7 Tips And Strategies For Putting An End To Bank Phone Harassment

Banks and other financial institutions are the backbone of any economy. They provide critical services to people, businesses, and organizations. Their role is significant in the regulation of money, and also, you can trust them with your life savings, money management, storing and keeping it, followed by others like the loan and funding requirements.

But that’s not the only thing that banks do. When a bad asset or a loan recovery needs to be made, the banks and banking professionals must do different things to meet the requirements. One thing that they do is do calls from their end to know the payment status, amongst other details. However, if the case worsens, people tend to get harassing calls from Comenity Bank.

Forms Of Bank Harassment


Brank harassment can take different forms. People who witness it are better proof of the same. However, the most common that all people face is the calls that people receive. The professionals are instructed to do these calls. The professionals can be abusive towards the customers; hence, the financial life of a person who needs to pay back the amount can become a nightmare.

The calls can take other forms like messages, threats, legal notices, actions, and verbal abuse; in the worst-case scenario, it can also go up to public shaming.

However, you must understand that banks have the right to take the legal way regarding payment defaulters. However, they cannot use this reason to threaten people and harass them in the name of asking for repayment and outstanding payment clearances. In simple terms, any harassment by bank employees that constitutes a violation of the legal obligation that the banks have to mandatorily abide by falls under the category of harassment.

The people being harassed have the right to resist such things and can take action against them. The sole thing that the banks can do when such a situation arises is that they have to do the tasks assigned to them with proper care, skill, and due diligence.

The people who undergo these issues can follow these tips to help them end bank phone harassment.

Get The Debt-Related Information

The first thing that you should do while dealing with such harassment is that you have to get clarity on the issue. If you are slightly aware, you should get the complete information related to the transaction, the amount of outstanding money, and others. You can contact the bank professionals as they are the right people who will guide you through the process.

You can check the total outstanding amount. Also, you can check your books of accounts and tally everything. It would help if you considered all these things and then decide the process to follow.

Know Your Rights


Even if you are a bank defaulter, you have many rights while dealing with repayment issues. You are an individual and have coverage in the form of defenses available when such issues arise. Harassment is not a solution to anything, and no person deserves to be treated in such a way. Hence, if you are facing telephonic harassment, you have to know your rights. You can use the internet for the same or contact a learned professional.

Collecting Evidence

If you want to file a complaint against your bank on these grounds, you should know that you hold absolute authority to collect evidence to support your claim. You can take screenshots of the calls or record them whenever the person on the call with you begins to abuse or badmouth you. The evidence should be handy so that it can be submitted timely when asked by the people dealing with your claim.

Letter Preparation

You have to inform the bank about the developments, which begins with writing a letter to them. You can mention your views in the letter and also propose a solution. If the bank does not revert or the harassment continues, you can use this letter as proof. Also, you should be ready with a backup as there are chances that this solution does not get accepted or acknowledged.

Professional Communication


If you are abused on the phone, you should not revert to the professionals with the same tone or language. It is incorrect, and if you do it, you lose your chance of getting it stopped through the correct means. Such calls can be dealt with with professionalism and calmness. It can initially look challenging, but you must hold your firm ground.

If you communicate professionally with the professionals and the concerned people, there are chances of a quicker remedy.

Negotiation Can Come Into The Picture

The bank phone harassment comes with an underlined solution in the form of negotiation. It is the art that is carried by different businesses. You can contact the collectors and explain your situation to them. All parties can sit together and conclude that works for each party. It is like arriving at the midway and getting away with the problem. It is a great skill and will benefit you if you gradually master it.

Get In Touch With A Professional

However, if all these things are not working, you should seek help. A rational human can’t know all the things when such an issue arises. However, a professional is a person who has been dealing with such things. They can improve your situation and also add quality to your contention so that your claim is addressed correctly.

The best way to deal with it is by considering this option as your last resort. You can be vocal about the happenings and, at the same time, discuss the possible outcomes.


Gone are the days when you would suppress your rights just because you were at the receiving end. As a bank defaulter, you have many rights that work in your favor. In all cases, banks, or any other person or institution, do not have the right to harass you on any ground. You can invoke your rights and move forward with your claim for the harassment accordingly.

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