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Is Lafayette LA a Good Place to Live? – 2024 Guide

Lafayette holds the third rank on the list for being one of the best places to live in Louisiana. However, if we go deep into the facts and studies revolving around Lafayette, LA, the crime rate is quite high. People have been killing and performing activities against the law at a very high percentage of around 105%. The main agenda for people in Lafayette to commit crimes is property. For property, they are ready to do anything, even if it includes killing a person. On the positive side of the place, we can see many factors that you will read further in the forthcoming paragraphs. Before that, you can visit for the best details available for the house, private, and workplace areas.

Do you desire to move to Lafayette, LA? These are the points you must consider while doing so:

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Once you have made up your mind to settle in Lafayette, you will come across exciting places, including historical importance, different cultures, fascinating cuisines, festivals, industries, and many more. You will have enough locations to visit and explore during your stay in Lafayette, LA.

During your stay in Lafayette LA, you will come across the friendly predominant crowd, the reason Lafayette acquired the title of ‘America’s Happiest City’ from the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch.
Lafayette offers you an array of diverse neighborhoods to suit your needs. Be it University area or downtown Lafayette, here are some of the best communities in Lafayette:

University Area: University region is primarily made up of borders and villa complexes. You will get an opportunity to see the best areas around. You can roam around and talk to the locals and get an enjoyable experience.

Downtown Lafayette: You will get to check out Lafayette’s best selection of eateries, downtown bars, live music places, art rooms, and other professional administrations.

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Freetown-Port Rico: Freetown-Port Rico is known for its aesthetic, greeting atmosphere, Hard music regions, cheap pre-established gourmet lunch points, etc. Therefore, you will be able to have a gala time with your friends.

Mid-City/Central Lafayette: Central Lafayette is situated away from downtown. At this location, you will love to spend time in your house if you are planning to get it built here.

Military: Lafayette has more than 3,000 troopers in its militant group. It also plays the role of the National Guard of the 256th Infantry brigade.

Health Facilities: Lafayette has many urgent healthcare centers that provide all-round protection and emergency services to everyone. Some of the health care facilities are:

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  • Lafayette General Medical Center
  • Lafayette General Surgical Hospital
  • University Hospital and Clinics
  • Heart Hospital of Lafayette and many more

Climate: Lafayette has ideal year-round weather. The weather allows people to cherish the area’s hiking and biking trails, golf courses, fishing and camping spots, and boating. You will experience Lafayette’s hot and long summers and short and windy winters. The temperature varies anywhere from a median low of 43°F (January) to a median high of 93°F (August) over the year. In general, Lafayette is a wet place.

Places to Visit: Lafayette has numerous spots that you can see on your weekends. These places depict the rich history and culture. Some places to visit are mentioned below:

  • Acadian Village of Bayou community
  • Katog Choling Tibetan Cultural center
  • Borden’s Ice cream corner
  • Acadiana Center of Arts, and many more

Transportation: Lafayette transportation offers numerous options for you to move to and from the city: car, bike, bus, rideshare, boat.

Car: The city is gigantic, and moving from one neighborhood to another without a convenience is challenging. Small, outskirts surround it, and if you wish to go out of the town, you require a four-wheeler.

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Bike: Lafayette is well on its way to being acknowledged as one of the country’s most bike-friendly regions. The leveled land of Lafayette is perfect for never-ending rides. With the increased number of bike paths and bike lanes, cycling is ideal for moving from one place to another inside Central Lafayette.
Bus: There is the Lafayette Transit System and City bus for those who depend upon public vehicles. There are various scheduled bus systems in place, but they are irregular and do not run on Sundays or holidays. The buses are hygienic and conditioned, and the fare is cheap.

Rideshare: Rideshare facility is accessible in Lafayette. Uber and Lifts offer a perfect option for late-night post-bar pickups, routine transport, and rides to and from the airport.

Boat: Surrounded by an inland sea, Moana, Marshs, and Bayous, Lafayette is an ideal place for rafting, trawling, and kayaking. Boating is enormously famous among the predominant population and serves more like pleasure than transportation.

Events: If you are planning to live in Lafayette, then you will witness various activities like:

  • Cajun Heartland State Fair
  • Acadiens et Creoles
  • Le Festival de Mardi Gras a Lafayette, and many more

Sports: Lafayette is home to many internally acknowledged sports teams, including the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns, Bayou Hurricanes, and Louisiana Ice gators. These teams have played many pro football matches that made them renowned in many areas of the world.

Cost of Living in Lafayette:

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The ‘housing wage’ is based on the fair market cost for a double bedroom villa in the area — $827 per month — settled annually by the ‘U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.’ Lafayette’s settling costs are 34% lower than the national mean, and the utility costs are around 7% more than the federal way. Transportation prices like bus cost and gas expenses are as low as 3%. Lafayette has grocery prices, that are 3% lower than the national average. Healthcare in Lafayette is 6% lower than the federal mean. The cost of settling in any region can depend on factors such as your career, its mean salary, and the real estate market of that region.

Surrounding Cities- Lafayette has seven sister cities that surround it. These cities include

  • Le Cannet, France
  • Longueil, Canada
  • Moncton, Canada
  • Poitiers, France
  • Namur, Belgium
  • Centella, Mexico
  • Agnibilekrou, Ivory Coast

So, what are you waiting for now? Follow the guide, and you will have a great beginning in Lafayette, LA.

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