Best Ways to Advance Your Logistics and Supply Chain Industry Using Mobility Solutions

E-commerce is crucial for business growth in a world where the marketplace has gone virtual. Customers have to be satisfied and retained to ensure higher returns. To achieve this, supply chain and logistics companies must come up with provisions for more flexibility, predictability as well as speed. They have to continuously optimize their service levels to cater to merchants as well as retailers.

Over the past years, technological leaps and bounds have revolutionized the logistics industry as we know it. However, business is dynamic and so is demand. Thus, the supply chain industry has to be cutting edge at all times. The best way to do this is to rely on mobile transportation and logistics solutions.

What Should You Know About the Mobile Supply Chain?


A mobile supply chain provides end-to-end transparency and execution required in the supply chain at all levels to be a strong competitor in the contemporary digital world. The supply chain companies need to provide better predictability and speed to enhance services for consumers. In this market of smartphones and mobile app technology, the supply chain needs to have integrated features of the app technology so that accurate information about location and movement can be provided. Mobility based solutions are increasingly being incorporated in the supply chain which is empowering the whole process.

Benefits of Supply Chain Mobility Solutions

  • Fulfills Logistic Services – These services involve transporting things between places. This includes picking up a commodity, getting it packed, transporting it to the warehouse, etc. As more and more online businesses are adopting the cross-channel business plan there is a greater dependency on the logistics companies. With an increase in the number of orders placed online and an offline greater number of transportation and logistics solutions are required to meet these requests. An efficient mobile application gives a better chance of addressing these demands from logistics. An app also gives the option of acquiring customer feedback that will help you provide more efficient service.
  • Better Data Handling and Analysis – With an increased demand for supply chain services, a greater amount of the company’s data has to be handled. But oftentimes the companies do not find this data of any use. The mobile app handling such data allows the company supervisors to get hold of the data (which is automatically generated), which they use for making decisions. It gives a clear picture of the state of affairs and helps you improve.
  • Improved Communication across the Supply Chain – Communication between suppliers and drivers are extremely crucial in the supply chain. If there is a loss of communication at any point, the whole chain might get disrupted. This can land companies in a lot of unforeseen problems. A logistics mobile app ensures a secure communication system that is operational all the time. Suppliers can communicate as well as track routes of the drivers at all times. They can also schedule their next delivery. Monitoring the pickup and delivery can help them in further planning of dispatch.
  • Enhances Growth for Smaller Businesses – Even if you are a small scale business or a home-based venture, you must be feeling the cutthroat nature of competition in the marketplace. To get an added edge over rivals, you should focus on transportation and logistics solutions based on your business needs. A good partner will first assess your business and know your goals and plans. Depending on that, you can add features to help you track the delivery and manage the workforce. Moreover, opt for a scalable app which can be changed depending on the business growth.
  • Enables Better Performance – An entire supply chain has a lot of participants and stakeholders involved in it, and it requires all of them to be on the same page. Only a mobility solution is the remedy for such a situation. It enables the logistics manager to monitor goods received and dispatched. Also, allows him to have easy communication with suppliers. Mobility apps help in identifying gaps in performance quality. It informs you about delays and provides other details which can point out shortcomings.
  • More Efficient Administration Process – Gone are those days when logistics services were done on pen and paper. There were innumerable cases where the loss of data happened causing the companies to stand at a disadvantage. Apart from losses even tracking the data was a cumbersome task. But with mobility solutions, the administrators can now work more efficiently without any unnecessary hassle. The interfaces are easy to use and thus data searching is no more a time-consuming ordeal. Administrators can now work with higher efficiency.
  • Easier Processing – Companies are investing in technology to streamline the process of booking for consumers. The mobile app allows users to schedule a delivery, make a pickup appointment, and pay online. The supply chain and logistics app give an end to end coverage as the customer can effortlessly track the product until delivery.
  • Better Staff Management – A logistics mobile app helps in better management of staff. You can not only supervise their tasks but also reduce the costs involved in hiring additional human resources. Thus helps in saving a lot of unwanted expenses.
  • Managing at the Warehouse – Secure storage of a product inside a warehouse is as important as getting it delivered on time. This aspect of storage cannot be neglected as the commodities reach the customer straight from the warehouses. Providing storage space for goods inside warehouses to dispatch them is not an easy chain. Thus transportation and logistics solutions that handle commodities in warehouses would be very beneficial. It not only allows the systematic storage of products but also keeps a check on them.


For more efficient business monetization and customer experience, the importance of a mobile app is absolutely nonnegotiable. It equips you with greater control over your business and more efficient management altogether. This in turn saves both time and money. Mobile apps have massively started to penetrate the supply chain industry and have been welcomed by all. In the recent future, it is bound to develop even more and make the supply chain technologically advanced.

Mobisoft anticipates the needs of businesses after the digitization of the logistics and cargo industry. They offer perks like data management, stimulation of product demands in a real-time scope, management of human resources, and using the mobility solution to fill any gap in your business. Basically, with Mobisoft’s eye for a holistic business operation, the mobility app will augment your existing business structure. It is bound to result in increased returns and eventual business growth.

Furthermore, with plenty of core aspects of your business being handled by the mobility app, you should be able to focus on customer satisfaction. Mobisoft Infotech can help in this area as well by optimizing the ability to trace deliveries and providing customers with real-time data to increase transparency.

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