HubSpot Alternatives: The Best Solutions for the Year 2024

2020 has been an unpredictable year with unprecedented challenges and issues. The pandemic called COVID 19 has led the entire world into lockdown mode with shelter in place orders being issued for all countries. Economic recession is on the anvil, yet one thing stands out quite clearly – all business is now online, more firmly now than ever before. With lockdown orders, businesses have found new and novel ways to conduct their business online. We were already in the era of digitization and now it is an indisputable reality that we are facing.

Coping with this newfound reality in 2024 would mean taking on new tools or the same tools like CRM which have now evolved to a place where they can help you manage all your marketing and sales efforts with much ease. This is an invaluable resource for all businesses and especially for small business owners who now need to make that extra effort to reach their customers online. This is where alternatives to HubSpot and other platforms come into the picture.

First of all, let us understand what CRM is and what HubSpot really does. HubSpot would be one of the oldest and most well-known marketing automation and CRM platforms that were unleashed on the world about a decade or so ago. With the advent of this platform, there was a clear beginning in the evolution of all things that have to do with digital business.

An alternative to HubSpot would have to be one that can handle all your CRM or customer relationship management needs along with marketing automation. Here’s how this can help you and your business as well as your team:

Data Handling


A good CRM system like a HubSpot alternative will help you get information from various sources so that the same can be used to form the framework in the system. Now, what exactly does this framework do? This framework will organize all; this data into various fields and functions. So as and when that function is called up, all the information corresponding to it will also be called up. For example, if you want to run an email marketing campaign for a property that your company wants to sell in a certain area, the CRM system or the alternative to HubSpot will instantly call up the relevant information stored in the fields pertaining to the same. This makes for more targeted functions and campaigns that will help you hit the bull’s eye each time in terms of conversion!

Organizing the Team


The team and the team members would need to be organized as per functionality so that each function seamlessly carries forward to the next. This can be done with CRM so that the mundane functions are taken care of and notifications are sent on the completion of each task. This will also remove all chaotic and confusing communication that can lead to team members missing out on tasks or even duplication of tasks. In this way, the alternatives to HubSpot can help in creating a better team for you and your business.

More Revenues


When you look at the above two points, one thing becomes very clear in terms of the final bottom line of employing a CRM system – increased revenues. With such streamlined processes in place, the resources you have are bound to be used in a better manner for the entire business to flourish and for your team to go ahead and achieve all its targets. This will lead to a higher conversion rate and hence, you will also be able to bring in increased revenues and profits for the growth of your business.

The above points are just a few that will show how alternatives to HubSpot can free up your time and energy so that you have all the bandwidth for growth. There are a number of other benefits like building a loyal brand following thanks to the professional and authentic as well as reliable front that you can put up with the help of the best HubSpot alternative. This will not only help you gain customers, but those customers will also go ahead and recommend you to everyone else in their niche. So here are a few worthy HubSpot alternatives that you can employ for your online business needs in the year 2024:

  • EngageBay: This would be one of the best-known alternatives to HubSpot since it offers the complete range of features when it comes to CRM and marketing automation, Further, it does so with affordable pricing plans that can help you upgrade at any time as you grow your business and your customer base as well. You will also have plenty of support when it comes to your setup and maintenance needs while on this CRM platform.
  • PipeDrive: PipeDrive is also an upcoming HubSpot alternative that can take care of your CRM and link it with a targeted campaign that can run across email and landing pages. Yet, this also makes it a limited platform and it is not the most affordable either.
  • Auto Pilot: AutoPilot CRM is a new and upcoming platform that helps you generate leads with the help of email marketing and other CRM efforts.
  • Pardot: This CRM platform will mainly take care of your email marketing needs in the long run, with plenty of lead generation as well.

The above analysis clearly shows us that EngageBay would be the best HubSpot alternative for a number of reasons. Not only does it have the best suite of features but it also has affordable pricing.

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