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7 Tips for Choosing the best Place to Stay – 2024 Guide

The holidays are undoubtedly the best time of the year. We all sometimes need to move from the daily routine and have some fun and relaxing period. If you saved for months to be able to enjoy a couple of weeks of relaxation, you must have a reward, and for that, you have to stay in a place that makes you feel good, and that allows you to rest as you deserve. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the place that can meet all the requirements, but there are some things that you should definitely pay attention to. Choose the best hotel for you, taking into account these tips:

Ask what kind of exclusive services you have

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Everyone has particular interests, and only you know what kind of luxuries you will have on your vacation. Whether you want a room with a view or prefer to have a spa center or pool in the hotel, it is very important to check what does the hotel offer. If you are ready to pay much for the vacation that it is essential that the hotel’s services can fulfill your needs. You should select a hotel that offers what you are looking for.

Some places have day-care service for those who are parents and want to enjoy their stay in a carefree manner. Others that have complete body-building gyms with teachers’ advice for physical activity fans, some that have small cinemas where they show blockbuster movies and several that have heated and an outdoor pool. If you are looking to clear your mind, relax, and take care of your body, you can access information about the best spa in Meloneras – Lopesan, by clicking on this link.

Another important feature that the room should have is a hairdryer. Many women would agree that it is very important for them to have it in case they forget their own. Also, it would be nice to have slippers, extra towels, and preferably shower gel.

Find out the location of the hotel

The location of the hotel is crucial, especially in case you do not have your own mobility and must use public transport. Sometimes traveling or renting a car is more expensive than choosing a hotel that is more expensive. It is better to pay a higher price for your stay and be close to the tourist attractions than to go to a cheap hotel and spend hours traveling to the beach, the mountains or the city center. Also, it is preferable that the hotel’s room offers a beautiful view, and that is not on the noisy side. The best place for the hotel is to be 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from most of the important sites and attractions.

Research the hotel food

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Most hotels offer free breakfast as part of their services, but each establishment has its proposal. There is a big difference between a small breakfast of coffee with milk and croissants, and another American type with cereals, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, juices, smoothies, and hotcakes. It is always a bonus to find a hotel that offers breakfast included in the price, but if it doesn’t, then you should consider some other options.

If the place has its own restaurant, compare the general prices of the menu with the food establishments around the hotel to see if it is economically convenient for you to eat there. Yet, if it is expensive to eat at the hotel, or you skip breakfast time, then it is good to know what are the other options.

It is important that, just as on the trip, if you suffer from any disease such as diabetes or celiac disease, or have any dietary preference like being vegetarian or vegan, you communicate this beforehand and confirm whether there is a menu suitable for consumption in that hotel.

Check if the place is clean

One very important thing that most people worry about is whether the rooms are clean if they have all you need. You can use the reviews written by people who have already stayed at that hotel to find out about the health and safety conditions there. You will be surprised at the number of places where cockroaches, spiders, and other insects increase due to the lack of cleanliness.

You can also contact the hotel to ask about various issues related to this topic. Such as the frequency with which sheets, bathrobes, and towels are changed, the number of service personnel available to clean all the rooms, and whether there is a permanent supply of soap and hair products in the bathrooms.

Find out about the characteristics and layout of the rooms

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There are beautiful hotels with incredible commonplaces, but whose rooms are tiny, not well furnished, or do not have a beautiful view. Ask how big the room is, what furniture it has, and whether the windows look out onto a garden, the beach or the public road. In case they face the street, don’t forget to ask if the windows have any sound insulation.

If it is to be a family trip, please expressly request that the rooms reserved be adjoining or facing each other, especially in the case of minors. If there are persons with a motor disability or an older adult, ask that they are assigned the spaces near the lifts.

Seek good access to public transport

As we have already said, it is preferable that the hotel is near the city center and other attractions, but if that is way too expensive or you would like to be a bit far away from the city noise, there are some things you should think of. If you don’t have a car, then you have to take care of the location. You should make sure that the hotel is located close to bus stops, subways, or other inexpensive means of transportation. If you only have a taxi service or the possibility of contacting a driver from platforms such as UBER in the vicinity of the place, you will spend a lot of money on travel expenses.

Wi-Fi Service Inquiry

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These days you can’t do anything without the Internet, even on vacation. Whether you need it for work or entertainment, a Wi-Fi connection is a must for any hotel. You probably use your mobile device all the time to look up information about shows that are taking place in the city. Use social networks, make video calls with family and friends who have not joined the trip, and use Google Maps to see which way is best to go somewhere you want to visit.

If you do all this with 3G or 4G, you’ll consume a lot of data packages, and your bill will go through the roof. Because of this, it is essential that you ask if the hotel has a Wi-Fi connection, if the service is free or has any cost and if it works 24 hours or only at some time during the day.

Hopefully, these tips will be of use for your future travels and help you to choose what are the things you should pay attention to.

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