What Are 5 Best Betting Alternatives?

We simply enjoy gambling, as that thrill and excitement that comes from playing games of chance or/and betting cannot be compared to anything else. Now, since the technology is advancing so fast and since the pandemic caused delays in many sport and other events, people were looking for other things to bet on, which is why we created the list of the best betting alternatives.

1. Playing Bingo


If we had to choose one game that everyone is familiar with, that would be bingo, and regardless of age, nation, or even the name (in Australia, it is called Housie), the simple yet highly entertaining concept of it attracts people to play it. You as well are all probably familiar with this game, as you have probably played it with friends and family during rainy days, or at some event, as an activity to lighten the mood. It is also popular among older people, and they usually have a bingo day when they gather and play it. It is a fun, popular, and great way to spend some extra time, but we do not expect that it can be a betting alternative, and we can play it for real money.

It is true that bingo is not a part of regular casino offers, and yes, there are some variations of this game in casinos, but those games still lack that special simplicity that attracts people. A great thing for bingo lovers is that they can find some apps and websites where they can play their favorite game and win some money. The main reason for that is the profitability of bingo, and although initial stakes are not big, we are able to win big prizes, and casinos can get a lot of money, so it is a win-win situation for both parties. For those who are not familiar with the rules and how it works, as we already mentioned, it is not difficult to learn the rules, and all we need to do is to be the first to form the linear matrix in a 5×5 matrix out of numbers, and yes, it’s simple as that.

2. The e-Sports betting


With the latest tech advancements and trends, new things and games are arising that are not a part of a typical casino offer on which you can place a bet. The e-Sport industry is reaching new highs in both players’ payments and popularity. The whole industry is constantly improving and gathering more and more players and fans who follow the results carefully and pretty passionately, we must add. Many games like WoW, Dota 2, CS:GO, and others have serious tournaments where the winner/s can get a big prize and great prestige. These tournaments are highly entertaining because you can watch and witness firsthand the battle among teams or individuals while they try to give their best and showcase their gaming skills, while everything is broadcast live on the screens all over the place.

Because of that, it is not a surprise that we can bet on almost every event in the e-Sport industry, and if we are familiar with players or simply lucky enough, we can win some actually big rewards. This industry is improving even more now when the pandemic stopped many events, even though there is no audience, and we can find more and more amazing players to bet on every day. There are many reliable websites where we can place our bets, so there is no need to worry about security or not being able to withdraw your potential winnings.

3. Virtual sport betting


There are many people who just want to bet on some sports event, but sometimes it is not possible. Sports betting is forbidden in some countries, so it is impossible to find a bookmaker or a reliable website to place a bet. On the other side, the pandemic changed all, so we were without any event for a while. Luckily, there was and still is an alternative to that, and we can bet on every sport we love, but in virtual form.

These events run regularly, and even the pandemic did not change that. It may sound like something that is not as interesting as the real sports match is, but once you try it, it is pretty easy to get used because it does not differ a lot from real sports events. The great thing about virtual sports is that the match lasts much shorter than the real one, so you can bet all day. Besides that, there are many games to choose from, and it can be a pretty interesting alternative.

4. Events in the political world


If the pandemic caused many delays in sport and other similar events, it surely didn’t stop countries from having elections, and guess what, the bookmakers already adapted and have this in their offer. Of course, it’s not like you can wager on some local elections, not widely known, but the fact that there are several types of elections to choose from grants a grand offer of things to wager on.

Now, it’s highly advised to learn the political system and get familiar with the political race of that country before wagering just to avoid any unpleasant situations when you think you have won, but in reality, you didn’t.

5. Reality TV shows and other non-sport events


Yes, the options can really seem endless when it comes to the things one can bet on, and the fact that you can bet on Reality TV events, like who will win, who will be eliminated in which round, etc., says a lot about the wagering options. But the list doesn’t end here, as marble racing is also getting highly popular among people. Yes, you read it correctly, there is a possibility to bet on marbles, and the system is actually pretty simple, as all that’s needed is to predict the winner or runner up or both, just like in any other race.

There is also an option to wager on television ratings, cheese-rolling, wife-carrying, and WWE, and as you can see, you can bet on almost anything today, but if you want to stick to usual betting options, with a variety of betting events, make sure to check, as not only you will get the best odds but also many bonuses.

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