Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth 2024

Ellen gained fame as a comedian and a television character despite the challenges she had to face, like her s*xuality being questioned, to get where she is today. These obstacles might very well be the reason she gained popularity and acquired her net worth.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Net Worth

Her net worth today is $450 as stated by Celebrity Net Worth. While earning $75 million salary as a day-time television star, she has other sources of income such as commercial work and a side business where she deals in real estate.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Career

Her hometown is Metairie, LA, and she remained there before she started working as a television personality. She started her profession as a stand-up comedian. She first started performing in small circles and cafes. Her first successful show took place at Clyde’s Comedy Club in New Orleans, where she acted as a host in 1981. She then went ahead and started performing nationally.

Next, she pivoted towards movies and television in the 1990s. Her first role was as an ordinary coach in “Coneheads”. At the same time, she also acted in several films called “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” with famous actors like Bill Nyle, Alex Trebek, and Jamie Lee Curtis. These films acted as a supplement to the Universe Of Energy attraction at Disney World’s Epcot amusement park, which is still functioning today.

She starred in “Open House” in which she played as a secretary who works at a real estate office. After creating an impression on the producers, she was given a role in “These Friends of Mine” and later this name was changed to Ellen because of the resemblance and confusion with another famous show “Friends.”

Ellen gained success quickly as she was praised for her humor and acting on the show with commentators calling her “the female Seinfeld.”


This rise had a hiccup when in 1997, Ellen announced that she was a lesbian on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and even her character revealed her s*xuality to her therapist. This gained media attention and controversy, and a parental warning was added before her show “Ellen”

It was said the viewership of her show went down as a result of the attention given to the character’s s*xuality and that people were uncomfortable with it. The show was canceled in May 1998.

This did not discourage her. She went back to stand-up comedy and would take small roles from time to time. She starred in “The Ellen Show” which was also later canceled by CBS. She would act in comedic and television shows whenever she could. She also hosted the Emmys where she had to keep the audience entertained, and this was when the 9/11 terrorist attack was fresh in everyone’s mind.

Her diligence helped her immensely; in 2003 she started her own show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where she would invite different celebrities and interview them. The show received a lot of success and 11 Emmys. Ellen even hosted this show from her hospital bed when she tore a ligament in 2007.

This show played a major part in her career’s success, after this, she hosted multiple shows like 2005 Primetime Emmy Awards, the 79th Academy Awards, and the 86th Academy Awards.

Other than this, she also earned from her lifestyle brand, ED. She launched this brand in 2015 where she sells clothing, accessories, pet products, and other household goods.

In her own show, she started a game show by the name of “The Game of Games” where she herself was the host. Further, she landed a stand-up comedy show on Netflix “Relatable.”

Ellen DeGeneres’ Endorsements


As stated above, she has had a number of endorsements through which she earns money, and these have helped her gain fame and contribute to her overall net worth.

She has countersigned multiple companies in different markets such as Vitamin Water, J.C. Penny, American Express, Halo Purely for Pets, Olay, and Sojo Studios.

What Homes Has Ellen DeGeneres Bought?


Even though Ellen is known for her entertainment, she also earns millions by buying and selling real estate and because of this she and her wife Portia de Rossi were given a label ‘house flippers’. She has had a successful history of buying and selling houses in the Los Angeles Sector like in Malibu, Laurel Canyon, Beverly Hills, and Santa Barbara. She mostly deals with other rich actors and entertainers.

Ryan Seacrest’s Abode

She bought a house in Coldwater Canyon in 2007 priced at $29 million. She bought this on credit while she purchased surrounding lands with her own money to make gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and listed this property for $60 million but it did not gain much attention so she listed it for $49 million and Ryan Seacrest was the one who purchased it.

The Brad Pitt Beach House

Back in 2011, Ellen bought a property that was owned by Brad Pitt. She redesigned this house and sold it for $13 million which she had bought for $12 million.

The ‘Twice As Nice’ Home


This was a 4000 square-foot house renovated by Marmol Radziner. She bought this property twice. First, she bought it for $6.5 million and sold it for $10 million. Later she bought it again for $8.65 million and sold it for $9.9 million. The second time it was purchased by the owner of Calvin Klein.

Beverly West Condos

Even though she has gained a lot of success with real estate, she has also suffered some losses at the same time. She bought two condos for $13 million and renovated and listed them for $15.5 million but it didn’t get the attention she expected so she bared a loss of $1.15 million.

The Contemporary Malibu Beach House


This is the most recent property where Ellen and her wife listed an oceanfront estate in Carpinteria, Calif which was around 7000 square feet. This house is currently priced at $24 million which is a 29% increase from what they actually paid for two years ago. They bought this house from a bank for $18.6 million and it was originally owned by Robert F. Maguire III.

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