9 Tips for Ensuring a Safe and Successful Event From Beginning to End

Big organizations have to organize several events every year. Sometimes the events are meant to serve functions like greater public outreach or brand promotions. At other times events may be a more simple affair like an annual general meeting of the board members of the company. Whatever might be the occasion, ensuring safety and security at the venue is a must.

Most big organizations hire a professional company for event security  management at an event so that everything happens in a safe and sound manner.

What To Do In Order To Ensure Complete Safety For Any Event


1. Assess The Potential Risks

The first thing that you need to do to maintain safety at an event is to assess the potential risk. The risk factors depend on several factors. So if a speaker who is going to speak at the event is known for giving speeches that are resented by a section of society, then you need to be careful.

Apart from this, the nature of the event is such that it can invite the wrath of some sections of people, then you need to be very careful.

However, the threat need not be only from human sources; they can arise from non-human sources as well. So if the venue is located in such a place that is prone to floods and landslides or if it is located close to a site that is known for animal attacks, then you need to beef up security accordingly.

2. Do Background Checks And Have Proper Identity Cards For The People That You Recruit

A large-scale event requires many workers. You will need some people to work as PR personnel; some other people will be required to handle the food or manage the crowd. So you will need to hire a lot of people in order to ensure that all the events happen smoothly.

However, if your recruitment process does not follow due diligence, then that can create loopholes for the entry of miscreants. So you must conduct a thorough background check for any person that you recruit. If you have hired a professional armed security agency to maintain safety at your event, they will do all the background checks on your behalf.

Once all the background checks are done, issue proper identity cards for all your recruits. Identity cards will make sure that random strangers cannot trespass into your event and jeopardize its safety.

It is vital to have a barcode-like system for the identity cards. A barcode will ensure that no person can forge the identity card and gain entry into the venue.

3. Get All The Gadgets That You Need For The Event

You will need walkie-talkie sets, CCTV cameras, aerial drones, metal detectors, and arms for trained personnel, depending upon the magnanimity of the event.

4. Protect The Entry And Exits

Ensure that all the entry and exit points to the venue are well-guarded by security personnel. You might want some security personnel to be present in plain clothes. Personnel in plain clothes can easily mix with the crowd, and thus they are the most suited to keep a check without causing any panic.

5. Take Care Of Cyber Security


Most major events have provisions for the free use of WiFi. It is very important that the WiFi does not become a potent source of malware for all those who wish to use the service.

Thus it is vital to focus on technical safety as well. So you should consult a cyber security expert prior to sharing passwords with the crowd present at the event.

6. Prepare Yourself Against Disasters Like Fire

A crowded place that has a lot of electrical equipment is vulnerable to fire hazards. Electrical overloads can lead to short circuits and fire hazards.

Moreover, even a small fire that breaks out at a crowded event can lead to a stampede-like situation. So have proper fire management systems like sand baskets, extinguisher gasses, etc. Apart from this, it is also essential to have a crowd management mechanism.

Have large spaces for safe entry and exit, have proper directions at all places, and have a proper public announcement system so that the public does not have to panic in case of any eventuality.

7. Have An Ambulance And Liaison With A Hospital


Any person in a crowd may need medical assistance. A person may be hurt; some people might be feeling breathless in crowded conditions. So it is vital that you have a liaison with a hospital that is close to the venue of your event.

Also, have a first aid system at the venue and make sure that some of the volunteers know essential first aid techniques like checking respiration rates, giving CPR, etc.

8. Hire Armed Personnel For High-Security Events

Most events may not need security personnel trained in arms, but if you are organizing an event where you will have high-profile guests, then armed personnel are a necessity. If you do have to hire armed personnel at an event, then hire an armed security agency for the purpose.

An agency will take care of all your needs. They will make sure that the armed person is well trained in handling firearms. They will also make sure that the arms that the personnel use has up to date licenses and paperwork.

9. Make Sure That There Is No Sale Of Prohibited Products At The Venue

For safety, it is vital that prohibited products like drugs are not sold in or near your venue. So take steps to prevent such eventualities.

Handling the safety and security needs for major events can be a daunting challenge. However, if you do not want people to leave your event with unpleasant memories, you have to invest time, money, and human resources to beef up the security.

An armed security agency can reduce your burden as they are competent to handle the security needs of mega-events. Once you have a contract with an agency, they will assess the situation and make all the necessary arrangements as the need may be.

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