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Is A Standing Desk Good for Lower Back Pain? – 2024 Guide

Francis Bacon well said,” A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.” A healthy body is what everyone is craving for these days. As in many types of research, it has been shown that body posture plays a vital role in impacting the person’s overall well-being. As it is said, “sitting kills, moving heals.” Sitting for an excess of time can cause various health-related issues. These incorporate an exponential hazard for coronary illness, diabetes, and blood clumps/ clots.

Likewise, low back and neck pain can happen when you sit for extensive periods. Most employments today include a lot of time sitting, and helpless stance when you sit can lead to severe back agony. Sitting in a slouched position increases the pressure in the lower back, in particular the discs. Regularly, there are prior issues in the lower back, and a helpless stance will fuel the problem. Therefore, the standing desks came into trend again as many researchers had showcased their advantages. You can find more information regarding this at Autonomous.

Astonishing History Of Standing Desks:

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Standing work desks are seconds ago encountering a renaissance among office workers. They have been a well-known thing all through quite a bit of history. We may never know the specific time the first standing desk was ever utilized; however, they can be followed the entirety of the ways back to the 1400s! While there were some early users, standing work desks became increasingly famous in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They could regularly be found in the homes and workplaces of the rich.

This sort of proposal carried on into the nineteenth century. This was why an ever-increasing number of individuals were restoring standing desks while working, and the new “standing desk resolution” was conceived.

Exceptional examples from the ancient era give us a glimpse of people who managed their job and excelled in the same by using the standing desks, which use to provide relief to them.

1) Well-adored author Charles Dickens utilized standing desks.

2) One of the world’s most significant wartime pioneers of the twentieth century, Sir Winston Churchill, was additionally known to use a standing desk in his home office.

Why Sitting For A Long Time Can Cost You Much For Your Health?

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Have you ever imagined, for how many hours you sit in a day? I guess, numerous, which you cannot even imagine. A study justifies that an average person spends the entire day sitting for almost 6 hours, without any movement in between. Sitting for a prolonged interval can harm your posture and can cause several health issues to your body, which, surprisingly, you must be unaware of! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow made a statement once,” By too much sitting still, the body becomes unhealthy, and soon the mind.”
To explain the readers well about the side- effect, I would like to quote the health study with the facts it showcased. The study was performed over 7,000 men aged between 20 and 89.

  • Sitting for over 4 hours daily builds the danger of dying from any reason by 40%.
  • Furthermore, when the investigation took considered men who sat at work and in the vehicle during a drive, the possibility of experiencing a coronary failure accelerated by over 60%.

Several other ill effects tend to emerge in the longer run, such as increased blood pressure, poor posture, increased load on back and neck, and tightened muscles. Bad posture is a sneaky saboteur – it tends to be agreeable and practically natural to slump over your work area. If you’re looking to improve your forward head posture, we’ve put together a list of the best exercises for strength in the neck, visit, Iron-Neck. As you work, you subliminally start to lose stamina and adaptability in your back muscles. Without getting mindful of too many beginning signs, a prolonged period of poor posture can step by step tighten your lower and mid-back muscles, in the end, making them seize up and get sore. The surprising news is, there are approaches to improve the act such that you can help authorize a great posture by standing only.

Facts That Will End Up Making You Love The Standing Desks

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Standing desks have gained popularity in recent years, and there are various potential medical advantages related to standing as opposed to sitting. A few investigations have demonstrated that you consume marginally more calories when sitting than standing, which adds up after some time. Likewise, a few people have experienced themselves as more active and productive when occasionally standing for the entire duration of the day. Have you ever imagined that consolidating a standing desk into your daily routine can lessen your low back torment?

It has been expressed in various reports that our bodies weren’t made to sit for several timeframes. Our bodies were made to move. The static posture a seat places on your body accelerates stress in the back, shoulders, arms, and neck. These impacts of sitting worsen when appropriate ergonomic positioning isn’t preformed. It has been proven that the members were diagnosed with a 31.8% decrease in standing desk back pain when contrasted with sitting for the whole workday.

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For instance, if you unexpectedly go from sitting the entire day to standing throughout the day, you risk creating back, leg, or foot torment/pain; it’s smarter to slip into it by beginning with 30 to an hour daily and step by step expanding it. It’s challenging to slump when your PC is at eye level. The standing desk evacuates the compulsion to hunch your back. The standing desk can fortify and improve a ton of lower back issues. This kind of desk is only one precaution thought to improve your posture and lower back strain related to sitting. Standing desk serves as a remedy for reducing these factors listed below apart from reducing your back pain:

  • Risk of Obesity and weight gain.
  • It may reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar, and dip the level of increasing cholesterol in your body.
  • Encourage you to put more effort into work and enhance your productivity.
  • Increase energy levels.

It’s High Time To Turntables And Adapts What’s Beneficial

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I hope that this article will be alarming enough to let you healthily transform your living and make healthy choices. To make these advantages, one stride further, coordinating a treadmill desk or bicycle desk will give extra medical benefits and upgrade upon the strengths of standing while at the same time working. There’s no better time than present to take stand for your health.

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