5 Possible Reasons Why You Are Struggling With Studying

When we are reading something for the first time, we can instantly realize whether the learning material will be easy for us to learn or far from it. Having difficulties with studying and learning new facts doesn’t have to be a dull job, even if the topic you are struggling with is, as long as you know how to make the most of that studying time.

So, if you want to find out about the most probable reasons why you are struggling with studying, just keep reading, but if you are here just to take a shortcut and find a 24/7 study help, make sure to check Studypool.

1. The lack of sleep


It seems that it doesn’t matter how much doctors highlight the overall importance of sleep, because somehow we still end up sleeping much less than we should. A night of good quality sleep is a cornerstone of a successful and joyful day, and its benefits are vast and range from aspects like health to overall performance and activity while working. The same thing is with studying, as when we feel rested, we can focus our attention on the subject ahead of us. Perhaps the main reason students cannot deal with the material they need to learn is the lack of sleep, and no one can say that this lack of sleep is because students have too much work. Yes, a little extra effort is needed, but what really troubles many is finding enough time for going to classes, studying, sleeping, and, of course, partying.

Finding that perfect combination of everything mentioned above can also be a nightmare, and students are usually pretty busy trying to balance everything. In most situations, they do not sleep enough, which results in concentration difficulties, reduced vigilance, and a lack of motivation. Vigilance represents our ability to stay focused during studying time and maintain concentrated attention, so it is normal that we cannot maintain that if we are too tired to concentrate at all. Because of that, it is necessary to organize the obligations better and have at least 8 hours of sleep during the night. In that way, it will be much easier to focus and deal with new facts and understand them.

2. Difficult learning material


Understandably, it’s also about what we are learning in the first place. Namely, every single one of us is different and unique, meaning that we all have different studying techniques, which means that certain subjects can be much more difficult for you to understand and learn than for someone else and vice versa. There are no two identical people in the world, and sometimes the material our friends find pretty easy to learn might be too difficult for us. Of course, the way and speed at which someone progresses through the studying material mean nothing, and it surely shouldn’t be looked upon as some kind of an IQ test.

This variety of learning techniques combined with everyone learning and overcoming certain subjects at their own pace is entirely normal, but, once again, it does not mean they are smarter than us because the reasons for that may be numerous. For example, it can be a topic that our friends are interested in, so learning it is a pleasure for them, while we are not too happy to learn something that we do not like. Besides that, if we do not learn the basics properly, it can be pretty challenging to catch up and learn more difficult tasks. The best solution is to start from the very beginning and move forward only when you are sure that you completely understand everything. It might look like it requires a lot of time, but we will spend even more time trying to understand something complicated without learning the basics. It’s all about the strategy and focus.

3. There is no true motivation


One can pretty easily start to believe that being successful and making tons of money doesn’t have to come from going to school because we are constantly on our phones looking and uneducated kids making money just because they are famous. Okay, there are two problems here, and let’s start by saying that a college degree is not a must, but it surely grants higher chances. Even if we take that aside, a college education is what it is all about, as nothing can compare to it. Yes, you can learn a thing or two on your own, but it will take you much more time. On the other hand, we all just need to find the right motivation for everything in life and even for studying.

4. Not enough resources


Facts are at the very core of everything, even studying. We can all talk for quite some time and say absolutely nothing meaningful, but that’s not the way to approach any topic. The reason why you cannot learn something might be the lack of the right resources. We can have a lot of books and other learning materials, but if they do not contain necessary facts, it will be impossible for us to learn all we need for a good grade. Luckily, this problem can easily be solved today because we can find almost everything online and check every information we find.

Besides the internet, we can always visit the local library and find out which references they have for the topic we need to learn. Of course, since the Internet cannot be a reliable source, it should be used only as a guide or a quick help to get to what really matters or find out where to find some piece of info. There is just way too much false info, made-up stories, and even so-called “facts” that are pretty believable. That brings us back to the learning material schools and colleges have, and that material and classes overall simply need to be creative and interactive, to draw attention, so that they can make students really interested in some subject.

5. Various distractions


Okay, this one is pretty obvious, as just like living in this modern and digital age comes with many perks, it also has many disadvantages. It is pretty easy to get distracted today since we live in the digital era when it is pretty impossible to imagine the day without watching television or scrolling through social media. If you try to study in front of the TV or while your phone is right beside you, you will see that it is almost impossible because you will look at the TV or phone more than at the book. The only way to make sure that you will spend some quality time learning is to turn off the television and leave the phone in another room so you will not be distracted at any moment.

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