5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Modern Rustic Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house – and the one where we spend most of our time. Have you thought about the style of your bedroom? In recent years, not without reason, the trend is a rustic style – that greatly contributes to the warmth of your bedroom. However, this style is not in the least devoid of some modern components. In fact, in a combination, they look the best. Therefore we offer you 5 tips for creating the perfect modern rustic bedroom.

Bedroom: A Place Where You Can Let Your Imagination Run Wild


Although it is too often neglected when it comes to decorating – the bedroom is actually a place where you can give 100 percent to your imagination. How is that so? First of all, you don’t need to worry about what your friends think about it – because this is your private oasis that they probably won’t even see. What you need to think about though – is that you share a bedroom with your partner. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a balance of mutual creative ideas.

How To Choose A Bedroom Style?


As you wake up every day and go to sleep in the same room – it is important to arrange it in the style you like. The decor of your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning – and the colors that dominate the space are the ones that will immediately raise or lower your energy. So the style, color, and even the position of the room – affect your emotions. This year, the rustic style is especially desired. Its elements are derived from tradition. Therefore, we can find them everywhere in the world – from the English country, French country, to Spanish style. It is characterized by simplicity – but also roughness and strong construction.

Features Of Rustic Style


This style is best represented by natural materials, primarily solid wood, stone, and brick – in the most natural, unprocessed form or so reminiscent of handwork. The colors that this style supports are warm – and we can compare them to deciduous forests in the fall. So, all shades of brown, yellow, brown-red come into consideration.

Why Is Rustic Style So Popular?

We believe this is because we are all slowly getting tired of the city bustle – so we need to retreat to quieter smaller places, where we can live in harmony with nature. Remember how as a child you used to go to the countryside during the holidays. Those were wonderful and relaxing days, weren’t they? Earthy colors and rough-hewn natural furniture – are a winning combination to create a rustic ambiance in the bedroom. Depending on your wishes, the choice of lighting, and details – you can give such a space a dose of masculinity or femininity.

Modern Rustic Bedroom: How To Create It


You like simple and clean lines of contemporary style – but you would like to warm it up a bit. How to achieve this? It’s actually very simple. Add a few rustic elements to the modern style. By combining different styles it is possible to create a home with a  personality – which will be warm, cozy, and trendy. If you crave a dreamy atmosphere – play with contrasting details. However, according to, if your rustic elements are too intense – mix them with a contemporary style. That way you’ll get a space with character. Here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Wood As The Basis Of Rustic Style


The rustic style of decorating and furnishing the interior provides an escape from everyday life. It will visually warm contemporary interiors – dominated by glass, stainless steel, and other cool materials. The main material of the rustic style is undoubtedly wood. Wood is an ideal and warm material – whether it is nightstands, chests of drawers, or bed frames. Wooden elements in a rustic style are usually treated in such a way – that a patina remains visible on the surface. That creates the effect of a trace in time.

2. Color Selection


How we will experience a particular interior largely depends on the choice of colors. The strong rustic interiors are dominated by the color of the sand – which is reminiscent of desert landscapes and the exciting life of the Wild West. Such a color scheme is complemented by shades of brown, green, dark orange, and red. Dark shades will highlight the beauty of this style – but keep in mind that dark colors visually reduce the space. Therefore, refresh the bedroom with white or cream bedding – decorated with some of the appropriate rustic motives.

3. Lighting


Lighting plays a big role in creating the atmosphere, and it can also affect our mood. In addition to the design of the luminaire – the warmth of the light is no less important. For example, fluorescent light and gentle, yellow light – will create two completely different atmospheres. The light yellow tones will highlight the richness and beauty of the wooden rustic elements and decorations.

4. Rustic Wooden Bed


We distinguish several types of wooden furniture that belong to the category of rustic style. Equally popular are bed frames decorated with wood twigs – as are models whose finish leaves the impression of washed wood. Natural wood chairs also look attractive – as well as hand-painted chests of drawers that emphasize the structure of this natural material. Complement such a slightly worn look with interesting bedding – and materials such as wool and cotton.

5. Rustic Floors And Ceilings


The rustic style includes not only wooden floors and ceilings – but also stone. And of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom can best interpret this trend, adding contemporary components. The impression you can achieve is a modern spa in Scandinavian style.


If your space is contemporary, don’t hesitate to add rustic details to the room – whether it’s an old wooden dining table, wicker chairs, or lamps. Images with animal motives such as deer -or depictions of dense forests – will fit perfectly into this decorating scheme. The warmth and imperfection of the wood will leave nobody indifferent. Whether you live in a natural environment or a busy metropolis – a bedroom decorated in a rustic style will be your place to relax and escape from everyday life.

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