Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Best SIM-Only Deal

With new smartphones being launched every week and fierce competition among the largest manufacturers, there are usually many deals for the most expensive phones. The flash sale seems worth the money, but with some tricks (such as choosing the right time of year and the right place to buy), you can save hundreds of pounds on your next phone.

Since SIM-only got introduced in the UK, its popularity has skyrocketed. The winning combinations of short commitment periods and low costs show it’s easy to compare different options and get the right deal. Not only will you be able to control your spending, but also see the value for your money in terms of minutes, texts, and data.

Whether you have enough cash to buy a phone without a SIM card, whether you have a terminated contract, or you bought a cheap second-hand phone somewhere, investing in a SIM-only transaction is an excellent way to keep costs low. The good news is that there are many options out there. In fact, the main problem with SIM-only transactions at the moment is to try all the options to find the one that best suits your current needs, and fortunately, we have made this process easier.

SIM-only deals are perfect if your contract has already expired, and you need to continue using your smartphone for a cheaper price or want more control over your handset’s upgrades. Although these deals used to be relatively rare, all the main providers, including O2, BT, and Vodafone, among others, offer these contracts. Providers often offer two important types of pay as you go deal – Traditional pay-as-you-go, where you can buy credits and pay for calls, text messages, and data when you use them, and bundled with a pay-as-you-go system to get a fixed price subsidy, usually lasting one month. For more details visit – To help you choose a good contract, here are great tips to guide you:

Be Familiar with the Advantages of Different Deals


With a good SIM-only deal, network retailers and operators don’t subside a smartphone’s price as they do with other monthly mobile phones and PAYG deals. This means you will get affordable, inclusive bundles and internet, text, and calling services. A good deal will also have more benefits, like data rollover – meaning the unused data from last month is carried forward onto the next month.

Some deals may tie in for one month or year, so they can be great if you need a short-term commitment. If you are also waiting for a new phone to be launched in the market, a good SIM-only deal may be a versatile, easy, and quick option to keep you going until the handset hits the market.

Determine Your Monthly Usage


It’s pointless to save money with a SIM-only deal if you usually find yourself being charged for going beyond the limits of your plan. Usually, most deals cover the amount of time you talk on the handset, the size of data, and the messages you send every month.

Exceeding your limit can be a trap for buying any contract. To make sure you stay on your monthly plan and don’t exceed your usage limit, determine your handset’s current figures. You may find this under the settings menu of every device. However, the figures may vary depending on the amount of data plan you choose for your SIM.

Consider the Activities You Use Your Smartphone for


If you hardly access the internet, then a data allowance of around 2GB may not be of use to you. However, if you love streaming videos or gaming every day, you may want to consider data with an unlimited plan to prevent incurring huge monthly bills.

For people using Whatsapp, Skype, and Google Talk, getting connected to friends and family has never been easy. You may find that you are using a few voice minutes and texts compared to some years back. Unless you spend most of the time using free Wi-Fi, you need to ensure you have a data allowance covering you through the month. Whether you use your phone frequently or only during emergencies, you need a good SIM-only deal to serve you.

Stick to Your Budget


Price is one of the important factors when switching to a new SIM-only deal. If you want to stick to your tight budget, checking out the terms and requirements of every plan should be your starting point. To know these terms, read a small print from different providers to ensure you are not in for nasty surprises in the future.

For instance, most providers will not include international calls in their contracts. This means that if you have a family abroad, you may end up spending a lot of money when you make calls. A good deal should include international minutes so you can get connected to your loved ones without affecting your budget.

In a Nutshell

However, as the name suggests, you won’t actually get a phone with this contract, so this is only for you if you are satisfied with your existing phone and don’t feel the urgent need to upgrade. If this applies to you, then SIM-only transactions may be a good way to save money. Moreover, since many transactions are based on a one-month rolling contract, you usually only need to give a 30-day cancellation notice. Therefore, if you do not want to sign a long-term contract, this is a good choice. If your credit history is a bit incomplete, this is also a good choice, although a credit check is usually done.

For most phone owners, the experience of feeling exhilarated is real, especially when they upgrade their contracts. Since most phone buyers are getting savvier, you need to look for new and better options, including SIM-only deals. A good SIM-only contract can offer you the chance to save money, enjoying international calls, and streaming TV shows. Though the type of deal you choose depends on your budget and the activities, you plan to do every day. After all, there is no right or wrong choice-everything depends on your personal preferences. Now, for four things you are looking for when determining SIM-only transactions, the main above mentioned four points can serve as guidelines.

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