Benefits of Facetite – 2024 Guide

The presence of collagen and elastin in the skin is essential for maintaining a youthful look. Starting at the age of 25, the formation of collagen structure is significantly reduced, the skin slowly begins to relax and the first wrinkles are formed. Modern aesthetic medicine has developed a real ‘magic wand’ for such problems called Facetite. Facetite uses radiofrequency energy that stimulates the secretion of new collagen and elastin, and the already present collagen spirals contract, which leads to instant tightening. This treatment can have a preventive effect against the first signs of skin aging, and it can also be used after they have already become visible. Women spend a lot of time looking for the perfect method to fight the effects of aging, and while men are allowed to have gray hair, wrinkles, or extra pounds, women cannot afford it.

The process isn’t laborious and difficult and usually takes about 6 months. Treatments are performed in a series of 3 to 5 repetitions at intervals of one month. This period is enough for the face, but if another part of the body is treated, the treatments must be more frequent. They are performed every 15 days in a series of 4 to 6 treatments.

If you’re currently thinking about how to deal with wrinkles and you’re still not sure which treatment to undergo, pay attention to our list of benefits of the facetite. Maybe it can help you decide faster.

Effective and powerful


Facetite is an innovative method that has delighted women around the world. The reasons are numerous and one of them is a very effective and powerful impact that puts it ahead of some other methods of cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

Experts and clients have noticed that the degree of tightening of loose skin is much stronger than with some other treatments. This power is especially noticed in the area of the neck and joints.

The skin gets stronger and softer, and besides that, it reduces the wrinkles, improves its texture, redefines the shape of the cheekbones, and drastically tightens the skin of the whole body.



According to Dr Kien Ha, if pain is what prevents you from opting for facial corrections, you can relax. The process is completely painless, so anesthesia isn’t necessary in this case. However, you’ll always be offered by a beautician, and if you’re afraid they’ll give you a dose – not a problem.

Some people are hypersensitive, and some may be scared of the unknown as they haven’t undergone such corrections so far. In these cases, anesthesia is also recommended to reduce the risk of panic.

The only thing you can feel is a slight cooling and stinging gel and a miniature cut in the corner of the face that is made to pass the probe.

No sedation


This procedure is not complicated. A small opening is made under the ear that acts as an input for the probe. When the probe is inserted under the skin, it stimulates the production of collagen with the help of radio waves. Everything takes place in a time period of 20-30 minutes.

The incision requires only a dose of local anesthesia and no sedation is necessary. Since a person should not fall asleep with anesthesia more than 3 times in a lifetime, it would be good to save these points if needed in another difficult life situation. So, certainly another great advantage thanks to which the recovery process is much easier.

Fast recovery


Forget about those long, painful, and difficult recoveries that are inherent in other procedures and operations. After the Facetime, the patient can go home immediately, without the need to lie in the hospital, since the process doesn’t require postoperative supervision.

After 48 hours, patients can return to their regular activities and will be ready to show up at work within five days. Postoperative side effects mainly include mild swelling, followed by numbness and itching and mild pain. However, within a week most of them will go away. Uneven skin texture can also appear, but it won’t last longer than two to three weeks.

Once the side effects go away, the results will be visible. According to Nazarian Plastic Surgery, the most important thing is that this method is safe and won’t leave lifelong scars or stings on your face.

Immediately visible results


Impatient anticipation of results can sometimes be annoying. Sometimes it can seem as if nothing is moving from one point, and that can reduce the motivation to continue the fight to preserve beauty.

In the case of a facetime, the results are visible after the first treatment. Very quickly, you are going to notice a drastic change that has occurred on the skin, and this will make you want to continue as soon as possible. The final results will be noticeable after only six months.

Unlike other alternative methods and methods of cosmetic surgery where it takes a long time for the fruit of your investment to be seen, here you’ll immediately be able to proudly show off your new groomed skin.

Ideal for opponents of cosmetic surgery


All women who are opponents of ‘going under the knife’ and who don’t consider creams from various manufacturers to be effective enough and it takes a long time to show results, can be happy, as the ideal formula for them is finally arriving.

Many women are afraid of surgery and aren’t ready to surrender to cosmetic surgeons for the sake of beauty. They would rather learn to live with the shortcomings and love all their wrinkles than go for surgical correction. And that’s totally okay, you need to love your look the way it is!

However, if you like the feeling of self-confidence that tight and youthful skin gives you, this method can help you. First of all, because it isn’t necessary to fall asleep completely, and also because the recovery process itself is, as we mentioned above, more painless, easier, and shorter.

It can be combined with other treatments


In the end, facetite can be performed alone or in combination with other treatments. While some methods shouldn’t be combined, this is different.

In addition to the fact that this method is perfect for tightening the face, it can also be applied to other parts of the body. For that reason, clients often decide to do liposuction, fillers, injections, or body time when they come to do the facetite. A full package!

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