How to Measure CoC Account Value? Top 5 Price Affect Factors to Get the Best Deal

Back in days, older generations remember Atari or Commodore 64. Audio-tapes recorded with basic programs that use to take so much time for loading. Often, we use to experience that the game is not properly loaded due to technical issues at the point of tape recording. So many games use to be popular at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. Pit Stop 2 was one of them. Racing while tires are burning on each sharp curve use to be very challenging.

The game called “1941” was our favorite war game. A perfect game for auto-fire option on the joystick. At that point – our joysticks were not heavy-duty like today. Hard plastic with not so much of flexibility was the main issue why we spent so much money replacing joysticks every single month.

Ever since the 1990’s technology gaming world has developed rapidly. One of the games worthy of attention would be Clash of Clans.

Clash Of Clans is getting more popular day by day. Thousands and thousands of new players get hooked up on this game with a large amount of passion attached to it. Supercell, a Finnish developer is the one to blame. Officially, the game was released for iOS in 2012. Soon afterward got on Google Play for Android phones. All the players are building towns with a lot of “give and take” type of fighting features. Gold hunting so as elixir are the main resources like what it used to be in the good old days. This game does take us back in time and does not let us forget how that looks like living in this world centuries ago.


During the year 2014, the game literally exploded bringing over $650.000 per day in revenue to Supercell. In return, ongoing investment in updates has been done on regular basis by this company and the team of software engineers has invested a lot of money and knowledge in this game. Overall, we are reaching the winter of 2019 and new updates have been released. We are about to have a new Town Hall 13.

To get to the Town Hall 13, your Town Hall 12 must be fully upgraded. This does include Giga Tesla and you can look into 18 days and 12mil of Gold. By reaching Town Hall 13 upgrade, you are going to be nicely surprised with a totally new defense system, also known as Giga Inferno. Furthermore, we have the Yeti coming on Town Hall 12, which is basically an Elixir melee troop that can attack only targets located on the ground. We are looking into the usage of 18 Hosting Spaces with the potential of unlocking it at the Town Hall 12.

Clash of Clans is free to download online, but premium items must be purchased for the real-world type of money. These days, the majority of gamers are using Gems to finish upgrades or to purchase resources.

In gaming terminology, we call this type of investors – “gemmers”. Having all the options available at the reach of a button is definitely beneficial in this virtual life. “Gamming” or in other words “investing” in your Town Hall, will be spending your resources and time to create an upgrade on other Town Hall buildings at each level. Purchasing a “Pile of Gems” will give you access to clan gifts. Let’s say that each of these packages will include a clan gift for your 20 clan friends.


If you are a professional CoC player (let’s not say CoC addict), you can definitely earn good money by selling your well-developed game account. It took a lot of time for you to develop your position, to learn the tricks and now you just got to the point where you realize that your time and effort were not just an empty time-wasting machine. Professional players so as beginners are welcomed to open their account on the following website.

There are numerous factors that would determine the value of your CoC. In order to avoid confusion, we are going to mention the top five meaningful factors which will determine your CoC standing and financial value.

Let’s begin! Re-selling your account will bring you the money if you get things done the right way. How much you are going to earn in revenue largely depends on several factors and the account level is just one of them. The higher you are – the more cash you can expect in your pocket. As we continue to climb with our Town Hall levels – the more experience we are going to gain and more time and effort to invest.

This is understandable that time means money. Wall level might be hard for beginners to understand since this is not the primary measure of the account value, but it does increase a cash return on your bank account. Upgrade your hero in this game and you will see results. Let’s say that you already have Archer Queen or Grand Warden. Let’s not forget Barbarian King. They are very important during the battle at your Town Hall placed on a higher level.

Level One type of hero cannot do so much for you. Expect to die ones your hero is being upgraded and can no longer be used. Understanding proper upgrades at the specific level should be something beneficial for you as a pro-player.


A good example would be Archer Queen at the Level 7 and Barbarian King on the Level 9. If you are in this position – better handle an upgrade of your Barbarian King first, which is going to increase his Iron Fist power in Level 10. This is much better upgrade investment in compression to the Royal Cloak effect ones you get into Level 8 with Archer Queen.

We have previously spoken about the usage of gams – investment from which we are expecting large returns. The more you invest – the further you are going to get and you can expect a higher return. Does it make sense?

Getting better informed is always welcomed. As we all love to watch videos instead of reading long articles, we can always educate ourselves via youtube channels. Very useful info can be obtained by reviewing specific videos that go with our level of understanding and the current stage of our CoC account.

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