4 Tips for Hiring an Event Catering Company – 2024 Guide

Regardless of the event, you are about to try and organize; you shouldn’t imagine it without a proper catering service. They are necessary for every occasion, from birthday parties and weddings all up to business seminars. This is why today we have for you these 4 tips for hiring an event catering company – 2024 guide. If you stick to these four points and don’t stray from the path we have set up for you, there shouldn’t be any issues with your upcoming event. Let’s start with what we think is the essential step – checking the references.

1. Check References


This is an excellent place to start. The company in charge of your food is going to pour you with praises they’ve received from other people. While their claims might be correct, you shouldn’t trust their word for it. A useful reference or a bad one can be easily found if you only opt to look and ask around. Information in these instances lies around, and if you ask the right questions in the right places, you can learn what is that your caterer excels in or what they do wrong. The later one, you can work out with them and get what you want while doing their service better in the process. When talking to people who hired them before, be sure to ask how pleased they were; how many times they’ve used a caterer and how is the one you want to hire fares with them, and also what would be the thing they would do differently regarding their previous experience with a caterer service.

2. Menu Options


We can’t stress out how important it is to check the caterer’s menu. You should pay attention to their standard menu but also ask for specialties they could have in their offer. The reason why you should lead the conversation around this subject is that not all caterers can cover all types of events. Sometimes you need to be sure in advance if they could satisfy your needs and desires with their offer—for example, some company’s expertise in one type of cousin, for example, Italian. So, if you want your tables to be interspersed with a bit of sushi, they can hardly deliver. This doesn’t mean they lack skill. It means you’ll probably get perfect lasagna, but there won’t be any such on their part.

Now you understand why it is crucial to know their entire menu before hiring them. Most companies are probably willing to make changes to their menu, or even to add something you desire, but what’s not currently in the offer. Also, you can please some of your guests who might have dietary issues, or are vegan, or simply do not eat fish products, for example. An advance inquires with the caterer can solve a lot of problems in one go.

3. Personal Needs and Event Size


This matter is the one you also do not want to get wrong. Before you hire a catering company, you need to be sure of the exact number of people they can handle during one event. At the point you are in the hunt for a caterer, you already must know how many guests there is going to be at your event. This, in combination with all the other things you’ll ask from a catering company, is the most critical part of the equation. You don’t need to be Good Will Hunting to get this one right. The caterer also needs to be real in their capabilities to handle the number of guests you are going to have. This is why you need to go with them through all details to make sure they are up for the task. A trustworthy catering company needs to be able to handle and tackle all the issues that can arise from finger food platters to fine dining and everything in between.

4. Staff Availability


You want your guests to be able to wine and dine without interruption. To give them this, you need to have a catering service with enough caterers in the place. Before signing the contract, make sure that the company you are about to hire has enough workers at their disposal regardless of the size of the event you are about to host. Matters such as this one, you can’t handle when the party begins, because, at that point, it is already too late. The requirements of yourself and your guests need to be met. So, depending on what type of event you are having, this is how many caterer aides you want in place.

  • For an event such as a buffet, you’ll want at least two servers on thirty or so guests. When you take into account drinks and the food, you’ll also need another tow to handle dish cleaning and drinks restocking.
  • Sit down dinners require a different setup. If the tables are set to accommodate eight to ten guests, you need one server for each table. This is only in the case of food delivery; for drinks, you need an additional one for every table.
  • Bar staff – You’ll need one bartender and one bar-back distributed on every fifty guests. If you want to have a cocktail master, that’s one more member of the staff you’ll want on the spot.


Even the best-organized events can be spoiled by a lousy catering service. This is why you’ll want to do this part of the event organizing done right. With these four tips we gave, you should be able to do everything right. Just remain focused, follow all the points we spread out for you here, and the space for mistake will be reduced to a minimum. It is not hard to create a perfect event if you know what you are doing. If you don’t know yourself, listen to us, and you’ll be fine. Leave all worries behind; we got your back.

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