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How to Plan a Wedding in a Few Months – 2024 Guide

Weddings are one of the most important days of a person’s life. You are finally getting legally and emotionally bound to your partner for life. Everything that you own and everything that you do will always be shared with the ones you love. It truly is a magical day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. However, if you truly want to make it magical, you will have to properly plan for it, especially if you have less than a year to organize everything.

Sure, you might have seen couples that have successfully planned a wedding in just a week, but is that really the type of special day you have been dreaming of your entire life?

The reality is that planning this type of event is difficult and stressful, but all of that is definitely worth it. Standing in the middle of the dance floor with a beautiful outfit, holding your partner in your hands while every single one of your friends and family members is watching is something that you will cherish forever.

However, going in blind on the planning is not a smart idea. You will need a bit of help from someone experienced to guide you through this entire process. That help that you are in need of will be us. This article will tell you everything you need to know about planning for weddings. This article will be especially useful because it is made with 2024 in mind.

Count your expenses

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It is no secret that hosting a wedding might be one of the most expensive things a person could do in their life. You have to pay for a venue, you will have to pay for transport, you will need to serve your guests with all kinds of drinks and food and a bunch of other things that will cost you thousands of dollars.

Because of these huge expenses, you will need to create a budget that you will be following along the way while planning. This will give you a rough idea of just how much you are able to spend. With a budget, you will be able to decide which investments or purchases are important.

Of course, you will first have to consider all of the must-haves and then you can start spending a bit of money on other stuff such as the cake, the decorations, etc.

If you want to save time and money, you can always opt for affordable jewelry, especially wedding rings. Silicone-made wedding rings are a big trend in 2024. Check out this website to see which are the latest updates when it comes to modern, but affordable wedding rings.

Find the perfect location

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Traditionally, most couples like to rent a venue where they will host their special day. But, if you truly want to make your wedding unique, why should you limit yourself with expensive venues when there are tons of other available options on the market.

Many companies will offer you to set up an altar and seating wherever you want. For example, these last couple of years, there has been a huge interest for this kind of event on beaches. It might not be as well-equipped as some high-end venue, but it will definitely give a long-lasting positive impression to your guests.


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This is another very important aspect of every wedding that you should definitely consider in your budget. You should assume that there will be tons of guests that will be coming from a different country or state which means you will need to organize some kind of transportation for them. A private bus company that will pick multiple guests from the airport or train station is the perfect solution.

Naturally, you will also need transportation for yourself and for your partner. The bride and the groom will need to get to the venue or the location you picked in a fancy car right? A white limousine is the most traditional choice, but it is a cool way of showing off. If you are in need of a party bus or a limousine that will drive around during your special day, you should check out Brampton Wedding Limo. You can find everything about their services at libertybramptonlimo.

Guest List

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Now that you have picked the location and that you have settled on the budget, it is time to create the guest list. Sit down with your partner and write down the names of all the people you would like to invite. Of course, your closest friends and your nearest family should be on top of that list. If you are running on a low budget, you will have to make the decision about who is a priority and who isn’t.

You should also consider the venue or location you chose for your wedding. If there isn’t a lot of space on the dance floor or enough tables, you should be careful about how many people you are inviting.

Keep in mind, six months is not a lot of time, so make sure that you inform all of your friends and family members on time, otherwise, they might not be able to make it.

Pick your outfits

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Picking the perfect dress or suit is also vital for a wedding. It is a couple’s most special day. This means you will have to make sure that both of you look as best as possible. Of course, you should be careful of your budget and limit the cost of the dress or the suit. It is not the most important expense of this event, but it is still important enough. The price should be fair enough to keep your budget stable, but the outfit should also be good enough to impress all of your guests.


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If you are the type of couple that likes to go wild and party, you should probably host a party after the wedding too. This is the time when everyone can continue dancing, drinking, and having fun. Make sure to inform all of your guests that there will be an afterparty because they may make other plans for the night.

Make sure that you start planning early and follow all of these tips we have provided you with, and you will surely create a wonderful wedding.


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