Amazon bestseller is one of inspiration and discovery.

Establishing a Connection with the Life of Readers in His Story


Many of you might be wondering about the difference between Kidhanma’s book and other books on motivation in life and discovering life’s meaning. The answer to your doubts is directly evident in the story of Kidhanma’s life itself. Every creative genius has to go through a complicated routine of self-discovery, which generally deviates from society’s conventions. Kidhanma was no different.

Starting at a very young age, he started inclining towards creative pursuits, unlike the children of his age. When his peers in kindergarten and school engaged in fun, frolic, and routine of formal education, Kidhanma loved to tell stories and create music. The spark of curiosity in him slowly burned bright as he started exploring the domain of martial arts and discovered an undying passion for the same.

Martial arts helped him find discipline in using his creativity to understand the working of the human body with unconventional approaches. As a result, he could use his knowledge of existing martial arts moves and complement them with his creativity to come up with new moves. With time, he also developed an interest in arts. Interestingly, Kidhanma did not let his drawbacks draw to stop his pursuits in collaborating with good artists to realize his thoughts on paper.

Necessary Obstacles in Kidhanma’s Path


Even though Kidhanma was keen on exploring his creative interests further, family responsibilities and expectations did bring him face to face with the realities of life. He had to stand up to his parents’ expectations and their struggle for providing him and his elder brothers with a good life.

The society around him dictated a conventional approach to finding fulfillment in life– going to school, then college, followed by marriage and a well-settled family. Was Kidhanma ready to give up on his creativity for the sake of his parents? For the time being, he did and joined the college to study computer science. As aspiring as Kidhanma was, he started developing websites for local businesses to earn money. Not soon after completing college, he had a promising job with a hefty salary package.

At this time, Kidhanma found himself in an endless loop of working 9 to 5, partying on the weekend, and finding some respite in his passion for martial arts training. One question started troubling Kidhanma the most- Was he supposed to do this for the rest of his life?

A Journey That Changed Lives


Kidhanma took it upon himself to set out on a journey to help him realize his true potential as a creator. He started with creating YouTube videos and also pursued his diverse interests in music, photography, art, and, most important of all, martial arts.

Subsequently, he arrived at the pinnacle of his creativity when he discovered his potential for writing. In the initial stages, he authored many books and used insights from his personal life to create ‘How to Be a Unicorn.’ He communicated his perspective on the role of accepting one’s identity to achieve excellence in life in his book. As a result, his book resonated well with many readers, and he is about to bring some new insights into achieving your dreams with the updated version of his book.

Kidhanma has not only proved his mettle as an author but has also emerged as a source of inspiration for the new generation. The transition of a boy bound to family responsibilities with a knack for creativity into the author of an Amazon bestseller definitely establishes new benchmarks of success for many readers all over the world. Rather than perceiving financial or material achievements as the true goals of one’s life, Kidhanma teaches people about the wonders one could achieve with a dedication towards the discovery of their self. Although his journey till now is one of its kind among many motivational fables, Kidhanma continues his dedication and commitment towards his passion for creativity. Apart from the creation of a successful book, Kidhanma plans to expand his views to a larger audience through podcasts and his YouTube channel. The initiatives of Kidhanma clearly establish the feasibility of numerous possibilities through which people can strive for their identity and dreams. Kidhanma aims at bringing people together to share experiences on finding the key to discover their true potential in life through his podcast and other digital initiatives. With the arrival of writers like Kidhanma sharing contemporary thoughts on achieving true self-actualization in life, a new era definitely awaits to dawn!

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