7 Ways to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Phone

Have you ever realized how much you are attached to your smartphone? I am pretty sure you must be reading this article through your phone right now. The sad part is that even teenagers cannot live a minute away from their phones and while in today’s world it is impossible to discard your phone, you need to develop a healthy relationship with your phone so that the smart device does not take over your life;

Stay Away from Your Phone as Soon as You Wake Up:


I can guarantee you that the majority of the people who use phone check their notifications as soon as they wake up. This is the worst thing you can do as the first thing you should do every morning is converse with your family and look outside to enjoy the sun and weather rather than staring at the phone screen to read messages from people who are not even around you right now.

Keep Phone on Silent While Driving:

Using phone while driving is not legally allowed as well hence do not speak on the phone while driving. If you use Bluetooth or headphones still avoid getting distracted while driving, you can always reach your destination and continue the conversation if it is not important.

Leave Your Phone Aside While Having Meals:


Checking your phone while eating is going to take away your concentration from the meal which in turn is going to make you unhealthy. Experts suggest that you should eat your meals undistracted, that way the body reacts better, and your digestive system works effectively.

Make Minimum Usage of Phone While Traveling:

Have you seen people who travel put up 10 posts every day of their travel on social media? Sometimes I feel that how are they enjoying their travel when all they do is keep posting their pics on the social networks? I am a traveler and love to travel a lot and with the introduction of ETIAS which is the best solution for short term travel throughout the Schengen Zone to eliminate internal border controls so travelers can move freely through Europe, my traveling frequency has increased. Recently when I went on a trip with my close friend, all she did was Instagramming her images and showing off how happy she was traveling but frankly, all she did was to edit her images throughout the trip.

Using phones during travel is inevitable but that does not mean all you do is get busy with your phone. Use it only when it is needed and enjoy the scenic beauty of the location through your eyes rather than the lens of the phone.

Stay Away from Phones When You Follow Your Hobby:


Set a time every day when you do something which you like to do such as reading or listening to music and while doing that, stay away from your phone. Make it a no-gadget zone and just stay away from all the gadgets for some time while you enjoy what you love to do.

Avoid Checking Phone During a Get-Together:

It looks rude when you keep checking your phone during a get-together. It is a time which you should be spending with friends and family rather than being busy with your gadget hence ignore your phone and enjoy with your family.

Do Not Sleep with Phone on Your Side:


Most people develop the bad habit of checking their phone before going to bed, which is not a good practice, but it is unavoidable at times, mostly because most of us are working the entire day and find only a few hours to connect with others hence even if you use your phone before going to bed, keep it away from your bed while you are asleep so that unwanted notifications do not disturb your sleep.

In Conclusion:

Recently we have developed such a relationship with our phones that we cannot live without it. Just for the sake of arguments, think of it like this, we are ok to separate from our partners while we are away at work but cannot let go of our smartphones hence, are we more hooked on to our phones than our partners? Stop giving importance to a gadget made of electronic chips rather focus on the people around you and you will lead a much more blissful life.

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