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How Did I Sell My Mobile? 5 Best Ways To Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

Selling a mobile phone is not as simple as selling a dining table or a chest of drawers. There are many attributes associated with selling an old mobile phone. According to one of the mobile phone recycling companies like Rapid Phone Buyer, more than 65 point test on every single mobile phone is done before they purchase any device and if there is any problem with the mobile phone the quotation is slashed as the mobile phone is considered as a faulty or broken mobile phone rather than a mobile phone which is in the working state.

Below there are five different ways by which you can sell your mobile phone and make sure that you are paid the highest amount possible for your old mobile phone.

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Recently, I planned to clear my wardrobe and found out that there was one laptop and a mobile phone from 2013 which I do not use anymore and there is no chance I will be needing them anytime soon. So, I decided to conduct detailed research to find out which place is the best place to sell all of my devices at the highest possible price. Well, out of my surprise there is no one place where I could sell all of those devices at a decent price. I did try taking my devices to CeX but the offer price wasn’t what I was expecting.

Most of the normal people think that they can only use the internet to buy stuff as far as e-commerce is concerned but the matter of the fact is that there are a lot many companies which are willing to buy your old gadgets and they pay you quite a handsome amount for it. Although you have to make sure that those devices have not become absolute and due to advancements in technology there are no buyers for them.

My research also found out that the condition your devices are in and their age matters a lot when you try to sell them. But without a doubt, you can generate a decent amount of cash by recycling your old gadgets.

 The best place to sell your gaming console and laptop

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According to my research, the best way to sell your gaming console is through the Facebook marketplace. Buying a used gaming console from the internet is never safe. Most of the customers who want to buy a gaming console would like to watch it working. You can always put a Facebook marketplace ad that is absolutely free and people will contact you.

There’s always somebody who’s looking for an old gaming console for their kids. Selling on the Facebook marketplace can be tricky as well, the Facebook marketplace is always local to the community if you live in a big city and there are too many sellers trying to get rid of the old gaming consoles you might not be able to sell it for a decent amount of money.

However, you can leave it for a couple of days and see how the response is. Due to any reason if you fail to sell it through the Facebook marketplace you can always use CeX and other stores like that to sell your gaming console. The laptops have lost their charm and due to advancements in mobile phones, not a lot many people use laptops as they use to in the past but you can use the Facebook marketplace to sell your old laptop.

Although the process of selling your gadgets to the Facebook marketplace can be lengthy and time-consuming but still it’s worth giving it a try. If you’re in a rush and do not want to get into any hassle of selling your old devices you can always take them to a local mobile phone shop or maybe CeX to sell them for instant cash.

Best place to sell your old mobile phone

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People are a lot more spectacle when it comes to buying mobile phones online. There are so many fake iPhones and Android mobile phones available in the market, above all no mobile phone can be tested in just a few minutes. Unlike other Gadgets mobile phones can be blocked and made useless hence selling any mobile phones through the Facebook marketplace is never easy.

According to my research selling an old mobile phone to a mobile phone recycling company is much easier and hassle-free. Most of the recycling companies even buy broken mobile phones which normally we think do not hold any monetary value.

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